Support beer freedom in Canada! Fight back against Rachel Notley's unconstitutional beer laws.

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The Alberta NDP are pushing unconstitutional beer taxes.

They’ve changed the taxes on breweries and importers twice in less than a year and now they’ve started to give grants to Alberta brewers. 

This is a protectionist measure that not only stifles free trade and favours only certain Alberta businesses, but it’s going to be costly to taxpayers.

The government has promised millions out of tax payers pockets to Alberta-based breweries, so that means that even the bigger outfits will get a big chunk of cash simply for brewing beer in Alberta.

Beer importers and beer producers outside of Alberta are the ones that are suffering. The NDP hiked prices up to a $1.25/litre of production, costing some businesses an extra $1.15/litre overnight and we’re talking about thousands of litres of beer.

This entire tax is illegal and unconstitutional. 

We need to tell the NDP that their illegal tax on beer is wrong, that protectionist policies are for socialists and don’t belong in a democratic country.

If you agree, please help us free the beer, sign our petition below! 

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Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP must reverse their illegal and unconstitutional beer laws. 

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