September 07, 2016

Leftists mount fear campaign over legal challenge for private healthcare clinics

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

A landmark challenge to BC's Medicare Protection Act began in BC Supreme Court this week as Dr. Brian Day has taken his eight year battle to court in an effort to provide a legal framework for private health care to operate in BC. 

Dr. Day operates the Cambie Surgery Centre in Vancouver. His lawyers are arguing that the provincial health care system tramples on the constitutional rights of British Columbians since the public system can’t meet the health-care needs of all British Columbians in a timely manner.

He’s arguing that private financing and support in provision of core health services should be permitted.

This sounds good to me but for some reason the term private health care has always been heresy for many Canadians.

Watch as I run through the pros and cons and more importantly, some facts, because as usual the left is already making an emotional plea.

Dr. Day’s court case has many public health care advocates and their friends in the media party mounting a campaign of fear against changes that would allow private care.

This landmark case will be in court until February. I’ll keep you updated but let’s hope for the sake of all Canadians that the final decision helps improve access to care.

(CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article mistakenly reported that Dr. Day was challenging the Canada Health Act.)

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commented 2016-09-09 23:31:14 -0400
Jack and Andy,the sad story is that is is almost impossible to sue a doctor in Canada. The docs do not pay their own malpractice insurance. Tax payers pay about 90% of it in most provinces. Also the Canadian Medical Protective Association pays a doc’s legal fees if they get sued. They have a war chest in the neighbourhood of 5 BILLION dollars. You got it- 100% funded by you the tax payer. No limits and no fees for its use.

This would be a story worth pursuing but the MSM, with a few exceptions, won’t touch it. How about the Rebel?
commented 2016-09-09 16:13:38 -0400
That is a really sad story Andy. In the US you would have a lawyer at least hold the hospital accountable. But here (and the UK) you can’t make a public system be accountable in that way.
commented 2016-09-09 03:17:29 -0400
JIM CLARK… I share your pain… My 93-year-old mother had her family doctor and a specialist both agree that she needed a pacemaker to rectify her heart condition… They even arranged for her to be admitted to a “well know hospital in Northeast Toronto”… We showed up in the waiting room bright and early; sat there for 7 1/2 hours, and she never was admitted, just given some “pain killers” and told to go home… She died two weeks later… The only beneficiary was the hospital’s overpriced parking meter which I had to keep feeding every two hours…
commented 2016-09-08 17:45:00 -0400
Al it is called rationing. And it is soon coming to the US. As are death panels. In the National Health system of Britain they have them. Whether or not you get certain treatment depends on how much useful life is left in you.
commented 2016-09-08 17:43:13 -0400
Yvette, I used the Pembina Highfield MRI service myself last year. I was told that my “rush” MRI would take 3 months in Winnipeg (or wherever was available) but I got it done in Pembina in 3 days for $400. I’m quite sure that MRI’s in Manitoba aren’t costing $400. And I ain’t rich by a long shot.

I asked the technician how many Canucks were using the facitility and she said up until then all but one customer was a Canadian. The owner wanted to set up in Manitoba but our socialist government wouldn’t let him so he set it up just over the border. This is money and jobs that could be staying here but they are going elsewhere. But it keeps the doctrinaire lefties under the illusion that we have no two tier system. We do have. One here and one elsewhere in the world.

The nice thing in Canada is that our health care is “free” if you don’t count our taxes. The bad thing is you just can’t get it. I’ve seen 11 specialists in 7 years and still don’t even have a diagnosis. Surely some hybrid system can be thought out.
commented 2016-09-08 16:48:05 -0400
I’m sure William Collins meant to tell Win Win to take her head out of her asshole but was too polite.
commented 2016-09-08 15:48:23 -0400
The first thing McGuinty did after he was elected was buy all the private MRI clinics and shut them down. The reason for the wait lists being so long for medical procedures has nothing to do with capacity, it only has to do with the government’s willingness to pay. When I had a neck issue I went to a private MRI clinic in Quebec and was reimbursed first by OHIP and then by my private insurer. Every public servant has by far better supplemental insurance than 50% of the average working person and every doctor would love the chance to have more time in the operating theater. Win Win, take your head out of the sand.
commented 2016-09-08 12:10:07 -0400
Common sense vs screaming banshies. I put my money on the banshies, sadly.
commented 2016-09-08 10:55:53 -0400
The whole two tier health system idea is such a joke: celebrities, police, military, prisoners and politicians all go to the front of the line when they need health services. For myself, I have had to resort to driving to Montana for blood work that could be done in Canada, but is refused by Alberta Health care as some civil servant disagrees with my M.D. This is followed by annual trips to California for treatment that is not available in Canada. Our health care system works pretty good for most general health concerns, but as soon as something unusual or out of the box is suggested the door slams shut.
commented 2016-09-08 10:00:29 -0400
I’m on a two to four year wait list for a family doctor. So that’s really five years minimum. My Mom died on a waiting list. Her cancer grew while she waited for specialist treatment. We’re not sure if the cancer would have been fatal with no wait. How can one be sure? Canadian Doctors sure as Hell won’t say anything to contradict socialist healthcare. They’re too busy taking our tax dollars to rock the boat.

