August 19, 2016

Beta male Jezebel writer: Site won't review “No Man's Sky” because game's title is “anti-feminist”

StaffRebel Columnist

Now this is just downright embarrassing, even for male feminist standards.

Bobby Finger of Jezebel is claiming that the site will not review “No Man's Sky” because “we find the name of this 'first person space travel' game to be distasteful, offensive, and shamelessly anti-feminist”.

In the article, titled, “Why Isn't it Called No Woman's Sky?” he goes on to add that “Jezebel will not be reviewing—or even playing—No Man’s Sky”.

Bobby Finger must have been a big supporter of Mauril Belanger's butchering of O Canada by changing “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command”.

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Finger finishes with “in a game that claims to take place inside 'an infinite procedurally generated galaxy,' there should be more than enough room for equality.”

How does that even make sense? Equality? How can you talk about equality when your headline essentially asks the game to be called “No Woman's Sky”?

Semantics, dude. Semantics.

What. A. Cuck.

Is it possible that this was a ploy intended to create traffic and thereby give Jezebel sister site Kotaku web hits by proxy?

Sure. Do I believe it?

The very fact I have to ask myself that says a lot about today's society. When Finger's other articles include “I Love Poot Lovato's Uncredited Cameo In Titanic” and “Isn't This Commercial For Jockey Underwear Weird?” one has to ask is it that far-fetched to believe that he/the site won't review the game because of its name?

Oh, and don't forget this gem of a headline “How It Really Feels to Be the Only Man at Jezebel”.

That's debatable. And depends entirely on your definition of 'man'.

By not reviewing the game, Jezebel has proven what a disgrace to mankind they are. Yes, I said mankind. Deal with it.

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commented 2016-08-20 12:47:15 -0400
Given such male-feminists, probably writes his stuff barefoot only wearing an apron, tied to the kitchen or vacuum cleaner , and is given a regular beating by his Feminist Wife just to let him know who is boss – and thinks he is a progressive who treats women as equals
commented 2016-08-20 12:41:34 -0400
This is why Gender Identity should be defined by physical parts, not because of viewpoint or feeling what a certain gender is because this guy is what defines a Man nowadays by the politically correct female feminists who think women are superior to men, and no wonder given the actions of dizzy, dumb too stupid to do any comparative thinking and best of all, never complains about many of his female feminists often using women instead of gender neutral terms
commented 2016-08-20 09:53:10 -0400
Unbelievable waste of time and incredible stupidity all to stroke the ego of one pathetic never has been man..
commented 2016-08-20 07:56:45 -0400
Wow, this guy is a complete moron. This is a great example of what is wrong with the world today, and why as a species we are destined for failure. Out of all the REAL issues out there Mr. Emptysack thinks that this is an issue. Fine, dont review the game, why do you think anybody cares.
commented 2016-08-20 03:06:39 -0400
Sounds like a story for Andrew Lawton’s first world fridays.
commented 2016-08-20 00:36:22 -0400
I’m sorry, but I don’t think I have enough brain cells to even understand what the …… this article is all about!
Are people functioning at the juvenile level or are they actually trying to act like adults?
commented 2016-08-19 22:48:54 -0400
The article says “For an in-depth review, please visit our sister site”. I’m sure that irony isn’t lost on many.
commented 2016-08-19 17:24:15 -0400
OH NO , what will the world do if they do not review the game? Why do these self important fools think anyone should care?
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