March 08, 2019

(WATCH) Ben Shapiro: Democrats plan to win on socialism

Rebel Staff

Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire explains how the Democrats plan to win on socialism and simultaneously criticize their overzealous fresh faces while also playing to their base.

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commented 2019-03-10 15:57:23 -0400
Thailand and Cuba are also lacking TP. But the nice thing is that you can bring your own, and you had better do just that.. Never leave home without it.. Cuba lacks toilet seats as well, and Thailand prefers the “garden hose” thing. Kinda like a Bidet, but hand operated.. Cuba sucks, but then again it is Socialist/Communist? I continue to talk to Canadians living on Isla de Margarita, Venezuela. They own property and they’re holding out in the hope that Venezuela will bounce back again, as it has in the past.. As for AOC? Keep it up.. Trump 2020.. Andrew, you’ve been misinformed…
commented 2019-03-10 04:18:38 -0400
Oh good!… And that’s why Republicans would be smart to have detailed daily reports from Venezuela, and I do mean DAILY!… There is no better better illustration of “socialist reality” than watching a populace eating zoo animals, butchering stray dogs, and scrambling to eat off of the back of garbage trucks… And good luck trying to find toilet paper to wipe your butt…
commented 2019-03-10 00:10:42 -0500
John, I don’t have a link.
commented 2019-03-08 23:06:57 -0500
John Wick what link do you keep referring to??
commented 2019-03-08 22:32:23 -0500

Have you checked the link yet?
commented 2019-03-08 18:41:47 -0500
What does AOC stand for anyway, All Over Crazy?
Absolutely Zero Commonsense?
An Overt Communist?
Amoeba On Crack?
Avowal Of Confusion?
Astoundingly Ochlocratic Chompers?
Awfully Odoriferous C…that’s enough.
commented 2019-03-08 16:22:14 -0500
ASS syndrome
Andrew Stephenson Stupidity!!
This clown likes the bug eyed woodchuck and her socialist views!
commented 2019-03-08 16:02:00 -0500
Andrew Stephenson you seem to dislike when people criticize Sanders and AOC for not practicing what they preach as well, you cannot call Bernie a Socialist when he is a wealthy multiple home owner, he is a traditional Communist. AOC deserves to be criticized for the UNWILLING TO WORK garbage and she can take public transit like she wants others to do so.
The world is changed by your example , not your opinion.
commented 2019-03-08 15:57:57 -0500
Andrew Stephenson Trump only galvanized RINO’s , do not pay too much heed to phony voices. Trump is not truly a Republican anyway, he is about the people.
Also pay more attention to the left wing activists and protesters , i see flags and bandanas and shirts and signs showing the flag of the USSR, too many have been brainwashed to ignore history. You may only want more socialism but many of them want out and out communism because they do not understand what it truly means.
commented 2019-03-08 12:37:41 -0500
The Dems have realized they need Obama 2.0. Populism swings both ways.

In an odd way, this is probably a response to Trump galvanizing the base… but even nearly half of Republicans approve of AOC’s tax proposal.
commented 2019-03-08 11:57:46 -0500
97 days with no sign of a hammer falling.