November 08, 2018

BC NDP MLA dined out on taxpayers' dime during “Welfare Food Challenge”

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Mable Elmore is the NDP MLA for Vancouver-Kensington and last November she signed up to do a poverty performance to show us what a good person she is.

The Welfare Food Challenge asks participants to eat for just $19 a week. The idea is to make participants understand what it's like to live on the tight budget of a welfare recipient.

The project is equal parts empathy and showboating about how empathetic you are.

And Mable did just that. She jumped in with both feet and two hard-boiled eggs, if we’re to believe her tweet from day two of her suffering through poverty appropriation.

But she wasn't done telling us about her suffering (or with her attention seeking). Mable told the legislature too. On November 1 2017, deep in the throws of her pretend malnourishment, she stood up in the BC legislature to say:

“I advised my family of this on the weekend and my mother asked if she could bake some cookies for me to help me through this week but that's not allowed. You can't accept any charity or any other provisions beyond your budget. I think it's going to be a challenge but certainly, I'm committed to really having that insight into the experience and the hardship of people living in deep poverty and, really, the depths of poverty to understand that.”

But, it turns out that Mable did have other provisions beyond her budget. At the same time she was self-flagellating in the agony of make-believe destitution before the legislature, her staff was expensing $61 per day as part of her maximum tax-free per diem for food expenses that MLAs can charge when they’re in Victoria sitting for the legislature.

The BC liberals dug into her expense reports and discovered that her office expensed the maximum for the four days she was in Victoria at the legislature while at the same time bemoaning her $19 buck food budget.

Now that she's exposed, Mable says she's going to repay the $220 she made while going through her nutrient deficient kabuki theatre.

Elmore's slick diet plan that cuts calories while adding cash, cash got me thinking about some other times those who claim to care about the poor took advantage of the poverty industry for their own benefit, so today, I’ll share a few recent examples.

Taxpayers might be able to give those on welfare a little more if we weren't giving $61 per day to a politician who doesn’t know how to pack a lunch like the rest of the working world.

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commented 2018-11-09 04:51:49 -0500
Barb Morrison these socialist hypocrites can never practice what they preach.
commented 2018-11-09 04:51:04 -0500
Space Moose that sounds good to me.
commented 2018-11-09 02:49:39 -0500
Is this the same NDP MP Kwan who is complaining because the CRA has requested that two Syrian “refugee” families pay back $27,000 worth of child welfare benefits they erroneously obtained?
NDP – all talk with no action that will cause themselves any grief but fully expect their “underlings” to tow the line and absolutely go without. Mabel didn’t starve and I doubt she truly lived on her $19 per week food allowance despite her claims. She certainly didn’t forego over $200 cash from her daily allotment to buy the luscious food she believes she deserves.
Socialism in action.
commented 2018-11-09 02:12:31 -0500
I have a better idea for welfare dining. Duplicate the Venezuela experience. Have the left wing politicians resort to eating cats and dogs like all the poor people in Venezuela.

Good to see the rebel make reference to the joke that was idle no more. I love how the sun broke the news of how the chief had the only house on the reserve with a paved drive way.