June 06, 2019

(WATCH) Ben Shapiro: Miley Cyrus' bizarre abortion cake

Rebel Staff

Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire slams the idiocy of pop star Miley Cyrus' abortion cake social media post.

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commented 2019-06-14 10:47:06 -0400
One of my daughters is a cop One day she was called to a clinic where they do abortions. There she encountered an irate black woman who was demanding an abortion . She had already had 7 previous abortions at the clinic and they had told her before that she could not continue to use the clinic as part of her personal birth control plan.
She kept screaming " Get this f—ker out of me ". She had three children who were in government care .
If the left put in half as much effort into ensuring contraception was advocated as they do into abortion we would have a much more civilized society .
Terrible people.
commented 2019-06-07 19:12:45 -0400
“If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!”
Matthew 6:23

It is getting darker and darker.
commented 2019-06-07 19:10:43 -0400
Exactly Muta Ween. They have to show their loyalty to the goddess of unreason. It truly is a twisted religion.
commented 2019-06-07 07:11:27 -0400
Having an abortion has become part of the “right of passage” into womanhood for the feminists who seem to take pride in extinguishing the life of another human being .
They now champion abortion as a health care issue and an absolute right .
Miley Cyrus is just the ugly poster child for the depraved abortion loving movement.
commented 2019-06-07 06:14:37 -0400
Alberta MAGA, all these “entertainers” are trying to be shocking. We’re long past that. That train has left the station. I’m not shocked anymore. Just disgusted.

It has been said that in ancient Byzantium’s hierarchy of society that the emperor was at the top and the "useless’ were at the bottom. The entertainers were beneath that.
commented 2019-06-07 03:00:30 -0400
Maurice that fits her pretty good.

She is just trying to get some publicity by trying to be shocking.
commented 2019-06-07 02:36:03 -0400
I prefer the name Smiley Virus for the woman.
commented 2019-06-07 01:18:45 -0400
Pat Benatar was right; Hell is for Children.
commented 2019-06-06 13:27:58 -0400
She must be off her meds again. Her behaviour is disgusting!
commented 2019-06-06 11:08:45 -0400
Your mullet sportin daddy raised a complete imbecile with no respect for life!! Once again another no talent feeling that they have to share their idiotic views with the world. You want something to lick,come here when it’s -40 out I got lotsa steel that should cure you from sticking that fly catcher out all the time!!!!