October 13, 2018

Angela Merkel imposes migrant "Anker center" on small German town

Katie HopkinsShillman Fellow

I have made my way to Donauwörth in Bavaria, an hour outside of Munich.

On initial inspection, it is everything you imagine when you think of a perfect German town; beautiful buildings, a doll museum, at the top of the hill is the Monastery of the Holy Cross, built in the 11th century to house an alleged piece of the original cross acquired during the Crusades.

But Angela Merkel decided that this place - of Christians, hikers, ramblers and proud Bavarians - would be the perfect location for a migrant "anker center" - awaiting a decision on asylum, or deportation, the Anker Zentrum Donauworth.

This anker centre is one of seven here in Bavaria. The German term "Anker” is actually an acronym that stands for arrival, decision and deportation. Asylum seekers are to be kept at these closed facilities for up to 18 months while their applications are processed.

After a lengthy asylum Row between Chancellor Angela Merkel and her hardline interior minister, Horst Seehofer, which nearly brought down the German government, these anker centres are a concession to a harder line on migration, and a key part of the deal they made.

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commented 2018-10-18 23:07:33 -0400
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commented 2018-10-14 03:34:26 -0400
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