February 22, 2019

“Best Picture” Oscar nominees sum up everything wrong with Hollywood

Kurt SchlichterHost of Take That

Andrew Breitbart said politics is downstream from culture, and our cultural influencers are peeing in the river! It's Oscar time, and who cares? Not conservatives!

Why? Hollywood doesn't care about us!

How do we know? Look at the nominees!

Vice? Exactly who is the audience that a bunch of Hollywood liberals thought wanted to see an expose of Dick Cheney in 2018? Well, a bunch of Hollywood liberals.

And all the rest? Meh!

As for the Oscars themselves... Four hours of rich jerks bashing Trump? Pass!

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commented 2019-02-24 19:08:35 -0500
commented 2019-02-23 19:29:31 -0500
Robert McClelland commented 1 day ago
Oscars……Hollywood……..yawn……..wonder what is in my video library……..maybe a good old John Wayne movie.
Robert, I heard Hollywood made the new John Wayne into a Black Feminist.
commented 2019-02-23 02:36:57 -0500
John Wick lets put things into perspective-you are comparing once a year programs ratings to media that is constantly updated pretty much everyday. Not exactly the same thing.
commented 2019-02-23 00:03:02 -0500
sorry I meant hay bud not but
commented 2019-02-22 23:56:49 -0500
hay but listening to you nice your on the rebel
commented 2019-02-22 17:50:57 -0500
Oscars……Hollywood……..yawn……..wonder what is in my video library……..maybe a good old John Wayne movie.
commented 2019-02-22 17:36:52 -0500
Gee John Wick!… I gather then you were somewhere “off planet” during President Trump’s latest State Of The Union re audience size?
commented 2019-02-22 16:55:56 -0500
liza Rosie,

Let’s put things into perspective. It is still the most watched show outside of the Super Bowl.

The Rebel and all the contributors would kill kittens to have the many millions that will be watching the Oscars even if the numbers are declining.
commented 2019-02-22 15:07:15 -0500
Nope. Not watching the Oscars. I wonder what the viewing numbers are these days? These awards shows are so infected that they can’t even find a host they can live with or a host that would touch the offer with a ten foot pole these days. Who needs ya Hollywood.