June 04, 2015

BC: Sex cards used by "gay, bi and queer men (...) in bars and bathhouses" given to Grade 8, 9 students

Rebel Staff

Grade 8 and 9 students at a Chilliwack, BC school were accidentally given "inappropriate" sex education material as part of a guest speaker's presentation on healthy relationships.

Chuck Lawson, the principal of C.H.A.N.C.E. Alternative School, apologized after parents complained about the "sex cards" in their children's take-home bags.

The cards define sexual acts from A to Z, using slang and graphic descriptions.

The National Post reports:

The card creators themselves say the cards were not meant to be distributed to minors in school.

“This resource in particular is for gay, bi, queer men,” said Chris Thomas, spokesman for the AIDS Committee of Toronto. “Generally, we use them in bars and bathhouses.”

The Post quoted an expert who said that the mix up could be turned into a teaching moment:

Kristen Gilbert, director of education for Options for Sexual Health, said the packing error could be a learning opportunity for parents to have a conversation with their child. (...)

She noted that the average person isn’t going to respond favourably to the information presented in the cards.

“They are going to ask, ‘Why would anyone want to do that?’ It’s an opportunity to hear that voice that goes ‘eww, that sounds gross.’ That’s a great time to listen to that voice … and be able to say, ‘That thing I heard about is not for me.’”


Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum sexualizes young children, undermines parental authority and imposes the government's morality on every Ontario family.
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commented 2015-06-14 21:19:25 -0400
I’m a little behind in the game-Megan Kidd, good links thanks. Anyone defining themselves as a conservative Christian should be able to accept this as truth since it is. I dare you to read all 5parts and subscribe as I have. Mark is a local, full time ministry who practices what he preaches. (I wish I could say the same)
commented 2015-06-11 10:14:58 -0400
Meg, honey, I won’t keep you in the dark any longer. I’m a Conservative and married heterosexual.

The FACT that you call anyone who disagrees and/or challenges your opinion “gay” belies your claim you don’t hate gay people.

Gay is not a four-letter word like liar is.
commented 2015-06-10 22:01:35 -0400
Absolutely right on the money. You could fire one teacher and let her/him fight back in court but with a union you can’t get rid of the bad seed without enriching the courts and lawyers et al..
Of course they are all powerful so that is out of the question now.
I can think of nothing better the to call this the end times.
Find the button and push it. Hope they retaliate.
Explain it to the children how we failed them because the power was only interested in themselves and their children.
I hear you also and I agree this was no mistake with a warning this will continue in the Liberal sway.
We have now 2 enemies in our country thanks to Liberalism. ISIS and Gay Power both flaunting themselves and daring us to interfere.
commented 2015-06-08 08:47:35 -0400
Joan: I never once stated I hate gays, don’t make that assumption. I hate that gays feel they are not worthy of nothing unless they have their moment to state it to the world. Keep it to yourself, I don’t give a shit who you sleep with! I only care that you are a hard working, NON-pedophile, part of our community.
But, if Wynne keeps stating that I am because I disapprove of her agenda, then I guess she will push me to my breaking point and I will become one!!
She would rather polarize us heterosexuals that don’t care one way or another if your gay to making us extreme in saying, no way in hell should ANY gays be near our children, including her!
We can go back in time, rewrite the rules and through all gays in back in the closet or jail, really it’s her call. The way you gays have united, we can too. And since you are only 1% of population, the rules will change, so just keep that in mind.
we just need to unite against the sex-ed, it’s illegal!
commented 2015-06-07 22:06:11 -0400
Megan Kidd -I’m familiar with the pro-shariah lobby, es.

But Wynne did not kick her husband into the basement. He chose that, willingly.

I get it that you hate gays. But to denigrate Wynne’s children just because their mother is a lesbian? Is that how you treat minor children with two moms or two dads? With unabated hatred?
commented 2015-06-07 17:55:56 -0400
With all do respect to Kristen Gilbert, I strongly believe that this was done deliberately as per her reasoning. She said this could be a teaching moment to your children. That tells me this was meant to happen. Sexualizing our children is their mandate. As it is done here in Ontario by our gay Premier and her pedophile friend Mr. Levin. They seem to be hell bent on doing this and I can honestly say this will happen again and again!!!!!!!
commented 2015-06-05 20:49:03 -0400
Joan – it’s called ABUSE and yes, it happens to men! Or are you ignorant to this concept?
commented 2015-06-05 13:12:51 -0400
Megan Kidd – Wynne’s husband could not have been “kicked” into living in the basement without his consent.
commented 2015-06-05 13:09:43 -0400
Like some of the comments here, children whose parents are gay will be called “filthy” and “perverted” by people who hate homosexuals. Children who have been raped by same-sex adults and struggle with their identity as a result will also be called “filthy” and “perverted”. Is that really what we want? To exclude all children but the very few untouched by a corrupt world? We do not live in Eden. We live on Planet Earth where maybe your children have not been pimped by their parents for drug money but where far too many others have been. Are the lives of those child victims not worth saving?
commented 2015-06-05 13:04:37 -0400
Joe’s article is a little misleading. Levin oversaw the sex-ed curriculum Dalton McGuinty scrapped. I read both it and the 2015 sex-ed curriculum and they are quite a bit different. For one thing, the 2010 version suggested children experiment sexually with objects like vegetables and fruit. That is nowhere in the current version. Levin did not write or oversee the current 2015 sex-ed curriculum. Did his strategy to modernize sex-ed in Ontario remain? Sure. But that has nothing to do with content and everything to do with the interpretation of what that means by those who wrote it. Who were not Levin.

