May 30, 2016 UPDATE: Before demanding apologies from Wildrose, NDP has plenty to be sorry about

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Derek Fildebrandt is the Wildrose MLA for Strathmore-Brooks and Shadow Finance Minister. In another life, Fildebrandt was a director with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation in Alberta and a perpetual thorn in the side of the former PC government, critiquing them for their out of control liberal spending.

It’s what he does now, but his target is the NDP. But Fildebrandt was just suspended from the Wildrose Caucus after a series of unfortunate events.

First, Fildebrandt and Wildrose faced criticism for being overly critical of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne as she sat in the legislature gallery as a guest of Premier Notley. Wildrose apologized for Fildebrandt’s tone in the legislature. Then the next day, he was expelled from caucus because it appeared he was supportive of a perceived homophobic comment on his Facebook page about Premier Wynne. He wasn’t. And he apologized for the social media misstep.

My friend and colleague Holly Nicholas did a great video explaining how this all happened and how it’s wrong. It’s been one bad move after another.

But about Derek Fildebrandt’s treatment of Premier Wynne, was Derek wrong or poorly behaved as the crybully lefties say? No. He was accurate. Fildebrandt was critical of Wynne’s big spending and bad ideas. These are legitimate criticisms and the same thing many Ontarians think all the time.

If Derek was poorly behaved because he told the truth, what about the NDP that very same day? If Derek and the Wildrose had to apologize for being right, does long time NDP MLA Brian Mason have to apologize for being wrong?

During the same series of questions to Notley that drew so much left wing ire towards Fildebrandt, NDP MLA Brian Mason called Wildrose MLAs and normal everyday people who agree with sentiments expressed in the legislature by Fildebrandt, “embarrassing cousins.”

Do you think Mason will apologize for insulting Albertans as quickly as Derek Fildebrandt and the Wildrose did for offending Wynne? Don’t hold your breath.

After that, Mason went right off the rails. He tweeted that he was never more appalled by the behaviour of MLAs than he was by the behaviour of Wildrose MLA's towards the Premier of Ontario. Mason’s appalling behaviour barometer might be broken. Earlier this spring, Mason himself shoved past the teenage legislature pages after they locked the doors in accordance with parliamentary procedure causing the NDP to miss a vote. Then there was the time NDP MLA Mike Connolly gave the Wildrose benches the middle finger during a debate and lied about it.

Yet, Brian Mason thinks telling the truth about Premier Wynne in a less than soft tone is appalling? What planet is Mason on?

Here's what really matters right now: We need conservatives in Alberta to get back to work holding NDP’ers like Brian Mason to account.

Now it’s time for everyone to show just how conservative we all are. As a conservative, I believe in personal responsibility, contrition and humility. Personal responsibility is a conservative value. Fildebrandt took responsibility for his mistakes and now it’s time for everyone else to do the same. Suspending Derek was a mistake. Admit it, fix it and move on.

The Wildrose party claims to be a party of the grassroots and I believe this to be true. But let's make the Wildrose party prove it. At The Rebel, we want grassroots voices heard. Go to and sign our petition asking Brian Jean to reinstate Derek.

Let’s get Derek back in caucus so that the Wildrose can do the work Albertans have asked them to do.

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commented 2016-05-30 18:05:56 -0400
It is well past the time for politicians to tell the truth on the hoax of
climate change and the truth about the colossal lie about carbon taxes. I personally will not vote for any politician who advocates for these untruths.
commented 2016-05-30 17:58:22 -0400
Derek Fildebrandt is being punished for speaking truth to power. Make this right, Brian Jean. Re-instate him.
commented 2016-05-30 17:48:27 -0400
Derek Fildebrandt said absolutely NOTHING incorrect, Too bad if Wynne’s feelings were a trifle hurt. In fact, she indicated that such an “affront” would never happen back in the Ontario caucus, which just indicates that every one back out there in self-inflicted improverished Ontario-land under her dictatorship is muzzled. Brian Jean just needs to “grow a pair” and stand up and support Mr. Fildebrandt, which will allow we ardent Wildrose supporters to continue to believe in him as a leader.