September 19, 2018

Bernier’s People’s Party deserves fair coverage without Media Party slander

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

After many requests, I’m going to do what the mainstream media won’t and can’t be trusted to do by updating you on the latest news about Maxime Bernier’s new party in a fair and reasonable way.

At The Rebel, Bernier’s new party will be covered the same as the UCP or the CPC. As in, no criticism will be spared when the party deserves it, and good ideas that make government cheaper and less intrusive in our lives will be championed.

CBC contributor and MacLeans columnist Paul Wells said Bernier’s “voter base right now is the stupidest people on Twitter.”

That quip is why some people are inclined to support Bernier over Scheer. They think Bernier will take on Paul Wells and the CBC for their casual lies about conservative-minded people whereas Scheer seems to seek the approval of the slanderers at the expense of the slandered.

Yes, the new People’s Party is “splittist” — dividing the broad and formerly stable Stephen Harper big tent conservative coalition. I don’t like a divided conservative movement and there is plenty of blame for both Scheer and Bernier to share.

However, despite my criticism for both sides, I won’t resort to Paul Wells/CBC style coverage of conservatives from either party.

At the Rebel, we’re going to be fair to both sides because no one else is.

Maybe Bernier will show how fearless he is by coming on The Rebel occasionally, no doubt causing cranial explosions in the mainstream media. That invitation is open to both Scheer and Bernier.

Conservatives pride ourselves on being people of principle who don’t blindly follow a leader if we think the leader is wrong. It’s one of our best qualities but one of the worst qualities for political parties to manage.

It’s what leads us to have breakaway parties when the big party drifts left.

The best way for any conservative party to avoid dividing itself into dissident movements, like the Wildrose and Reform, is to stay conservative and ignore the pull to be liked by the left-leaning mainstream media.

Serve the people, not the people who hate you.

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commented 2018-09-24 08:26:04 -0400
Sheila I don’t support your suggestion that Bernier should unite his party with the Libertarian Party if Canada. He is starting a new party and has outlined its foundational policy and doesn’t need to be tied to the political baggage of another party. Bernier lost me last time when he tied up with Kevin O’Leary.
commented 2018-09-21 17:14:17 -0400
Yes they are. You are incredibly wrong.
commented 2018-09-21 02:42:00 -0400
Nicholas Conklin they are not vast majority White and Canada will be majority Chinese in less than 2 decades.
commented 2018-09-20 18:08:51 -0400

I just don’t understand why you would even want such a thing. Don’t worry, the white man won’t become extinct. People are people.
commented 2018-09-20 18:04:44 -0400
Nicholas Conklin…I read your interesting link. Although Croatia isn’t exactly the Worlds best example for studying a country’s results in having one race, I am certainly going to look into it some more.

Canada and Australia and Britain seemed to get along just fine with controlled Immigration including other races, before the Globalists took over.
commented 2018-09-20 17:42:10 -0400
Nicholas…. Some Countries may be mostly White now, but the question to the Globalists is why are you trying to end White Countries, with Mass Migration, while everyone else on earth gets their own Country, and Whites are not welcome in mass.

Example: Britain, a White Country will be mostly Non-White in 12 years.
commented 2018-09-20 16:18:15 -0400
This question is a reflection of Tim Smith’s reference.
To: George Soros, Merkel, Trudeau, Obama and all Globalists,

Different types of Asians have their own Countries, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Blacks have around 30 of their own Countries, even their own Continent.
East Indians have their own Country.
Although Islam isn’t a race, they have many of their own Countries, where White People dare not go.

Why can every race have their own Countries EXCEPT WHITES??
commented 2018-09-20 14:42:49 -0400
Tim Smith,

I am not sure the answer is Whites Only. Sounds very KKK.

I don’t think that will be Bernier’s slogan. Diversity is a good thing, but there needs to be some border restrictions.
commented 2018-09-20 14:09:21 -0400
Diversity’ means no White Countries
Diversity’ means no White Cities
Diversity’ means no White Neighborhoods
Open borders is imposed on Whites only.
Open borders is the real White ‘privilege’
Its Anti White
Its Geno cide
commented 2018-09-20 13:54:22 -0400

Thanks for the update. I guess I missed that episode of his show.
commented 2018-09-20 13:53:01 -0400

I did find that rather odd about Cardillo. I enjoyed some of his videos, but his predictions like you mentioned about Obama and Hillary going to jail, made it hard to take him seriously.
commented 2018-09-20 13:35:31 -0400
Sheila, don’t wax too poetic about “Steven Harper’s big-tent conservative party.” Harper was only too happy to push libertarians and fiscal conservatives aside, in order to avoid pesky questions from the Media Party. I remember a speech he gave way back in the Spring of 2010 where he pooped on libertarians. That’s when I stopped voting CPC.

Bernier is right: he didn’t leave the CPC, the CPC left him.
commented 2018-09-20 12:20:04 -0400
RE: John Cardillo…I agree that John is a qualified and exciting Journalist, but I didn’t have an hour a day to listen to him. Many of his predictions didn’t come true; like Obama, Hillary and 20 people under them, going to jail.

