April 15, 2015

Ben Levin sentencing: Day 3

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

Today, Levin's lawyer Clayton Ruby asked for a two year prison term and one year's probation.

He argued that this would take into consideration the former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education's early guilty plea and his acknowledgement of the seriousness of his offenses.

Ruby added that Levin was only entertaining fantasies online and no child was ever harmed.

The judge reminded the court that when Levin was counseling a mother to molest her own child, he should have known that could lead to a real-life crime.

Prison would not be a safe place for Levin, Ruby continued.

As well, he pointed out that the number of pornographic files found on his client's computer was relatively small compared to other similar cases.

The hearing resumes this afternoon.

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commented 2015-04-15 20:37:03 -0400
Oh poor poor Ben Levin. He doesn’t think prison will be a safe place for him? Well I guess a guy with his credentials should be able to put 2 and 2 together on that subject and get the right answer. Frankly I would be pleased to hear that they’re throwing him with the general population even for a day. But what about all those kids whose demented parents he was “teaching” to beat, molest, bind and assault? Maybe we should hear a comment or two from Professor Pervert and his legal counsel about them. Where was their safe place?

But no, poor poor Ben Levin is too busy whining about all the hateful and “vitriolic” letters he’s been getting and his wife is blubbering about how he lost his prestigious research projects, his high status and his income after he got busted for his warped fantasies (see http://www.torontosun.com/2015/04/14/ben-levins-sentencing-hearing-enters-day-2 for the details of that). Don’t miss the part where she moans about how so many of their friends declined to write letters of support for the revolting pedophile. Oh boo hoo. How any woman could stay with such a piece of human garbage is beyond me. Beside the word “enabler” in the dictionary must be a picture of dear Barbara Wiktorowicz (whose name rarely appears in any of the msm articles).

Oh the whining and carrying on of the Levins is almost too much to bear. But I’m sure that behind the scenes they are both laying plans for when Benny gets sprung. Don’t forget the scumbag will be getting a nice fat pension from both U of T and from the Ontario government. I see them riding off to some faraway land where sex with children is cheap and the authorities look the other way. These people disgust me. Keep the vitriolic letters coming people.
commented 2015-04-15 20:02:07 -0400
I guess he’s remorseful. He’s going to jail for 3 years as a pedophile at 60 yrs old. He can’t wait
commented 2015-04-15 19:16:02 -0400
My heart is bleeding for him. Really. Awe, poor little Ben Levin.

It’s funny how his “remorse” seems to have been only brought out by being caught. Makes it seem totally sincere.
commented 2015-04-15 18:04:14 -0400
High profile inmates get segregation, no contact with fellow inmates. This is a bullshit excuse, if Benardo can go untouched all these years I’m sure Levin can last a few months. The Judge knows this, but it will be interesting to see if thats the excuse they use to keep him out of prison ( high power friends he’s covering for )
commented 2015-04-15 17:43:24 -0400
Levin is sick clear through to the core and in my opinion so are his supportive followers……..
commented 2015-04-15 17:39:55 -0400
Ben Levin was grooming himself to violate a child, that is how these sick individuals work, they dream and fantasize about it until those feelings are so overwhelming they then act upon those impulses, and he was ready to do just that. Pedophilia has no place in society and every step must be taken to keep these pedophiles off the streets and away from innocent, vulnerable children. Any violation of a child, or even an attempt to violate a child should be given life sentences, children cannot protect themselves but we adults can protect them and must. I told myself I would never swear while making a comment or statement but I cannot help myself, Fuck You Ben Levin and I hope you rot in hell when your time comes up, children are innocent and must be kept innocent as long as possible.
commented 2015-04-15 17:10:28 -0400
Ruby says Levin did not harm any child. We don’t know that. He got caught in a cop sting but the history on his porn site says he’d done this before. What about those victims who may never have known they were Levin’s victims because he coerced their parents into doing the abuse for him, so he could watch and/or hear about it?

It looks like Ruby may be hoping for a two-year suspended sentence, given how “unsafe” jail would be for him. Jail is not safe for anyone. I will be surprised if he gets any federal time at all unless it is suspended because the judge is likely to buy the forensic opinion Levin can be “treated”. What a corrupt system justice is in Canada.
commented 2015-04-15 16:49:14 -0400
Levin is programmed to do this and he will do this again. The judge knows this. Levin needs some time in a prison that would make him a good housewife – and there it may register with Levin what it’s like to be a pedophile.
commented 2015-04-15 16:34:22 -0400
Under our present system, Levin would serve only 1/3 of his sentence with “good behavior”. Even a 3 year sentence boils down to only a year, LESS whatever time he’s spent in pre-trial custody and a sympathetic judge may even credit him with 2 to 3 times that time so he’d be down to a few months in custody. Levin counseled incest to specific people via the Internet and for all he knew, these crimes could have been committed. So he’s way beyond mere fantasy. He was inciting a crime against children. That this man had a position of influence over the new sex ed curriculum is stomach churning but not to Wynne who instead of being shocked at a pedophile in her inner working circle keeps defending the tainted product.
commented 2015-04-15 15:48:03 -0400
So, pornography is guilt by volume, Mr. Rubin? Ahem!
commented 2015-04-15 15:30:57 -0400
He knew what he was doing was wrong. No excuses will justify what he has done. And the fact that jail wouldn’t be safe for him is NO reason not to send him there. Put him in solitary confinement if you like, just get him away from anyone he could harm – like the general public.
commented 2015-04-15 15:17:22 -0400
Class rooms under sex ed material he came up with and being promoted by Wynne to groom young children to become sexually active are not safe for children. Who should we be more concerned about Perverts or Children? Wynne should also be jailed for her attempt to foist her Sex Grooming Courses on Ontario as Counseling the Delinquency of Minors, Counseling the promotion of Statutory Rape and Counseling the promotion of Buggery.
commented 2015-04-15 15:14:28 -0400
To bad for Levin he got caught. Would’ve been a perfect fit for the Federal Liberal Party.
commented 2015-04-15 15:11:56 -0400
That is a pretty ironic defense statement given the little children who have been put in jeopardy because of his actions.
commented 2015-04-15 15:00:45 -0400
Hang him and his sympathizers. Every one of them. Immediately and in public.
commented 2015-04-15 14:51:42 -0400
Prison would not be a safe place for Levin ? Do we care ? Anywhere he goes would not be a safe place for kids. A longer prison sentence is in order seeing that this man was in a position of authority and trust which he badly abused.
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