October 13, 2018

Katie Hopkins & Michael Stürzenberger: Islam's threat to Germany

Katie HopkinsShillman Fellow
Michael Stürzenberger is an activist, journalist, and a very brave man.

He was sentenced to six months in prison for sharing a historically accurate photo of Hitler with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

We had a long discussion on the threat of radical Islam in Germany and how it's influencing the growth of a populist political backlash.

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commented 2018-10-13 22:15:24 -0400
Hopefully the backlash will take out all globalist politicians in the very near future ……especially filth like Merkel and Mohammad Trudeau
commented 2018-10-13 17:10:46 -0400
Myself i dont like any cultists. They all read and live by the same bk ,a bk that endorses paedophilia, rape, murder, dominance, deceit. I wouldnt trust one as far as i could throw it. Anyone that follows a bk with so much hate CANNOT be a nice person.
commented 2018-10-13 16:51:39 -0400
Great interview Katie. It would be nice if someone would make English subtitles for Michael Sturzenbergers Youtube vids. I think there maybe an English audience for this man.