The fact is gay marriage is legal in Canada. As are First Nations. Two-spirited is a Native concept that describes androgyny. Male and female stay the same. Another fact is some people are born with two sets of genitalia – one male and one female and I, for one, disapprove of any hate-based discrimination that makes such people feel so awful about themselves that they suicide, as far too many do. Because gay marriage is legal in Canada, the fact is that some innocent children have two moms or two dads (or, in cases of divorce, both). I disapprove of any hate-motivated discrimination that makes such children feel so awful about their lives that they commit suicide, as far too many have in the past.

Another fact is that many children sexually abused by same-sex adults will struggle with gender identity. I disapprove of any hate-motivated discrimination that makes them feel their lives are so worthless they have no option but to suicide.

Finally, it is also a fact that some (and some say, many) individuals identify, for one reason or another, with the opposite sex. For some, that will be a stage they pass through – hence, the notion of gender fluidity. For others, they will continue to identify as transgendered or trans-sexual. I disapprove of any hate-motivated discrimination that makes such children feel so awful about who they are that they feel they have no option but to kill themselves.

As for the passing out of inappropriate literature to children, I agree. Let’s prosecute them. But the Ontario sex-ed curriculum is not the same as pamphlets intended for adult gay sex education. Let’s not hysterically confuse the two.
commented 2015-06-04 21:12:32 -0400
Thanks for that video, Megan. As far as what should be done about those who are forcing this perverse sexual indoctrination on your children, here’s what Jesus had to say about it: Mark 9:42 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea”. That sounds a lot like capital punishment to me. Not that I advocate capital punishment for them; I’ll let Jesus sort that out… and he will. I’d hate to be in their shoes when they stand before him… and they will. In the mean time, keep up the fight, everyone.
commented 2015-06-04 16:53:50 -0400
Obama is communist without a soul! This is just to keep people in line and bowing down to this self important loser.
commented 2015-06-04 15:16:13 -0400
Megan thanks for the video. Victor mentioned residential schools. Obama’s Secretary of Education suggested that children might be taken away from parents who are unable to do the job of raising their children properly and put into boarding facilities which would be part of the school system.
commented 2015-06-04 15:13:17 -0400
“Accidents” don’t happen, they are caused.

I believe Bill Irwin is correct, those responsible should be prosecuted (accidentally if need be) and they can ponder their own special learning moment whilst behind bars. I don’t generally object to sex being properly taught in schools, but I believe that the sex-ed subject should be pushed up to high school level and only offered as an optional course (just like many other courses are) and taught with the joint consent of both student and parent.

Aside from all that, this is just one more reason that shows our governments are usually way too stupid to be taking on anything that’s otherwise best left to their wise employers (that’s us).
commented 2015-06-04 12:23:55 -0400
Sure they were accidentely given out. Just happened to be brought along. Just happened to be passed out. Just an accident…
commented 2015-06-04 12:09:49 -0400
Victor, many people do know. But the problem is, is that we as “common folk” are powerless to stop a rampant government that was given too much power over our lives.

And a BIG thanks to Megan for posting that informative and illuminating link regarding the affiliates towards Pervert Wynne’s updated curriculum. I recommend EVERYONE with a moral compass watch that.
commented 2015-06-04 11:33:51 -0400
Today’s sex-ed is being brought to our youth by the same Liberal academics that introduced Residential Schools to Canada’s natives and saddled the rest of it’s citizens with a multi-billion dollar guilt trip that promises to continue for the foreseeable future! When will people ever learn that the Liberal/socialist mind is retarded and dangerous??
commented 2015-06-04 10:17:03 -0400
These “mistakes” will be more common until they become a natural part of the of our kids’ “academic” lives. With GSAs, what kind of material do we really think the gaystapo is going to hand out to OUR kids? We have allowed this garbage to go too far. What are we waiting for? Our kids being taken to sex shops, gay bars and sauna during their school hours? It just happened in the US, a teacher took her students to a sex shop. Are we waiting for a gay stripper to entertain OUR kids during their lunch break? THIS NEEDS TO STOP. We can’t accept this massive brainwashing movement. We all need to get together and do something.
commented 2015-06-04 10:06:41 -0400
NAMBLA never really went away, did it?
commented 2015-06-04 09:49:42 -0400
This makes me think that it was not a mistake…it was purposely handed out to these kids. Homosexuals and those that sympathize, look for every way to get their filth out. The group responsible should go to jail for handing out pornographic material.
commented 2015-06-04 09:46:43 -0400
It’s really amazing how many of these sexual accidents are taking place lately. It is full on grooming! We need to pull our kids out of these cesspools of deviance, and scrap the unions. They have ruined education, and are promoting perversity.
commented 2015-06-04 09:42:38 -0400
The only mistake was that you got caught again, indoctrinating school kids into the perverted gay life style.
commented 2015-06-04 09:24:31 -0400
This is exactly what’s coming to our children here in Ontario, this was planned information given to the kids, not a mistake. This is how they will get the information to our kids that they know will never pass parental consent.
Yesterday there was a story of children on a school trip to a sex shop, that’s what Wynne is saying our kids will endure as well with her “community partners”, this has to stop!
Anyone involved with the corruption of children should be charged.
This IS GROOMING of our children, it’s sick and it’s illegal.
This is the Humanist plan and it’s got to stop.
commented 2015-06-04 09:14:50 -0400
“Kristen Gilbert, director of education for Options for Sexual Health, said the packing error could be a learning opportunity for parents to have a conversation with their child. (…)”

Or, you could, like a normal person, simply acknowledge that it was a flat-out mistake to give them to minors instead of trying to twist it around. I’ll decide what conversations I need to have with my kids when they’re ready.