September 01, 2016

BC Conservatives debate: Can one of these leaders help break the Liberal dynasty?

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

There’s a leadership race going on that not many are talking about – it’s for the leader of the BC Conservative party.

The BC Conservative party is often disregarded because the BC Liberals are fairly conservative so at election time, people are more likely to vote liberal in hopes of keeping the NDP out, than considering a vote for the BC Conservative Party.

But I don’t think we should count the BC Conservative Party out especially if they elect the right leader. Doing so could get people excited about an alternative to the BC Liberal’s 15-year dynasty.

Last week, the four candidates vying for the job of BC Conservative leader held a debate.

Watch as I summarize the highlights from the two hour debate and share my thoughts about what was said and if you’re inclined towards watching the whole debate, you can see it by clicking HERE.

The debate was a great way to get to know some of these candidates and the issues they stand for even though near the end it devolved into the very kind of infighting that has defined the party for the past several years.

In the end, I hope all four candidates recognize the talent and skill that each of them can bring to the party under anyone’s leadership.

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commented 2016-09-03 04:51:15 -0400
Oohh!…And there’s a fresh breath of wind!… Rather than her three pontificating blimps spewing the usual boring generalities, there’s a lady speaking straight, questioning the status quo, and evidently well in command of her facts… As a former speechwriter at the municipal. provincial and federal levels, I can always sense when somebody is on top of their game and speaking reality rather than just mouthing “spin” and “more of the same”… I will enjoy hearing more from Chloe Ellis… God knows, B.C. cannot take more of the massiveNDP/Green stupidity blocking our natural role to export Canada’s resources to the rest of the world…
commented 2016-09-01 21:00:13 -0400
I truly hate the BC Liberals so I will likely vote BC Con if they run in my riding. The Liberals under fund healthcare, and meet the demands of the politically correct.
commented 2016-09-01 20:01:24 -0400
If Ellis is leader, she will only run candidates in ridings where a split vote will NOT result in a NDP win, and perhaps some ridings where the BC Liberals wouldn’t have a chance regardless.
Ellis is not being snarky, as you say, but speaks like someone determined to do what’s best for the BC Conservatives, and that is to grab a few seats by being an option for conservative voters in those “select” ridings.
She is the only candidate that supports the Clark Liberals over the NDP in all ridings except those where a BC Conservative candidate won’t upset the apple cart. In other words, her main goal is to prevent the NDP coming to power, but at the same time is seeking a few BC Con seats to add a new voice in the legislature.
And let’s face it, having a bright, articulate young woman as party leader is an advantage over the blandness that is her competitors.
commented 2016-09-01 19:18:44 -0400

It will only help the NDP, by stealing votes from the BC Liberals.

The BC Liberals are already the right leaning party in BC!

A revitalised BC Conservatives would only split the votes with the BC Liberals, thus allowing the NDP to form government with about 39% of the votes, just like what happened in 1972, 1991 and 1996