February 02, 2017

BC school rejects Israeli applicant, while other international students aren’t penalized

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

When Stav Daron applied to the Island School of Building Arts on Gabriola Island, BC, he thought it would be the perfect opportunity, as he was planning his honeymoon in Canada already.

But Stav’s application was rejected, not based on his abilities, but because he is an Israeli Jew.

Thankfully due to media pressure, the school has since backed down and stated they would not reject any applications from Israel in the future.

Sadly, however, the sour taste was left in Stav’s mouth, and he will not be attending.

But this brings up another issue:

BC accepts thousands of international students every year everywhere from China to Saudi Arabia. But you won’t find a single school reject a Chinese student based on the occupation of Tibet, or a Saudi national because of the plethora of human rights abuses that country commits. 

(Photo credit: Facebook/Stav Daron)

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commented 2017-02-08 01:49:52 -0500
This is a problem for The Rebel. On the one hand it wants to paint all Muslims with the same brush, or all mid-Easterns, or all semites. Then when an anti-Israeli position comes up how can it react?

The Rebel is known for its anti-Semitic view point which is supposed to be against Muslims but not against Jews. Trouble is, many Canadians cannot tell the difference. They are all human beings to them.

Preferably, The Rebel will just go for it: defend all human rights.
commented 2017-02-04 14:28:41 -0500
Is it possible to register an HRC complaint on behalf of someone who has been wronged? This needs to be turned back on the lefties who so love to drag everyone they disagree with before these kangaroo courts.
commented 2017-02-03 15:29:49 -0500
You got it jack, just more blatant cherry picking from the political class and the MSM.
commented 2017-02-03 13:23:17 -0500
I hate the human rights commissions, but this school should be dragged before one for what is a blatant act of anti-semitism.
commented 2017-02-03 10:22:06 -0500
Israel is one of the most democratic countries in the Middle East but it’s ironic that BC wants Van to be a Sanc. City. They would let people in without proper vetting and therefore possible criminals , one is too many. When the U S brings the hammer down on illegals (criminal) you can expect a flood from Mexico, Central America and other countries that will sneak by . I think Ezra had a posting where it already happened between Manitoba and Minnesota
commented 2017-02-03 09:56:31 -0500
I would like Stav Daron, et al, to bear in mind that the uber-offensive anti-Semitic treatment he received at the hands of those racist, criminal lefty/progressive scum at the Island School of Building Arts on Gabriola, that these subhuman retards are a minority.
The way normal people in Canada feel towards Jews and Israel is encompassed here:
“Canadian PM Harper’s complete Knesset speech”

BTW – Why aren’t hate-crime charges being brought against this school for their blatant and outrageous act of anti-Semitism?
commented 2017-02-03 01:32:48 -0500
We(Canada) welcome all no matter what your faith as long as it’s not Jew or Christian. Justin what a bunch of sheer bullshit!
commented 2017-02-02 23:15:23 -0500
Definitely time for an HRC complaint. This man was definitely offended and his feelings hurt. That is all that is required for a big pay check that would bankrupt these lefty scum.
commented 2017-02-02 22:50:47 -0500
Gabriola Island should be identified as the new home for incoming refugees. I do not mean to sound sarcastic, I am serious. This proposition should be presented to the elitists of the prestigious Gabriola Island. The weather is much better suited for new Canadians coming from the Middle East and they would have the freedom to establish a new community.
Of course, Christian refugees, displaced from the genocide they have faced are being put at the end of the line to come into Canada, or should I say they are simply not being considered to come into Canada.
Too bad Stav Daron was the guinea pig used in the lesson learned here.
commented 2017-02-02 22:04:13 -0500
Thank you for posting this story. I discovered it yesterday elsewhere and have been outraged by this pettiness and bigotry. It’s unbelievable that as “inclusive” and welcoming Canadians (“diversity is our strength” – Justin Trudeau) we now ban foreign students because we either don’t like their religion or the policies of their country of origin (or both). Frankly, this makes me feel ashamed. To virtue signal their new found “tolerance” of Israeli Jews, the Island School of Building Arts put a statement on their website saying that after further consideration they have decided to no longer ban Israelis. Seriously. It’s there as a statement on the registration page. They’re actually proud to spell this out. How big of them considering it is the law!
commented 2017-02-02 21:11:59 -0500
Antisemitism seems to have become normalized in the left and now I see it infecting the alt-right. A sad state of affairs given how partisan political life is in Canada these days.
commented 2017-02-02 20:43:33 -0500
Good old progressive bigotry.
commented 2017-02-02 20:05:05 -0500
An excellent piece from C Wilson.. Kudos, great reporting.
commented 2017-02-02 19:17:58 -0500
SiCk..I stand with Israel..some of the smartest people on earth..
commented 2017-02-02 18:42:00 -0500
Are those pukes going to be charged with any kind of discrimination or hate crimes? Not likely.
commented 2017-02-02 17:39:44 -0500
Sorry, I meant to say: “non-think-alike” British Columbians.
commented 2017-02-02 17:37:57 -0500
As a Canadian, I am embarrassed and completely ashamed of the unwarranted discrimination that was inflicted on Stav Daron by the so-called “trade school” on Gabriola Island, which is, unfortunately, inhabited by a sorry mess of left-wing elitists who have actually, in the past, released a video singing the “virtues” of disallowing unindoctrinated, think-alike mainline British Columbians from “infiltrating” their pristine paradise.
It is obvious by this so-called “school’s” name that it would replicate the same discrimination to whomever it deemed unacceptable…..The Island School of Building ARTS. Not a trade school….an arty, farty establishment.
commented 2017-02-02 17:17:02 -0500
Religious discrimination is against the law. Such idiots to think it was OK to even ask.
commented 2017-02-02 17:12:39 -0500
As far as I know, these are publicly funded institutions, and as long as that is the case, he should be accepted. This is discrimination and whoever made this decision needs to be fired.
commented 2017-02-02 17:09:07 -0500
This is so sickening. I live in BC and am shocked by this news. It just goes to show that the filthy bigots are everywhere.
I also have always and will always stand with the Jewish people both in Israel and the rest of the world.
The pox on those that disparage them.
commented 2017-02-02 16:35:14 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,744 Attacks, 209,918 Killed, 293,550 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-02-02 16:28:01 -0500
Stav is probably better off in the long run, no doubt the school is full of Brain Dead Muslims.
commented 2017-02-02 16:18:41 -0500
I have always and will always stand with the Jewish people both in Israel and the diaspora.