March 10, 2017

Being “patriotically proud” of Canada’s substandard healthcare system is “dysfunctional”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Jerry Agar here, guest hosting for Ezra Levant while he's on assignment in Israel. On last night's show, I shared yet another horror story about Canada's healthcare system. Far from being the best in the world, as too many Canadians like to brag, it is actually one of the worst by the standards of the developed world.

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commented 2017-03-11 11:37:09 -0500
Sorry to add more. I wanted to say also, that the healthcare people who work with you show a very high level of dedication and efficiency in terms of their true calling and care for their patients. It is the bureaucracy and lack of flow that they, and the patient being treated deal with. The hospital was seriously under staffed, yet those workers made things work by sheer will. The upper management could take a lesson from them.
commented 2017-03-11 11:27:47 -0500
Healthcare in Canada, the way it is managed is unsustainable. We cannot afford to cram so many people through our system who don’t pay for it. Cancer fund raisers have given billions to cancer research. The result: $40,000 treatments (you’d better have some extra insurance for that) and cures actually moving bare inches forward. Cancer centres should absolutely have their own emergency room and response. The right hand doesn’t feed the left. I had an epic surgery which would have bankrupted us (so grateful for healthcare there). But when I went home to recover, my GP had received nothing to let him know what I had experienced, I had to tell him. What’s with that if things are so great? We are being robbed without conscience and that seems to be okay with consumers.
commented 2017-03-11 03:04:05 -0500
Jack Coverdale being 30 of 190 is good , but being 37 of 190 is bad? And it shows we are wasting money while getting few results.
commented 2017-03-10 21:13:48 -0500

It is when you consider the countries before us and the MANY countries after us. It’s not 30 out of 50.
commented 2017-03-10 21:12:05 -0500
The title of this piece was coined for retards like Mannie Jack, duh Silva.
Being “patriotically proud” of Canada’s substandard healthcare system is “dysfunctional”
commented 2017-03-10 19:37:56 -0500
Jack USA is 37 and we are 30, not exactly a huge jump.
commented 2017-03-10 19:36:46 -0500
We are 7th in per capita spending and 5th highest as a percentage of our GDP , but 30th in ranks of countries. That is nothing to be proud of.
commented 2017-03-10 19:06:55 -0500
Ranked 30th is not a good rank.
commented 2017-03-10 19:06:09 -0500
Jack if our system is so great why do so many go to the US for care, including people who would have died waiting? You are the one who knows nothing.Our system costs far to much and we get sad results for what we pay into it.
commented 2017-03-10 19:03:39 -0500
Jack Coverdale the best systems are public/private mixes, which the left hates. And Trump will make a better system than Obamacare which was a joke. And i had a life threatening situation with hernia a while back, and got sent home with painkillers until they had no choice but to admit me for emergency surgery. I was living and working in pain for many days over a 7 month period, and my surgery was supposed to be 3 months later. So spare me the BS about how we have such a great system. In Alberta our system got better when they let private labs do some of the work. Now that Notley is spending more , our system is a lot worse.
commented 2017-03-10 18:01:28 -0500
Why can I pay for my dentist with money but not a doctor?
commented 2017-03-10 17:16:30 -0500

Not lying at all. I was having shooting pain down my leg to the point that I was practically crying and I couldn’t walk.

It was done in two weeks at St. Mike’s in Toronto. I have a great family doctor. You are wrong and you know pretty much nothing for a fact with every post you make on here.

The horror stories are so few and far between. Most Canadians are happy with our system.

It’s hilarious that you are attacking a government program that you were born into and it’s all most Canadians have known all their lives. You act as if Justin Trudeau implemented it last week.

Our system is eventually going to be copied by America. It’s inevitable. Our system is ranked better than theirs by the World Health Organization, so how abysmal could it actually be?
commented 2017-03-10 17:00:39 -0500
Jack(Mannie Jimmy Reeces buttercup) We have had this conversation before.
You must have had a very serious accident or cancer diagnosis to have received an MRI in just two weeks! Oh wait… you said you hadn’t had a major health crisis. I think it is safe to say you are lying. The majority of Canadians wait from one month to a year for a MRI, unless they have a very severe condition which is an absolute emergency to address, even then the wait times can be bad. Heck you can be near the top of the list and get bumped for a more urgent case. Don’t give me that , ‘in a big centre its better’ crap. I know for a fact that isn’t true.
Stop making excuses for a system which is so far past needing ‘some improvement’ to being on the abysmal list.
We know you are a hopeless socialist and will defend your government subsidized institutions to the death. You have made that clear multiple times. You can have them. We don’t want them.
commented 2017-03-10 16:47:03 -0500
The service and quality of care your dog gets at the vet far outweighs anything humans can receive in Canada in terms of accurate and timely diagnosis, if you are so inclined to pay. When was the last time your dog was put on a waiting list for anything?

