May 07, 2015

Bill Blair, Baltimore, the Royal baby and more

Theo CaldwellArchive

In this inaugural episode, I call the fight of the century to a T. Then I light into erstwhile Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair for lining up with the Liberal Party of Canada, led by that mooncalf, Justin Trudeau.

While on the topic of law and order, I call out everyone involved in the Baltimore imbroglio.

Finally, in an award-winning juxtaposition, I deliver a stern lecture on the fall of Saigon, then gracefully pivot to celebrate the birth of the newest Royal.

Buckle up, gentle listener.

(Episode originally aired on CFRB)

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commented 2015-05-08 15:26:14 -0400
Canadian TV bad??? Come on Theo….with gems like the Mad Dash and The Trouble with Tracy? (sarc.) Good podcast – nice to have you aboard!
commented 2015-05-08 11:57:33 -0400
Well, don’t you look delicious, Theo! Good to see you again
commented 2015-05-08 07:51:24 -0400
Interesting radio – I may have to use the AM receiver again and listen the CFRB if Caldwell is a regular. Theo puts a refreshing counter narrative to the same old hum drum elitist commie drone we get from the Kanuk MSM – the future is in podcasting – he who owns the bandwidth controls the narrative – think about it Theo.
commented 2015-05-08 02:52:44 -0400
Great to have Theo Caldwell on TheREBEL! I always liked him on Sun News Network. He even replied to my e-mails! Friendly replies at that! Hey Theo, glad you’re here. I hope you do video appearances soon.
commented 2015-05-07 18:18:40 -0400
Theo, missed you when you left Sun news. Now I miss Sun news! I am so glad to have found The Rebel and welcome your input as a part of it.2