July 03, 2015

BC TransLink tax defeated by low budget grassroots campaign

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Good news on a major victory for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and BC taxpayers in particular.

Jordan Bateman spearheaded the grassroots effort to defeat the referendum that would have seen taxes boosted to support the inefficient TransLink public transportation system.

Mayors, unions and other powerful individuals and groups spent millions trying to get the tax approved, but in the end, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation spent much less (only $40,000!) and won the vote by almost two to one.

Bateman talks about how wasteful and incompetent TransLink is.

You won't believe what they spend taxpayers' money on during their day to day operations!

This is a great win for taxpayers across Canada, because passage would have set a precedent for other provinces to follow.


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commented 2015-07-06 09:37:17 -0400
" If they had worded it differently, so that they were voting against congestion instead of against GVRST, it would have gone the other way."
I find that hard to believe. Throwing more money at fools who don’t know how to spend it efficiently is never a good idea. How would that have alleviated congestion? Throwing more money at Translink wouldn’t help the bridge bottlenecks for example. What BC spends on their public transit systems is already large. Who isn’t for alleviating congestion? It’s just that it is hard to swallow taking yet more money from the taxpayer, given the track record.

Yeah, lets vote for more tax. Not.
commented 2015-07-05 23:08:57 -0400
Sadly Andrew is right, it’s the governments fault for being too clear with voters.
commented 2015-07-04 20:22:25 -0400
This was a main-in plebiscite. All you had to do was mark your X, sign your name, and drop it in a mailbox. And still, only 51% bothered to vote. I suspect if they mailed the ballots to China, the response would have been much greater.
commented 2015-07-04 14:01:07 -0400
Voters only show up to referenda to vote against ideas. Easier to be an opponent than a proponent. If they had worded it differently, so that they were voting against congestion instead of against GVRST, it would have gone the other way.
commented 2015-07-03 22:45:20 -0400
The waste in the translink bureaucracy piggy trough, the voracious raping of the taxpayer over the years ,ferries et al, even lefties have limits by the looks of it. They have been so blatant in B.C. Gregor Robertson is leftist toast.
commented 2015-07-03 20:52:26 -0400
Interesting that Vancouver, probably the most “lefty” city in Canada would vote down a proposal by fellow Lefties to raise their taxes for a wasteful organization. Guess money does talk after all, even with some lefties! After all, it is about quality of life and raising one’s families at the end of the day. They will have to watch however, as the monies spent by the “yes” side are going to be added to taxes anyways. If not stopped, this will continue to fund the original program, regardless of voter intentions!
commented 2015-07-03 19:30:42 -0400
Agreed, Peter. That’s why the following sentence, "Sadly, she’s not that stupid… "
commented 2015-07-03 19:29:37 -0400
Prince Knight, when I read your statement "If Notley et al would allow similar situations to occur in Alberta, ", I’m sorry, but the song “Dreamer” by Supertramp came to mind. :) Notley would not bring a referendum to Albertans asking if we want a tax or not, unfortunately. She is going to whatever she wants, just like Wynne is doing exactly what she wants despite protests.
commented 2015-07-03 19:20:20 -0400
This tax was put to a referendum. If Notley et al would allow similar situations to occur in Alberta, we could gang up on her and force her to not raise taxes.

Sadly, she’s not that stupid…