August 30, 2016

BC Conservative leadership candidate floats idea of “tax free zones”

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

The BC Conservative Party will choose a new leader at their convention in Prince George September 16th and 17th. Having now interviewed three of the candidates, I gave Konrad Pimiskern an opportunity to expand on some of the ideas he raised in our first interview

Pimiskern has never run for office and I believe his distance from politics can serve him well in the current climate.

Watch as we discuss innovative new ideas like tax free zones as a way of settling First Nations land claims and his plan for private auto insurance and why the current system of revenue generation for the province can be compared to a Casino.

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commented 2016-08-31 18:06:48 -0400
Hey Liza… The only time there’s success when the government is involved as per your last posting is when they haven’t fallen to corruption yet beyond that it’s only a matter of time..
commented 2016-08-31 10:54:10 -0400
I’d have to hear the fleshed out version of the tax free zone plan, but it sounds like he is just talking about more special treatment for natives. Christopher asks, “Just to be clear it’s not just for first nations communities you’d be proposing these tax free zones”, the guy doesn’t answer yes or no, but explains that the idea came about because of land disputes, and basically how can we make more concessions to natives.
There are bands out there who are financially successful and their community members share in that success. They are not all dysfunctional and we need to learn from their success how to proceed. We need cooperation from the gov. and from the natives to settle existing land claims, but I am not sold on more financial or tax concessions.
commented 2016-08-31 00:07:41 -0400
Leviticus, you will not get any flak from me & Keith, I agree with you also, in fact I agree will all the posts on here now. The reservations should be done away with. Why are these people still living on reserves, it equates to keeping the blacks in ghettos. These people should be relocated with the rest of the population & all the money flowing to the chiefs should be used to help these people get educated, etc so they can earn their own living & get off the government’s dole. There are many chiefs who do the right thing & are fair with their members but many others line their pockets while their members live in squalor. The billions that have been handed over has not changed natives’ lives in the majority of cases & the gov’t instead of fonding out where the abuses are, just keep on enabling the bad apples.
commented 2016-08-30 18:57:46 -0400
How about we help the actual natives , not the dictator chiefs and the libs who get kickbacks from them.
The left pushes this oppression to give the illusion they are helping and that they give a damn , when they damn well know it is only keeping them down and poor.
I am actually looking forward to Islamics trying to push the natives around, gonna be quite funny seeing them try to take Mohawk land. And it will be funny when the left turns its back on the natives for fighting back.
commented 2016-08-30 18:33:30 -0400
Leviticus I generally agree. I am sick of sending millions of my hard earned tax money to a yet another perennial victim group.
commented 2016-08-30 18:06:42 -0400
A Muslim free country would be even better.
commented 2016-08-30 17:54:35 -0400
I have no problem with Natives . We need taxes.
A Muslim free zone would be a good idea.
commented 2016-08-30 17:44:21 -0400
Funny how indians make lands claims based on a system that was brought here by the Europeans.

Making claims at a time when the system that is being used to make the claim did not exist – another low in Canadian mentality.

The liberals have used Canadian indians like the Democrats use blacks – pay off the indian leaders, keep the local indians trapped on their reserves and tell the country, via the media party, what a wonderful job the liberals are doing -

- oh, was the kickback from the billions to the indians and back to the liberals to keep this “pork barrel system” alive mentioned???

Silly me, I forgot.
commented 2016-08-30 16:56:09 -0400
I have to chuckle every time I hear the first Nations thing… With all due respect to our Indian people , the way they lived before we got here hardly constitutes a nation.
Since when has a nation ever been defined by a group of nomadic hunter gatherers who have never built a road, who had no centers of higher learning, who’s contributions to the scientific community have been zero. who never had a formal written language or national anthem.
And who were constantly at war and slaughtering each other over hunting land hunting privileges and who would kidnap women for slaves and wives.
again with all due respect a more accurate description would be “indigenous inhabitants”as opposed to first Nations.
The common Indian people have been sold a bill of goods and there are very very few who are actually benefiting from the first Nations thing.
I am expecting a lot of flak over my comments but if you Google corruption on the reserves you will find money being stolen away from the native people and put into the pockets of those who cry the loudest about first nations and do the least for their people. Lawyers and chiefs among them..