August 05, 2016

Berman’s tangled web of anti-oil activity reveals competing interests and “backroom deals”

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Further research on Tzeporah Berman, the anti-oil activist Notley hired for the Oil Sands Advisory Panel reveals similar information and repetitive quotes she’s used to keep oil in the ground and stop pipelines but then I came across a paper written by two other anti-oilsands activists critical of her. 

Their work criticizes Berman and some of her pals for making backroom deals with oil industry big wigs and taking millions of dollars worth of funding from outside sources like the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Rockefeller Brothers.

Watch as I fill you in on the details of this tangled web and show you the funding map they created to account for where all those millions of dollars are going.

ForestEthics, the Tides Foundation and Pembina Institute are all in on the deal but an interesting piece of the puzzle that emerges is oil companies like Syncrude and Suncor are funding these environmental non-governmental organizations. It’s not just anti-oil activists involved in backroom dealings.

These two anti-oil activists found it curious that Berman and others welcomed the enemy to a negotiating table. And Berman now works for the BC government on their Climate Leadership Team?

On top of the millions of dollars in funding she collects for pet projects like ForestEthics, she’s collecting double salaries in British Columbia and Alberta – all with a chance to determine how provinces will mandate oil and gas policy.

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commented 2016-08-06 01:01:39 -0400
These marxist fools all think they are top of the ladder, until they find out otherwise.
commented 2016-08-05 20:09:53 -0400
I’d say “fuck her”, but, ewww!
commented 2016-08-05 14:39:50 -0400
She isa disgusting shrieking harridan.
commented 2016-08-05 13:16:09 -0400
All these agents of social disruption, have an owner who will profit from the resulting social discord they produce. Simple-minded demagogues like Berman would be living in the austere penury their lack of marketable skills demand – without sponsorship largess, demagogues would only preach to their bathroom mirror. Monied special interests are always on the look out for useful idiots capable of causing damage to their competitors.
commented 2016-08-05 11:56:54 -0400
Just Marxist idiots, shafting the public. Nothing unusual. They would look better in Jail.
commented 2016-08-05 11:35:34 -0400
Just to many AIR HEADS a round these days.
commented 2016-08-05 11:04:36 -0400
A regressive socialist corruptly getting wealthy off the tax payer? Say it isn’t so.

This needs to be brought to the attention of McCuaig-Boyd, the invisible energy minister, so that she can reassess her appointment of Bermann to the committee, since that is the job of an energy minister, to make appointments to provincial energy committees. If Mc-B can be spotted that is.
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