April 14, 2016

Battle over assisted suicide just beginning as Liberals table legislation

Brian LilleyArchive

Today, the Health Minister, Justice Minister and Liberal House Leader announced that  legislation on assisted suicide in Canada had been tabled. The government will move forward on this issue and hopes to have the legislation passed by June.

Minister Philpott called it a historic day for our country. Last year, the Supreme Court of Canada declared that the criminal code prohibition against assisted dying was unconstitutional and todays actions presumably mean that the debate is over.

The battle is just beginning.

It’s already apparent that the legislation isn’t going to please advocates on either side of the issue.

The Liberal government was in a pickle. In the past, MP’s from every party have voted against this type of legislation and now they’re being forced by the Supreme Court, to act.

Expect more court battles to come and expect challenges to this legislation as soon as it’s passed.

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commented 2016-04-22 00:18:51 -0400
Why do our elected officials appear to be at the mercy of the unelected justices who are telling them what to do and when? It sounds like a whole new type of dictatorship to me – and it seems a little too convenient for parliamentarians who do not want to be held accountable. I thought parliament was the “legislative branch”, i.e., the ones who make the laws and who are directly accountable to the people for those laws. I thought the courts were the “judicial branch”, i.e., the ones enforcing our laws – not making new ones. What if the judicial branch started making all kinds of wild changes to our laws? Would parliament kow-tow to them without question? I guess so. Will we ever get a parliament with the guts to put the courts in their place? I hope so!
commented 2016-04-15 15:21:35 -0400
Ron Voss – I agree, it should be the Minister of Death, to really reflect what is going on here.
commented 2016-04-15 14:59:01 -0400
According to Brian, “MPs from every party have voted against this type of legislation and now they’re being forced by the Supreme Court, to act”. The real problem is the activist judiciary over-reaching their responsibility in our parliamentary system of government composed of legislative, executive and judicial branches. The head of Canada’s Supreme Court has said that judges make law; they do and they must. Wrong
commented 2016-04-15 14:48:11 -0400
Minister Philpot calling a black day for out country “a historic day for our country”! In our Orwellian ‘progressive’ newspeak world, she’s called the Minister of Health when she should properly be called Minister of Death.
commented 2016-04-15 10:44:20 -0400
Only the government should have the right to decide who lives or died in society. This legislation is very brave, and the Supremes should be lauded for their efforts to force politicians to adopt this legislation.

With climate change and cataclysmic over population on this planet, with some who stubbornly refuse to redistribute their wealth, this is very important
commented 2016-04-15 08:57:21 -0400
hey guys, if we all go muzzie, she would look better in a burka.
just sayin’
commented 2016-04-15 00:56:05 -0400
Anyone who would trust ANY government with this is a lunatic.
commented 2016-04-15 00:55:33 -0400
I wonder why the left got so upset over the comment to let people in jail for life have a rope left in their cells? Oh yeah , they love criminals , but hate useful people.
I am all for the choice if i comes to that, but i know damn well the slippery slope will happen and the left wants it to. SAY doesn’t Justins mom have some health problems? Maybe she can lead the charge for this.
commented 2016-04-14 20:35:45 -0400
How long will it be before Senior Citizen housing is full of young Muslims.

I stay away from Hospitals and have done for some time now. Of course, if I get run over by a Bus, I may not have a lot of choice.

This is just part of the plan to rid Canada of Jews and Christians.

Trudeau is not only a Gibbering Idiot, he is also a Murderer.
commented 2016-04-14 20:05:35 -0400
if i commit suicide i wont need a fucking doctor to do it, i would just reach into my gun cabinet and get the job done my own way, then everybody can throw a fucking party over my god damn worthless dead body. feed whats left of it to the magpies and coyotes while they are at it.
commented 2016-04-14 19:06:54 -0400
And guess who will be first on the list for assisted “suicide”? Those that oppose the current Liebrano regime perhaps? As previously noted….stay away from hospitals!
commented 2016-04-14 18:54:17 -0400
I’m a boomer and I am going to be staying as far away from hospitals as I can.
commented 2016-04-14 18:54:15 -0400

Thins the herd of unhealthy and unhappy.
commented 2016-04-14 18:43:17 -0400
There is a sliver of hope here if this goes through, maybe even have the Notehole gang done away with, leagally of course, in our own hospitals——- liberalism is a MENTAL disorder
commented 2016-04-14 18:39:47 -0400
The libs could always use the notwithstanding clause to flick a finger at the supreme court … What am I thinking, they would NEVER do that!