August 01, 2017

BBC attempts to normalize sharia with “things not to say to someone in a burka” video

StaffRebel Columnist

The British state broadcaster has attempted to normalize the burka and sharia law in a new video on its YouTube page and website.

A Buzzfeed-like video titled 'Things Not To Say To Someone Who Wears A Burqa' features women in full face coverings repeating the comments of genuinely concerned citizens such as “are you being forced to wear that” and then dismissing them as “Islamophobic”. They say the burka is simply optional despite the fact, as we've documented here at The Rebel, it can be anything but.

The BBC's video description reads, “From presumptions that you're being forced to wear it, to being told 'to go back to your own country' because of it. When it comes to clothing, the burqa is arguably the most contentious of them all. So how do people who wear the burqa feel about the stereotypes they're given?”

MORE: Muslim in burka randomly ATTACKS American family -- with their OWN flag

As of this posting, the video only has slightly over 30,000 views, but a near 50/50 split in the like/dislike ratio.

However, the comments section tells a different story with two of the most upvoted posts saying Islam and another saying, “That was the dumbest and cringiest thing you've made yet.”

This is why British taxpayers are funding and one has to wonder how long until the CBC starts doing something similar.

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commented 2017-08-02 22:55:57 -0400
correction: Niqabs have a slit for the eyes. Hijab shows the whole face.
commented 2017-08-02 22:54:55 -0400
The only difference is the mesh over the eyes, a burka practically blocks all visibility for the woman. Hijabs have the eyes showing, but they are both ugly, restrictive, unhygienic, batman suits. If ya want to nit pic George.
Mistaking bus seats for innocent Muslim women with burqas!
commented 2017-08-02 18:15:13 -0400
Title says Burkas. I see NO Burkas.
commented 2017-08-02 11:58:28 -0400
“Things not to say to someone who wears a burka”

Welcome to my country…
commented 2017-08-01 20:48:36 -0400
Heck, in Canada we are so stupid, we have allowed female RCMP to start wearing them! I have noticed them in the House of Commons on young pages. It irks me no end. It is UN Canadian. On what basis if it is not a religious requirement?
commented 2017-08-01 20:39:06 -0400
Missed your comment before I posted, you are correct, Stephen.
commented 2017-08-01 20:35:36 -0400
If I am in a store and someone walks in wearing a body bag, I walk out. There is no law or enforcement that will ever be able to make me feel comfortable around people who hide their identity in public or not feel resentful of them for doing so. Can’t happen.
How are they allowed to get away with it under the guise of religion. It is not a religious requirement, it is a cultural practice and should be banned in the west, as it hides identity.
commented 2017-08-01 20:34:55 -0400
How many commercials have Muslims prominently displayed, making the head covering and full bag outfit appear normal.

Its simple: this is not a religious requirement. Fifty years ago almost no woman in most Muslim countries would wear something like that. Since the iranian revolution more and more woman are expected to dress like that. In many countries the religion police with whip or strike women not dresses accordingly.

in Saudi Arabia about 25 years ago a girl’s school caught fire. The religious police wouldn’t let them out until they put on their burkas. Many died. I bet those children couldn’t give a frig about Mohammed, Islam or burkas while they were burning to death. I believe the number of dead was in the high sixties.

When women go to Muslim lands they are expected to dress accordingly. The same rule should apply when Muslim women come to modern Western nations.

Oh yes, another question is, “are you a man or woman under there”, especially considering how many robberies have been committed by Muslim men wearing burkas.

(When I see one of those mobile black tents, especially if there are two or more, honestly, its frightening. Who knows what they may be hiding.)
commented 2017-08-01 20:00:26 -0400
The accident must have been tragic. With luck, one day plastic surgery will be able to repair the damage & you’ll finally be able to expose your face in public again.
commented 2017-08-01 17:42:58 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,793 Attacks, 218,049 Killed, 299,190 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017
commented 2017-08-01 16:54:51 -0400
Those women are lying, they are not wearing their bags for God or modesty, but to show how they despise the rest of the society. But when do muslims tell the truth?
commented 2017-08-01 16:53:37 -0400
How about some of these BBC? Happy Halloween? I think you’re ticking. Does this mean you can give me the time, or am I in a Road Runner cartoon? If I put this on, am I cross dressing? I can’t make out what you’re saying, speak up? So…are you single sweet thing? I’m confused, I visited your Facebook page…which one was you? I don’t suppose you’re on ChristianMingle? I don’t remember your name, but your face is familiar…? Didn’t we hook up last Saint Patrick’s day…no wait, it was Easter? Are you the ghost of Christmas past or future? Wait, I thought garbage day was Tuesday? Geez, 4 wives, how does he tell you apart, the nagging? Corporal Klinger is slapping his forehead? Did you buy that at Victoria’s Secret? And…
commented 2017-08-01 16:44:41 -0400
Cringe worthy publication BBC!
commented 2017-08-01 15:45:19 -0400
Those polyester bags are sooo becoming. If you have to say you’re cool…you’re not! Ever see the acrobatics involved when eating?
commented 2017-08-01 15:37:10 -0400
Liza Rosie commented 27 mins ago, “Why would a second generation Muslim woman of immigrant parents want to wear a batman suit?”

Islam in Canada has become more conservative over the years. Recently, I met a Muslim woman whose parents immigrated here about forty years ago when Muslim women didn’t wear head coverings. From that time onward, head coverings went from a loose scarf showing some of the hair, to two head coverings: one tightly wrapped over the hairline, and another swaddled around the head, neck and top of the shoulders. This is the influence of Wahabism, which has made the Muslim community much more conservative.
commented 2017-08-01 15:22:13 -0400
It’s all fun and games until someone draws a cartoon of The Prophet.
commented 2017-08-01 15:12:50 -0400
Disguise that is what it is. No one can identify them. They had to have person show their face or no one would watch the video. Easy way to hide attackers or victims. They really do all look alike.
There use to be laws about wearing a disguise. I guess that was only regular people.
commented 2017-08-01 14:59:31 -0400
Why would a second generation Muslim woman of immigrant parents want to wear a batman suit?
Because they have not assimilated and don’t really want to be a part of the country their parents immigrated to.
Because if their first allegiance was to their new country, or the country their parents chose for them, they would not insist on wearing those body bags on our streets!
It is nothing but a F.U. finger in the face of the west. It will always be offensive to me.
commented 2017-08-01 14:51:27 -0400
I can sure think of a few.