I follow 6 sites, so I don’t even bother reading five paragraph comments (depending on the author) which usually could be condensed into 1 or 2, otherwise I will miss reading 100 shorter comments and therefore not receive the majority’s opinion.
commented 2018-09-20 12:10:53 -0400
I remember when Scheer through the Rebel under the bus, and for that I saw him as a pussy. However Bernier was and very well still may be a separatist with a Narcissistic attitude. What he did a year before election was a way to get back at Scheer. I don’t believe he can be trusted.
commented 2018-09-20 11:07:15 -0400
Wow, there sure are a lot of Canadians walking away. I really think that unless the election is entirely rigged somehow, that Justin is toast. Maybe even if. I think we will be seeing the back of that bunch and not a minute too soon.
commented 2018-09-20 10:01:37 -0400
He’s As Cold As Ice…Are We Willing to Sacrifice More Lives?
We need a leadership that will make sure this never happens again. We can’t live like this, its not fair to Canada.
commented 2018-09-20 09:55:28 -0400
Yes, apparently he wasn’t getting the traffic to justify keeping him. He is great, but I guess it wasn’t a good fit here. Ezra announced that weeks ago.
commented 2018-09-20 08:30:12 -0400
By the way, does anyone know if John Cardillo is leaving The Rebel? I see his name fall lower and lower in the Meet The Rebels section which would suggest he is no longer a main contributor if at all.
commented 2018-09-20 08:26:48 -0400
Alberta Maga,

What do you want “changed the other”?

It’s understandable why they are not touching such issues, because most Canadians support gay marriage. It was legal in Canada 10 years before America was even thinking about it. If Harper tried to change that, there would have been a big backlash against him and possible election loss..
commented 2018-09-20 08:15:00 -0400
Ron Christensen commented
“Every election it’s a matter of pick your poison ! This next election I finally can vote for an antivenom to counteract it .”

Agreed. Bernier has my vote provided there is a candidate running, if not then my vote will go to some independent because I cannot and will not vote Liberal Party or Scheer’s Lib Lite Party.

Muta Ween commented
“I’ll have to vote strategically in the next federal election but I have joined and donated to the PPC in order to support a voice and philosophy that was and is being squelched by Scheer. "

My view in joining [any] political party is first they need to prove themselves. I don’t need or want a constant bleating for donations and nothing more. If PPC does prove to be different than Scheer’s Lib Lite Party then I may consider joining.
commented 2018-09-20 07:43:53 -0400
Every election it’s a matter of pick your poison ! This next election I finally can vote for an antivenom to counteract it .
commented 2018-09-20 07:02:33 -0400
The “lame stream media” slanders and lies about all the but the corrupt Lieberal Party.

I think it’s safe to say intelligent people see through the BS spewed by CBC, MacLeans, The Star and few other super market rags. CBC ’s credibility is equal to CNN which is as low as it gets.
commented 2018-09-20 05:48:43 -0400
I’ll have to vote strategically in the next federal election but I have joined and donated to the PPC in order to support a voice and philosophy that was and is being squelched by Scheer.
commented 2018-09-20 04:36:45 -0400
Nicholas Conklin many conservatives(me included) are not against gays being together, just call it something different, why do certain things have to be hijacked and changed one way but never the other?
commented 2018-09-20 04:34:06 -0400
Nicholas Conklin they would not touch those issues and look where it got them, NOT IN POWER!
commented 2018-09-20 02:23:19 -0400
Billy Martin suggests,“My biggest complaint is that Bernier doesn’t follow the path of Fildebrandt and not run in ridings where a split vote on the right assures a LIB/NDP victory.”

Bernier will follow the above script, as it is in his Party’s best interest not to let the Liberals win, and secondly he will want Scheer to need his Party for votes if Scheer can get a minority Govt.
commented 2018-09-20 02:18:26 -0400
“Why did Scheer kick out the Rebel from the CPC convention? Is it because he wants to reach out to right of center voters?”

Don’t want to burst your bubble but take heed how ALL of the political parties have shifted hard left over the last decade. Conservatives (not Scheer’s Lib Lites (Cinos)) are the only true centrists remaining, Scheer’s Lib Lites are left of center and the Liberals have become hard core left making the Dippers redundant not only on a provincial level but also the federal level. Those who adamantly declare otherwise have fallen for Stalin’s tactic.
commented 2018-09-20 01:44:47 -0400
Why did Scheer kick out the Rebel from the CPC convention? Is it because he wants to reach out to right of center voters? When he deliberately made sure supply management wouldn’t be discussed because of the dairy lobbyists – do you think he was going to listen to Bernier’s opinion on that subject or do you think he wants to cater to the dairy special interest group? So had Bernier stayed in the CPC it wouldn’t have made any difference. His opinion to have a free market for dairy would have fallen on deaf ears. Scheer is controlled by special interest groups.
commented 2018-09-20 01:16:28 -0400
I think Bernier will have a hard time getting his message across to a different generation that won’t connect to him because of his French accent. He’s not great at speaking English.

I realize Jean Chretien was PM, but it’s a much different time. Less and less Canadians are learning French, etc.