April 20, 2017

BC Liberals take aim at costly NDP platform

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

Yesterday the BC Liberals took dead aim at the BC NDP’s platform and what they see as potentially billions and billions of added debt and deficits should the NDP come to power in BC. 

Having run five consecutive balanced budgets, BC Finance Minister Mike De Jong held a press conference yesterday to express his concerns.

Watch as I bring you some of the highlights including a testy exchange with one newspaper columnist.

I also take the opportunity to ask what the BC Liberal plan is to eliminate the capital debt now that their 2013 promise of a debt free BC thanks to LNG exports, hasn’t come to fruition.

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commented 2017-04-25 12:07:36 -0400
The US just put a 20% tariff on BC soft lumber. Just imagine if the NDP got in on top of that , along with any other Nafta readjustment Trump deems necessary due to Justin’s petulance.

What ever mining projects Clark is working to move forward, will be dead in their tracks if the NDP got in. The province will come to a stand still as far as any real economy is concerned. BC will be dead in the water.

Where will all the unemployed Albertans go? Man, young people and families had better get their behinds to Sask. the day after the election if things go south, before that province is full right up. They only have so many jobs to go around.
commented 2017-04-23 15:02:44 -0400
Correct Gerry, all those who have no concept of ‘growing’ the pie but instead can only understand how to redistribute that one pie so everyone gets a few crumbs will vote NDP. The solution is to lift everyone up and bake more pie, by building a sustainable free market economy, not more wealth distribution from the producers to the takers.

Participate, grow the economy , lift everyone up, vote to re elect the liberals in British Columbia. Voting NDP is suicide for everyone who isn’t on the government tit.
Just for clarification, that ‘tit’ is attached to the only cash cow, you the taxpayer. I for one will quit work and retire if the NDP get in. So will many others. I know young people who are not keen on working to keep the political machine running for the elites, and will also reconsider career plans, so watch out NDP’ers, the problem with spending other peoples money…….

The only people who pretend to not remember the horrors of the last NDP reign of terror were on the government tit. Which of course is why socialist politicians work hard to grow government.

This particular NDP guy is a most disingenuous one, using all of the usual Alinsky tactics to mislead people towards a socialist vote.

DON’T Fall FOR IT! Ask yourself how much sense it makes to kill or scare off the ‘makers’.

No makers, no social programs to help those in need. Remember that.
commented 2017-04-22 17:21:50 -0400
The teachers nurses gov.so called workers and 20 some things just out of the socialist education system will all vote NDP hoping for a socialist utopia like Venezuela.
commented 2017-04-22 02:22:27 -0400
The NDP will get their votes from the coast. Lets hope there are enough ‘real’ British Colombians , the salt of the earth people, who will do their damnedest to make sure NDP does NOT happen.
Just like Justin Trudeau John Horgan will say anything to get elected. Listening to part of the recent debate on the radio at work the other day I could not believe the lies, spin and vitriol coming from his mouth. A really offensive human being. A hustler.
He is counting on the fact that people continue in the misguided belief that baking more pie is not possible and taking from the ‘bakers’ and spreading it around to the takers is the only way they will get a ‘fair ’shake. Typical socialist parasites. Incapable of any understanding of where money comes from and the ways it’s made. Most importantly, that they continue to be too damn lazy and or unmotivated to find out
commented 2017-04-21 11:32:10 -0400
One would hope the residents of BC would remember all the pain and loss inflicted on us by the NDP…every time they’ve fooled BC into voting for them.
Then again:
– After all that crime, scandal and loss, The Evil Wynne gets ‘re-elected’ – with a majority!?
– Notley Nutbar’s NDP in Alberta ‘get in’ as a result of a protest vote against fake conservatives!?
– 39% of ‘eligible’ Canadian voters, ‘vote’ for Justin!?
The Fraser Valley which goes from Vancouver to Hope, is like the GTA that got Wynne in – plus being the Left Coast, and a coastal temperate rain forest all the hippy-freaks, jihadis and losers show up there from everywhere Canada, hands out…and loving the NDP’s ideas about redistributing the wealth.
Yep, we’re hooped in BC!
Better the devil you know than the devil you know will wreck everything.
commented 2017-04-21 00:35:03 -0400
LLOYD NOLAN—can you explain your little statement " how BC votes will be the forecast for Western Canada.
Are you saying that if BC votes Liberal, Alberta and Sask. will stay in Canada, or if they vote NDP Alberta and Sask. will join the US. , or separate.????
commented 2017-04-20 23:42:05 -0400
Why do the NDP think money comes from some horn of plenty that never runs out? They would probably not understand why a 110% tax rate is impossible.
commented 2017-04-20 21:34:25 -0400
How BC votes , this coming election , will be the forecast for western Canada
commented 2017-04-20 21:29:33 -0400
bc can’t afford to let the ndp in ,they will destroy bc as nutley did to Alberta , our province has done reasonably well under Clark and she is a fan of our naturel resources , pipelines and logging ,although I wasn’t impressed when she wanted to play hardball against Alberta’s pipeline to our coast , but I do think she learned her lesson on that stunt , Alberta , BC and Saskatchewan with our resources could tell eastern Canada to eff off that we will separate and you corrupt libtards can go screw yourself .