This ridiculous socialist idea has failed. People are dying. It needs to stop. Someone has to step up and make two tiers. Throwing more money onto the socialist bonfire isn’t going to fix this. It’s been tried; by us, regarding this file, hundreds of times. It never, ever works.

We need two tiers now. All the socialists can keep their bad quality healthcare, but at least the rest of us will have options like HMO systems; new, affordable options.

We looked into flying Mom into the US. It was prohibitively expensive.

This is real. People are dying and the response is idiotic, leftist, nationalist statements about having the “best”, “free” healthcare in the world. It’s mediocre quality and it’s far from free, but why use logic if you’re going to appeal to people’s emotions, right?
commented 2016-09-08 09:39:21 -0400
I think most of the opposition is coming from the union goons.
commented 2016-09-08 08:55:48 -0400
It seems to me that the extreme screaming opposition to even the mention of a two tier health care system is based on money and greed.

If some of the money allocated to go into the health care system is diverted to private health care clinics, then the public health care system would have become more efficient (lower wages, faster service, etc) to compete and that would probably mean much of the middle management would have to go and the upper management would have to take a “hair cut”.

I bet that those that complain the loudest and most fervent are in some way affected financially by a two tier system.
commented 2016-09-08 03:01:25 -0400
I admit my ignorance concerning other countries public/private health care systems but apparently some work a lot better than ours. The question I have is if some people opt to pay and therefore shorten the waiting list for others, would we still not have to hire a whole lot more doctors, nurses and other medical personal plus open more labs, buy more MRI machines, etc?
commented 2016-09-08 02:52:57 -0400
Progressives base decisions on emotions while the rest of us are content with using facts.
commented 2016-09-08 01:13:27 -0400
Well they have it in other provinces , why not B.C.? Oh sorry i forgot , the east is special and private abortion clinics are special as well. And why should us peasants be able to buy health care to avoid long waits like left wing politicians do? They deserve to since they are so special.
commented 2016-09-07 23:28:32 -0400
Millionaire sports figures have access to MRI, Cat Scans immediately after they’re injured while Joe Blow has to wait forever for the same services. If that isn’t a two tier system then the pope isn’t Catholic. The way I see it is Private Health Care benifits everyone because the accessibility to see a specialist, have surgery, get an MRI, a Cat Scan, waiting times for a doctor’s appt or lineups at the emergency will all be improved because many people will be more than happy to pay & use that system thus reducing the number of people using universal healthcare. The left seem to think that only the rich will have access to the private facilities, well here in MB, many, many people are going to Germany for back surgeries which take too long to be done here or not done at all & these people are not described as being wealthy, so their argument doesn’t hold water. Many others just go over the boarder to Grand Forks & pay $400 to get their MRI pronto. The left never seem to agree with anything that will be of benifit. I praise Dr. Day for his perseverence & pray that he will be successful. The lefty way of thinking is totally regressive & hopefully those making the decision have the foresight to agree with Dr. Day which will start the ball rolling for the other provinces to follow suit.
commented 2016-09-07 19:54:58 -0400
Hope he wins , it’s inprobable with politically aligned appointees on the bench, but he is correct – the current single tier is unsustainable and the deeper in debt governments get the less there is to operate a government only system so they are on a continuous shrinking resource scale with a continuous increasing user scale.

We’ve actually had a 2 tier system for years through auto/home/accident/work insurance, all he is talking about is exercising patient options when the public system is incapable of providing them .

If you socialists want your single tier system to equal the options and excellence of the private system, tell your governments to stop wasting money on non priorities and dragging massive debt servicing bills.
commented 2016-09-07 19:49:10 -0400
Private health care!

Bring it on!


We need it!

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