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There’s a war for freedom of speech in California. Some are calling it the Battle for Berkeley, a 21st-century fight for free speech.

The UC Berkeley campus — the birthplace of the free speech movement just 50 years ago, a movement that has left an incredible legacy, with monuments commemorating the movement peppered through the campus — has been hijacked.

The hijackers are anti-free speech cultural Marxists, who believe that free expression must be obstructed in order to accommodate their political agendas. They call themselves "Antifa." 

Most recently, popular American pundit and author, Ann Coulter was disinvited to speak at Berkley due to threats of riots from members of Antifa. 

When Faith Goldy heard that Ann was no longer going to Berkley, she knew that she couldn't allow Antifa a victory. 

So Faith called Gavin McInnes and a few of her friends and asked them to join her in Berkeley to deliver Ann's speech for her. 

Watch all the footage from Faith's trip including interviews with anti-free speech leftists, Trump supporters, progressives for free speech, as well as Nathan Damigo – the man who mowed down “Moldylocks.” 

The Rebel brings you the truth from Berkeley because the mainstream media won’t.

The total cost for this trip was just under $4,000. That money was spent on plane tickets for two people, hotels, security, and transportation. For an organization like the CBC that gets a billion dollars annually from the government, that's nothing. But The Rebel relies on our audience to help us pay the bills. 

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Gavin McInnes in Berkeley: Why I read Ann Coulter’s cancelled speech

April 28th, 2017 - Gavin McInnes went to Berkeley after Ann Coulter's talk was cancelled. He and others read her speech in her absence, to show Antifa that free speech can't be crushed so easily.

RAW: Black female Trump supporter blasts Antifa

April 28th, 2017 - Faith Goldy spoke with a Black female Trump supporter at the Berkeley free speech rally. She explained why she joined other patriots in defending freedom of speech and how Antifa fails to represent Black Americans.

Meet a Berkeley Progressive for Free Speech

April 28th, 2017 - On the ground reporting on the "Ann Coulter event" for, Faith Goldy talked to one leftist who came out to support freedom of speech.

Meet the Man Who Mowed Down “Moldylocks”

April 29th, 2017 - Faith Goldy reports on the cancelled Ann Coulter event in Berkeley, and interviews Nathan Damigo. The founder of Identity Europa gained notoriety after he punched a female Antifa at the same location last month.

Berkeley Patriots Talk Antifa Terror

April 30th, 2017 - Faith Goldy asked patriots at the Berkeley rally for free speech if Antifa should be designated a domestic terror group.

Berkeley SJWs: Free Speech Bad, Violence Good

May 1st, 2017 - Faith Goldy is on the ground at UC Berkeley campus and asked students what they think about the state of free speech and whether or not violence is ever justified. Their answers will shock you!

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