They need to cut the bureaucracy in half and then half again. They need to spend their money on utilizing the treatments which are already out there instead of hiring more management. We have to at least partly privatize. It would take the pressure off of the subsidized care and afford better outcomes for everybody.
commented 2017-03-10 16:32:44 -0500
Allan Peterson,

Every healthcare plan in the world could be better – there is no disputing that. It’s never going to be perfect for everyone. For me, it’s been pretty wonderful – but maybe in a smaller city or in PEI for example, it isn’t as good.

I got an MRI in two weeks, so there you go. I simply have no reason to complain.
commented 2017-03-10 14:42:32 -0500
Out here in Manitoba there are always fund raising suppers for someone who needs back surgery in Germany. When I talked to the guy who organizes their end of it in Canada he said that there have been over 400 Manitobans who paid to go to Germany for surgery in the last 5 years. So we already have a two tier healthcare system. First you pay taxes for it and can’t get it. Then you pay with after tax dollars to get what you need. I just heard an ad on the radio today from a medical outfit in the US who said most of their clients are Canadian farmers. Maybe some government official will ban advertising form US medial businesses so we can keep up the illusion. Kind of like when Ceausecu banned reports of AIDS so he could keep up the Communist system’s reputation in Romania.
commented 2017-03-10 14:36:37 -0500
My buddy had stomach pain for several months so he went to his doc. She told him it was diverticulitis and that he had to change the way he eats. So he did. 3 months later he was in so much pain he couldn’t sleep. When he went back the doc said they’d do a colonoscopy- in 3 months. He said he’d be dead in 3 months and wanted out NOW. So they did an emergency colonoscopy- 3 days later. The next day he was in surgery for stage 4 cancer.

When I needed an MRI the doc requested a rush- not an emergency. And so it was booked – 4 months later. I heard of a private MRI clinic in North Dakota so I went there and had it done 3 days later for $400 US.

Am I thankful for the medical care we have? Absolutely. Could it be better? Absolutely.
commented 2017-03-10 13:59:20 -0500
And what about all those annual hospital lotteries? Every year they have them and I wonder if the money is actually going where it’s supposed to go. I highly doubt it. And Country 105 has their annual affair to raise money for equipment at the Children’s hospital. This money is raised by donations from the public. Why hasn’t this impacted what we pay for health care? And why hasn’t the efficiency of our health care improved?
commented 2017-03-10 13:48:38 -0500
D Mary,

I think if one needs MRI’s and cat scans among other many other vital tests to determine if there is life threatening problem, that that is pretty serious.

I don’t think you need to have had two heart attacks before you can properly evaluate Canada’s healthcare system. In my case, life threatening issues were prevented by Canada’s Healthcare System and the great treatment I received.
commented 2017-03-10 13:42:32 -0500

Yes – 30 out of 190 countries is great, especially when you consider the countries above Canada and the fact that America is 37. You can’t complain about Canada, when the great USA is ranks even lower.

America is great when you have the money to spend for great healthcare. That is why Canadians go to America. It’s typical rich people. Not the average person.

Do you know that thousands of Americans come here as well.

It’s still in the works now, because it was laughed at by the entire medical community and Trump couldn’t even Republican support for it. Prior to that, Trump actually had the balls to call it THE GREATEST HEALTHCARE PLAN IN THE WORLD.
commented 2017-03-10 13:36:24 -0500
Jack, you obviously have not needed it in major way, Allan is correct. I have had two heart attacks and the care was immediate and excellent. I too have also waited for years for specialists to figure out an obvious issue with my wife, who was treated in the U.S. in a month, for a reasonable cost, and couldn’t be happier. Get mid of all the middle management and top heavy management for starters.
commented 2017-03-10 13:35:05 -0500
Allan Peterson,

I didn’t say we had the best healthcare on the planet – I said that Canada is ranked among the best in the world and better than America by the World Health Organization.

I am also speaking from person experience and the experience of friends and family. What is a major way? I have gotten every possible scan or test that I needed in a couple of weeks – MRI, etc. I get an appointment with my family doctor in a day or two. I have no reason to complain.

