May 14, 2015

BBC compares radical Imam Anjem Choudary - who wants Sharia law in the UK - to Gandhi

Rebel Staff

The British version of the CBC is under fire after comparing Anjem Choudary to Gandhi.

According to The Daily Mail, the BBC's Home Affairs Editor, Mark Easton have the radical Imam airtime and afterwards said, “It's one thing to ban someone for inciting hatred or violence, but quite another to pass a law that silences anyone who challenges established values. I was in Parliament Square today - a statue of Gandhi looking down at me who was jailed for being extremist; Mandela who was jailed for being an extremist. History tells us that extreme views are sometimes needed to challenge very established values that people at the time hold so dear.”

Adam Deen of the Deen Institute – a Muslim debating forum - said that Choudary's views reject democracy.

“Anjem rejects democracy, is very anti non-Muslim and is very much anti-western. So to regard Anjem as a legitimate dissenting voice - and to open up this topic, saying that "maybe we've got it wrong to clamp down on his organisation" - is absurd,” he said.

Anjem Choudary has gone on record saying he wants the UK governed by Sharia Law.

Recently, on an episode of Hannity on Fox News, he told the anti-Islamic activist that she should be killed.

Here's a transcript courtesy of Gateway Pundit.

“We’re talking about people who deliberately had a competition to insult the messenger Mohammad… If you saw the cartoons that Charlie Hebdo drew you would understand the anger. And now this woman was to draw cartoons or have people draw cartoons to insult the prophet knowing full well that this carries the death penalty in Islam… She should be put before Shariah court and tried and of course she would face capitol punishment.”

What do you think of the BBC's thoughts on the radical Imam? 

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commented 2015-05-19 14:24:17 -0400
I’d like to slap that smug look off of his stupid face! This guy doesn’t know what a debate is, because he is too busy spreading his hatred. Though I will settle for a picture of someone else slapping that look off of his face!
commented 2015-05-15 16:09:33 -0400
The BBC also whitewashes muslim crimes by refering to them as “Asians”. I am not really a fan of banning anyone to speak in various countries. Definately the government has no business using taxpayer money to say promote foreign thinkers but if a private groups wants to sponsor someone to speak I don’t think the government should get in the way of that.
commented 2015-05-15 01:14:49 -0400
BBC compares radical Imam Anjem Choudary – who wants Sharia law in the UK – to Gandhi "

And that Ladies and Gentlemen shows us why the UK is doomed within two generations

The Brits let islamics in, drank the koolaid and now the Brit Bulldog has turned into a whipped pussy cat

Welcome to Londinistan – soon to be governed by Shari – meaning the slaughter will begin with the homosexuals and continue to anyone who is not a virgin when married. Oh sharia – the UK will want you as badly as the BBC loved Ghandi.

I shakes me head.
commented 2015-05-14 20:36:56 -0400
Cathy you have made some good points which will unfortunately fall on deaf ears. The Mohammedans have done their homework. Their PR machine has convinced the MSM that they are a religion of peace and love and in fact convinced them that they are the only religion that should be accepted. Their goal is to rule the world and they will probably conquer North America without losing too many of their supporters. Immigration will win the day for them. They know that, our government knows that, the opposition knows that and nothing at all is done to stop them. Under our current PM and the US President Mohammedans pour in. There is no UKIP here to kick up a storm.
commented 2015-05-14 20:29:33 -0400
Some good points there Mark. You could be right on. Bear in mind though that Gandhi was told by Jan Smuts it would be better to leave the Union of South Africa as he was creating unrest in what at the time was a peaceful country.
commented 2015-05-14 19:17:50 -0400
Anjem Choudary has been jailed before in England for making such threatening Islamic/sharia statements against all non-muslims, but was released. That was a big mistake. He should have been deported for such extremist threatening anti-democratic Nazi speeches. Why wasn’t or isn’t he being arrested again for uttering islamic death threats? Does anybody realize how many like minded imams and muslim citizens that are here in Canada and America right now? Our laws need to be tightened up against this Islamic enemy in our democratic countries. They need to know who’s boss, and who’s country this is and that they will never, ever even come close to being in a position to lord it over us or behead us, the sickening bastards.

With regards to muslims wanting to kill everybody who draws a picture of their Mohamed, just who the hell do they think gives them any right whatsoever to kill anybody for anything? Why don’t they look to their middle east major slaughter, rape etc of innocent Christians currently happening? Why don’t they look at all the churches and crucifixes they have burned down and destroyed? Is this not violent blasphemy against christianity? Where are all the christians screaming in massive mobs chanting death to the muslims for such violence? Such a bunch of hypocritical, Nazi-like, barbaric pigs. The air strikes aren’t doing enough against them. Everyone of those bastards who have killed need to be captured, imprisoned and wiped off the face of the earth for this horrendous rampage against innocent life.
commented 2015-05-14 18:55:59 -0400
Maybe he was, Ron Zager, maybe he was… but with the history Islam has behind it (even to provoking the Crusades), isn’t it possible, if not reasonable, that those Muslim deaths were retaliation for Muslim extremism? Even now, the territory known as Kashmir is still a hotbed of Muslim-Hindu violence…
commented 2015-05-14 18:55:18 -0400
There are two sides to every story but Anjam Choudary is nothing more than a low life hate preacher. It is a pity that he is given air time on any news program. The BBC, of course, is far to the left and they like a political system that tells people what to think, Just like Justin and Dullcare. BBC religious programming is headed by a Muslim.
Anjam, you are what you look like, Pigs manure. Grunt Grunt.
commented 2015-05-14 15:24:56 -0400
Sorry Fraser Margaret Thatcher supported ZANU and ushered in the dictator Robert Gabriel Mugabe. General Walls wrote to the so called Iron Lady during the Zimbabwe elections with evidence that ZANU were intimidating and killing the electorate. Thatcher ignored the report and the jewel of Africa was gone. Thatcher was no leader.
commented 2015-05-14 15:20:05 -0400
These proggish people really have no concept of right and wrong, good or evil – it’s beyond relativism it’s child like gullibility. People with such unevolved senses should never be near leadership positions.
commented 2015-05-14 15:04:46 -0400
If Major had any balls he clean out the BBC of their commie jihadist leftists and let the BBC read the news and make TV shows. Where are leaders likes Churchill and Thatcher?-
commented 2015-05-14 14:48:04 -0400
Gandhi was responsible for the deaths of thousands if not millions of Muslims in India. Mandela was a terrorist who wanted a Soviet Style dictatorship in South Africa. His followers today carry out his orders and are committing genocide against the Afrikaner. So based on that Anjem Choudary is in the same league with the other two. I appreciate Hannity having Anjem Choudary on his program as the Imam explains exactly what our future will be under Sharia.