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The Rebel's Vancouver team interviewed an oil worker named Bernard Hancock at a Kinder Morgan protest. The interview went viral. Bernard's articulate and passionate defence of Canada’s resource industry really struck a chord, so we decided to continue speaking with him.

You can watch all of the Bernard content on The Rebel below. Watch to hear Bernard speaking about why the oil industry is so vital, what it means to him and all Canadians, and learn about Bernard's hopes for the future of the industry.

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September 21, 2016

Bernard the Roughneck goes to Ottawa!

January 30, 2015

An oil industry worker speaks his mind at Kinder Morgan protests!

The original hit!

February 20, 2016

No, he's NOT an actor: Bernard, the outspoken roughneck has a NEW message for anti-pipeline protesters

The Rebel caught up with Bernard to ask about the reaction he received and get his thoughts about why he thinks his message resonated with so many people.

February 22, 2016

"What, you thought this was a wig?” - Bernard, Canada's favourite roughneck on Rig 45

After our interview with Bernard went viral, we found him again to ask about the reaction he received. The feedback was mostly positive, but many accused him of being an actor. So Bernard filmed this short clip of himself hard at work on an oil rig, proving he’s the real thing. Shattering all stereotypes.

February 24, 2016

FULL interview with Bernard the Roughneck: "Power of the internet is incredible!"

The 4th full length video from Bernard!

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commented 2016-02-20 18:16:56 -0500
Climatefallacy, me too. He should be a regular here. I sure hope there is more to come. He’s the people’s hero.

You cannot get more authentic than that. This guy is gold, and what a vocabulary!

Salt of the earth

always livin never dyin

We salute you Bernard and all the other people who bust butt for their families.

Canadians like Bernard make this country great. I feel proud and hopeful when I hear such passion.
commented 2016-02-20 18:15:25 -0500
Wow what a intelligent passionate young man. It gives me hope to know that young people still exist who are self educated and intelligent.
commented 2016-02-20 17:38:51 -0500
Big bad Bernard on tee shirts please!
commented 2016-02-20 17:23:47 -0500
You have to wonder about people who say they want to make a better world but make fun of a guy with heart felt comments that ring true.
commented 2016-02-20 17:12:16 -0500
Great comments Bernard.
For anyone who missed the entire interview a few weeks back on CBC where Canadians ask Mr. Trudeau tough questions, this one is also worth a look. On the Sunday night show, they never played the entire interviews so watching it on the CBC site had to be done to see it all. Danny Strilchuk had some good questions of the PM. Of course with a wave of his hands and some typical political babble, the PM answered in mostly generalities. Interesting thou is at 3:40 into the interview when Danny asks about equalization payments and the possible reduction of these payments, since oil prices are lower and thus $s as well. The PM commented that Que and Ont put in more than AB does because of population……hmmm…..Be nice to get some clarity on this comment. From what we have been told this isn’t the case.
Here is the link……
commented 2016-02-20 16:58:27 -0500

Loved your “roach” comment!

So I am a roach as well.

Proud to be one.
commented 2016-02-20 16:24:37 -0500
I think I’d like to hear from Bernard on a regular basis.

He speaks truthfully and with passion.

True blue Canadian!

Unlike the delusional Turdo, who really just totally seems out of touch. I can’t even listen to his drivel :-/

commented 2016-02-20 16:18:15 -0500
Totally true statements, most of the attackers who go after him likely would not be able to work in the oil patch because they could not handle it mentally or physically. So they turn to the only thing they know slander and mindless attacks because someone told them to. Zero original thoughts.