I will concede that there are parts of Canada that are better than others though. Some have zero wait times and some have long wait times. I would agree that consistency across Canada could be better, but beyond that, I am very grateful for our healthcare.
commented 2017-03-10 13:20:31 -0500
@ Cloverdale . . . Canada’s HC system is 30 something on the Planet . . .
WHO is a joke . . . same league as the IPCC . . . lol
10s of thousands of Canadian citizens go to the USA every year for quality healthcare . . .
but dumb Canooks, including the 39% who voted for the feckless Justin, think our failing system is just great.
Not even close . . .

Trump’s HC plan? It is still in the works, and YOU already know all about it . . . laughable Jack, another clueless Canook I suspect !
commented 2017-03-10 13:12:07 -0500
Yes indeedy, you can suffer for months on the wait list and then die a proud Canadian for having done so.
commented 2017-03-10 13:05:08 -0500
Jack, like the quote from Christie Blatchford said , Those who say we’ve got the best healthcare system in the world have never needed it in a major way. I’ve seen 15 specialists in 7 1/2 years and still have no diagnosis. What we actually have is the best critical care clinic in the world. If you have one of the big three: cancer, heart attack or stroke or if you’re in a accident they go in to motion in a major way. Otherwise you wait and wait and wait and…..
commented 2017-03-10 12:47:14 -0500
Canada’s Healthcare System has been pretty fantastic for me and my family. I really can’t complain.

Our Healthcare System is also ranked higher than America’s by the World Health Organization.

Not to mention the fact that Trump’s healthcare plan is a total disaster.

Most major conservative groups are against this law. AARP dropped a huge bomb on it tonight. The Republicans in Congress aren’t united on it, and John Boehner says he isn’t surprised, because the GOP didn’t agree on health care in his 25 years.

They had 8 years to come up with a plan and this is what they’ve got. Pathetic.

I think Donny needs to realize that some things take a little more than a week and a dinner napkin to figure out. This was a half baked idea before he even put it into the easy bake oven.


Single payer is inevitable.
commented 2017-03-10 12:44:20 -0500
Being “patriotically proud” of Canada’s substandard healthcare system is “dysfunctional”
Well said.
There isn’t enough time in the world to listen to all the horror stories. Everyone who has had a health crisis or helped someone through one has a horror story.

“If this is the state of health care, then I will do my best to avoid it at all cost!”
Deborah, that is good advice for everyone. I will never waste the life of a loved one on the Canadian health system ever again. Any of my family has a real medical crisis, I will sell my house and take them to the U.S. for treatment. Screw our subsidized ‘palliative’ care masquerading as ‘health’ care. If I’m just going to die I can do that at home. If I want to live I will go where they provide the best, which is not in this country. Canadians don’t benefit from the best research, drugs or treatments because the ‘system’ isn’t efficient enough to afford it. Too expensive. They have to make sure their hoards of management staff and bureaucrats get new office furniture and there are raises and bonuses to consider.
Health care in Canada is no care. If it is not privatized it will never change.
Stay healthy.
commented 2017-03-10 10:50:38 -0500
Sally Citizen – I don’t think they were short staffed because I saw many staff members standing around talking among themselves. The lost hours of people waiting for treatment is huge. And the hospital staff could really careless if you dropped dead while waiting for care. Notley is stacking the deck with these employees, but they aren’t efficient at all. I haven’t met a union worker yet, that compares with employees working in the private sector. In the private industry, where I work, you would be fired if you weren’t earning your keep. I think if the unions were dismantled, we’d have a more efficient system over all, because then we could get rid of the union deadbeats, who are the real drain on our system. And now with all the faux refugees swamping our country, they will be cared for before those of us paying for the system will be, because the medical industry wants to keep billing for every thing they can, to increase their bottom line, and keep the money flowing into their pockets.
commented 2017-03-10 10:47:51 -0500
Hospital Emergency rooms are filled with people presenting with non-urgent complaints; and, until there is access to family physicians in a timely manner to address non-urgent medical complaints, the wait times will continue to climb. For the patient receiving chemo and a card to fast track her, the system failed. She followed her doctors instructions when her temperature spiked, and was left to sit there getting more ill. Truly terrible!

For those folks who run to the hospital for everything, ask for all kinds of testing to “ease the worry”, maybe a user fee would be appropriate. ER visits can be tracked and if a person racks up enough of them for minor issues, then, it should cost the patient.
commented 2017-03-10 10:28:39 -0500
Yes Sally we have Sunny Ways. Our oh-so-compassinate Tater Tot cuts healthcare funding in Canada but gives- what-$600 million for those vitally important life saving abortions overseas. What a jackass.