November 30, 2018

Bill & Hillary Clinton in Toronto: Cheap tickets, empty seats, and “whoppers” about their accomplishments

David MenziesMission Specialist

Rebel viewers may recall that I dropped by the Bill and Hillary Clinton event at the Scotiabank Centre in Toronto to ask attendees some (apparently) uncomfortable questions about the Democratic power couple. What you may not know is that I actually took one for the team and attended myself!

After deciding I should go the scalper route to purchase my ticket to avoid further enriching the Clinton Foundation, I discovered that these poor ticket re-sellers had to slash prices rather than mark them up due to lack of interest.

Indeed, it turned out that event promoters practically gave tickets away on game day for $7 in order to save face. And yet, even with that discount, there were still plenty of empty seats.

Watch as I give my review of this sad event that began with Bill Clinton blaming Brexit on Britain’s deplorables and even included some Fake News from “impartial” moderator, former New Brunswick Premier and Liberal, Frank McKenna.

In the final analysis, the Clinton shindig resembled the title of a Roger Ebert book about awful movies – namely, “A Horrible Experience of Unbearable Length.”

And when the houselights mercifully flickered on, I bolted from my seat, making certain to don my beloved MAGA hat.

Sure, I received some nasty looks but at least I left the Scotiabank Centre with a clear conscience.

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commented 2018-12-03 08:41:07 -0500
I see the stage is set with seats rather than a podium from which to speak. She must be propped up or she’d loose it.
commented 2018-12-02 01:06:40 -0500
Don’t get me started with the HRC…They should be dismantled along with the UN bunch of goofs…
commented 2018-12-02 01:00:04 -0500
commented 2018-12-02 00:58:06 -0500
Thanks Tammie…Liza Rosie..

Don’t give in…..You Gals are great….Keep on Truckin…
commented 2018-12-01 21:24:49 -0500
HRC has to also answer for Uranium 1 and Benghazi. This woman is sh***ing her Depends!!
commented 2018-12-01 21:22:59 -0500
The investigation into Clinton Foundation will reveal corruption, child trafficking and much more. The Clinton Crime family has much to worry about. Decades of crime and evil deeds. HRC and Huma Abadin’s sick perversions made NYPD officers sick when Weiner’s laptop was seized and files contained were examined.
Huber is the stealth bomber who will bring the Clinton’s corruption to light!
commented 2018-12-01 12:57:13 -0500
Greed and the fear and loathing of all of the MSM (happy for any favour, fear of the Clinton’s power, and loathing of their own lack of integrity) are the only reasons the Clinton’s haven’t been locked up and will never be locked up.
The Clinton’s seem so ‘civilized and refined’. Trump is such a ‘brash, rude and vulgar’ New Yorker, the leader of the deplorables.
Who is an ignorant Toronto elite going to identify with? Both Slick Willy and hell warmed over Hillary should both get prizes for being excellent con artists. They are the best.
It is becoming evident that Justin and his handlers are receiving lessons from their buddies the Clinton’s as well as Soros and others. And they call us deplorable.
commented 2018-12-01 03:47:16 -0500
Sorry should have read-She is the epitome of everything wrong with politics in the US.
commented 2018-12-01 03:46:06 -0500
She is everything that is wrong with politics in the US!
commented 2018-12-01 02:28:15 -0500
commented 2018-12-01 01:52:44 -0500
commented 2018-11-30 22:44:20 -0500
LIZA ROSIE commented 3 hours ago.

Liza, Please add Theresa May to your list of deplorable’s.
commented 2018-11-30 21:13:20 -0500
Cheep tickets – I’m surprised they didn’t get their pal Justin to fork over some taxpayer money for them. Empty seats – much like Hillary’s 2016 campaign rallies where her security almost outnumbered her adoring fans. Whoppers – can’t expect much else since Hillary has proven to be a perpetual liar & Bill’s spent so much time trying to avoid being prosecuted as a serious sex offender.
commented 2018-11-30 20:50:26 -0500
I’d like see Hillary dangle off the end of a rope,that hag is pure evil!!
commented 2018-11-30 20:08:55 -0500
UGH. Two of the most deplorable people on the face of the earth. Right up there with all the other scammers and hucksters, and crims, and crooks. Their resume is most impressive. It would be so nice to see them behind bars.
commented 2018-11-30 19:51:22 -0500
David you are a better man then me . As for the brain dead crowd give your FN head a shake . It is one thing to listen but to clap like a train seal . My god these 2 people should be behind bars along with Trudeau giving tax payers money to the Clinton crime foundation . Trudeau you owe Canadians a refund pal .
commented 2018-11-30 19:08:41 -0500
I couldn’t listen past Hillary saying all President Trump has done is re-name NAFTA. The people that David Menzies interviews going into this overpriced even to hear the Clintons speak, are accepting of CBC brainwashing. Since I was a young woman living in the US, I have known Hillary Clinton is a con artist and person who lies to the public consistently. Canadians work hard and are highly taxed and the time left over to be informed is precious. I wish more Canadian would take the trouble to research and find out that what CBC publishes is quite often their view and not just the facts. It’s appalling that CBC is paid from taxpayers’ funding.
commented 2018-11-30 18:53:22 -0500
You are a braver man than I, Gunga Menzoid. Actually being in the same hall as the Clintons. That is worth a VC with Bar.
commented 2018-11-30 18:20:35 -0500
unreal how so many Canadians are brainwashed by the leftist mainstream!