June 12, 2015

Being a leftist means never having to say you're sorry

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

The left has time for the anxieties of every marginalized group out there and combination thereof, so maybe that’s why they have none left over for the things conservatives are worried about.

Our concerns about ISIS and terrorism in general is overblown. Conservative economics have been completely debunked. Worries over Kathleen Wynne’s sex ed curriculum is based on misinformation.  The science on global warming is settled, don’t question it.  White people cannot be the victims of racism. The concept of men’s rights is hilarious on its face.

Basically, if you are writing for or reading this website or one like it, whatever you are angry about ranges from being simply wrong or false (as above) to being the product of any number of unconscious “isms” that have been seeded nefariously in our brains by The Man to being outright lies on our part. See, you’re not really mad about that tax hike- you’re just trying to get attention.

Left-wingers who try to aggressively debunk conservative claims and then express bewilderment when they are met with hostility should look in the mirror and ask themselves why we conservatives must tiptoe around their triggers and sensitivities, but our worries and fears are fair game.

Some on the left don’t even bother pausing to wonder why, and flaunt their lack of empathy. You have your third-wave feminists who "jokingly” call themselves “misandrists," your transgender activists who repeat the mantra of “Die Cis Scum”, and your Idle No More activists who claim they are a nation above Canada. Even your garden-variety Tumblr poster has likely pooped out at least one textblob expressing their wish to “drink the tears” of their oppressors.  

If you raise this concern with a leftist, their canned response is WHYYYYY would you EVEN talk about so-called “reverse racism” or any such non-concern when there is ENORMOUS amounts of oppression, REAL oppression, out there as opposed to the nonsense YOU are talking about so therefore YOU must be a terrible person and why don’t you just STFU.  

Here’s why.

The left is supposed to be about making things better for everybody. At least, that’s the PR they put out. And, inevitably, white privileged cisgendered dudes are one subset of “everybody.” So they try to tell us that giving up our privilege will help humanity in the long run.

But then suddenly the mask slips and they’re off talking about drinking tears again, and the lovely illusion of a better world is dispelled. These leftwingers are really all about bringing themselves up by bringing other people down, or so it seems.  

This tendency to dehumanize the other among leftists might go some way towards explaining why every revolution from China to France to Russia to Cuba to Zimbabwe to Egypt has the unfortunate tendency of going two zillion steps back for every step forward despite having been promoted as progressive watersheds in history.

When the Glorious Revolt doesn’t live up to its billing, leftists explain it away by saying that we are mistaken- that those weren’t really leftists at all.  

Well, since there’s a choice apparently, I would much prefer the kind of leftist who is honest about their intentions- to despoil me of my privilege by any means necessary. That means I get to pick up the nearest blunt and/or pointy object, brandish it about, and yell, “Come and get it!”

That way, I won’t have to endure any hypocritical moralizing about empathy.

Do yourselves a favour, leftists: Admit that you are capable of sinking to the deepest depths despite - and possibly even because of - your high-and-mighty concern for the downtrodden. 


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commented 2015-06-18 03:37:29 -0400
Jason Bertucci – you raised an interesting point, and I hope you see my comment and respond. Just curious where you went to school (elementary, junior high and high school), and at what point you learned of American “internment” of the Japanese and Japanese-Americans circa the Second World War, Canada, or the U.S.? (they were not called “concentration camps”, but “internment camps”) If it was in Canada, I’d like to know what province, what grade, and what year? I’m apologize, but am really interested in knowing, because I was subject to different versions of Canadian history depending on where it was taught. My family moved quite a bit and as a result I changed schools and provinces twice between grades 8 and 12 alone.
I suspect formalizing the experience of Japanese-Canadians in the public school history curricula is (relatively) new, that is, introduced in the past 20-30 years. Perhaps it was introduced even earlier in B.C., which would be interesting. Your comment just made me wonder about provincial control over education and to what extent we’re teaching our children different versions of history based on regional politics, and how that might contribute to the lack of cohesive nationalism in Canada as compared with the U.S.
commented 2015-06-15 21:35:04 -0400
Wow- great article, I think you nailed it Joshua. Thank you
commented 2015-06-15 14:51:30 -0400
Never say sorry? No they will never. The left lied for decades about the masscres in Georgia by Stalin. Stalin’s Russia was a paradise. It took many years before they would grudgingly admit the sins of Stalin. And they will never say they are wrong decades into the future on climate change. The left also appeals strongly to emotion. If you question the sanity of Bruce Jenner then you are “mean”. You can’t even start a conversation on that topic. Not all, but many on the left simply profit from government policy. All the while New York liberals were crowing for affordable housing, their business connections were getting the contracts to build such housing in New York. So was it misguided compassion or just greed right from the start? In Canada they also like to finger point at the Americans which helps them ignore our sins at home. Did you know, because I did not until my wife did a University report on the subject, that Canada sent Japanese Canadians into concentration camps after taking their property? What I learned at school was only the American practice, which was launched every liberal’s icon, FDR.
commented 2015-06-15 11:07:18 -0400
I agree Joshua, I think you are right, there is a Leftist agenda. It has infested our educational institutions.
From what I’ve seen of these Leftists, they are several generations after mine, they are the ones who will be paying for their mistakes. Common sense has gone the way of the Dodo, drooling over JT is in.
commented 2015-06-14 23:01:21 -0400
Oh boy, Joshua, you are right on the money with this one. Just today a fellow was telling me that Canada doesn’t lead the world in anything and everything worth anything in Canada has been severely devalued because of Steven Harper. And he reeled off some of the same leftist crap that Joshua talked about in his piece. When I told him Canada leads the world in stem cell research he was surprised because he had never heard of that. Enough said. You know a lefty is making it up as he/she goes along when their lips move as they talk.
commented 2015-06-14 10:14:19 -0400
Being a leftist means never having to prove you’re rational.
commented 2015-06-13 21:31:53 -0400
I spent six years sailing the world.
Want to know where I, as a white man, personally experienced racism?
The Maldives.
The Honduras.
As a general rule, when we pulled into a new port, especially of a different culture, except for getting a hotel, shower and hot meal, we never spent any large amounts of cash until we got to know, and trust, enough locals who would warn us, "Don’t go there. They’ll spot your white arse coming a mile away.
One of the exceptions was India. Even after 4 months in Mumbai we simply had to accept the fact we were going to be initially charged about 6 times the price for anything, and spend half an hour negotiating down, just because we were white. (I won’t even go into how long it took to clear customs. Everywhere else in the world it’s maybe half an hour and fifty or a hundred bucks for paperwork. India was 15 hundred and three days. Every one of about 50 departments wanted their “souvenirs”. Bribes I mean.)
Even when we had a local friend buying larger supplies for us, we had to remain out of sight, because if merchants were dealing with our friend, they WOULDN’T negotiate.
Has it’s racists and bigots.
Get over it you left-ediots.
commented 2015-06-13 05:57:02 -0400
Joshua Lieblein, wow. I’m very impressed and couldn’t agree more :) Have you ever seen those cartoons on youtube about “talking with liberals”? I love those…
commented 2015-06-12 12:42:46 -0400
once in power then they all become righest