June 25, 2015

Bill C-42 will clip Mounties' gun-grabbing wings but there's more we must do

Brian LilleyArchive

The Mounties are about to get their gun grabbing wings clipped thanks to passage of Bill C-42, the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act.

Passage of this Bill will stop the Mounties from making paper-work criminals out of law-abiding gun owners who have purchased firearms in good faith, and I say it's about time. But, that doesn't mean the Mounties won't make dumb decisions in the future. I explain what we need to look out for and one of the things we can do to keep the pressure on politicians.


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The High River gun grab violated every Canadian's civil liberties, and must never be repeated.
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commented 2015-06-26 14:36:34 -0400
Some things you can do to help.
Get a PAL if you don’t already have one.
Buy a gun.
Get a restricted on your PAL.
Buy a pistol.
Get professional training.
Buy ammo.
Get a membership in a pro-gun organization, or several organizations. Your signature on a membership list carries far more weight with ‘the government’ than your lone voice in a letter.
Write letters. To the government. To the MSM.
Make a pest of yourself with your representatives, be polite and civil, but pester them, hold their feet to the fire – they work for you!
Be intelligent and factual in your pro-gun activism, but be active! I’m always surprised at the number of people who say they aren’t anti-gun or anti-gun owner, when you approach them about the ‘gun issue’ politely. I have yet to see a person that didn’t get a kick out of shooting for the first time (at a range under range rules) when you convince them to ‘try it’ before you condemn it.
Defend gun ownership but also always challenge the lies, misinformation and sins of omission the left continuously spews, with fact, logic, reason and common sense. Might ain’t right, right is right!
Do something…
commented 2015-06-26 09:50:07 -0400
I have to agree with John. The petition will provide police with a “list”. High river is an example of what happens to innocent civilians who are political targets when police have them on a “list”. The firearms registry and licencing info has provided a “list” of civilians who are singled out for regulatory police harassment/abuse. High River proves this has now gone beyond a pattern of abuse to an agenda.

You want to do some investigative reporting – ask the police about the FIP (firearms interest police) database. They swear it doesn’t exist – just like copies of the registry data no longer exist.
commented 2015-06-26 08:21:59 -0400
If a person signs your petition, are you not helping the cops, by providing them a list of “people of interest”?
commented 2015-06-26 08:17:28 -0400
Brian, Brian, Brian – It doesn’t have t make sense or be “fair” it’s about power – the RCMP are no different than any political party in seeking power, expanding what they have and abusing it like all other agenda-driven control freaks do. The leadership (upper command chain) of our police function has become political – they are in effect a political lobby and an unelected party which represents the police state. They exude the politics of civilian control and civil liberty repression. This they have in common with the archetype police states of fascism, soviet communism. The view their function not so much as servants of the law and the public but as an occupying force of a annexed jurisdiction where no one can be trusted.

This attitude and operational policy shows again and again but seems to elude the MSM and politicians who seem to intimidated by police to say anything
commented 2015-06-25 23:11:23 -0400
I think the RCMP probably banned the Blaze because they cannot tell the difference from a distance between it and a real AK-47. A constable or citizen may assume a person is carrying or using an AK which is a prohibited firearm here. So this is likely a way to try and prevent confusion that could lead to an over reaction. . This is probably the same reasoning behind the attempted prohibition of the CZ-858, even though that gun is not at all the same as an AK. The RCMP went out of their way to try and find an excuse to ban that gun, finally claiming it could be easily converted to full auto after much tinkering with it. The CZ-858 is so light that if it was fired in full auto the muzzle would climb and it would not be very accurate.
The RCMP should try to be more honest and straightforward about the things they do rather than act like some kind of secret police who are trying to undermine and sabotage our way of life.
Thank you Brian for all the good work you do defending the rights of Canadians.
commented 2015-06-25 22:53:39 -0400
Thanks for that Brian. Bill C-42 is a bandaid solution.
Vlad has the right idea, re-elect Harper with a good majority. Harper then could/should abolish C-68, that would clip RCMP wings. Then Harper can give us a “new and improved” Charter.
commented 2015-06-25 22:51:29 -0400
Just something I feel obliged to say as a sport target shooter….there is no divide of animosity between sport shooters and the RCMP.
Sport Target shooting clubs always have a half or more of their membership made up of retired or former police officers and ex-military.
I understand the concerns of people who have guns as part of the tool kit of their livelihood .
Mounties have a policy of “preservation of life”….and rightly so.
I can appreciate the quandary of THAT rule of engagement ….and confronting somebody who wants to either/or commit suicide by cop……or has delusional notions of his eligibility for an Oskar for “Best Actor”…..or really has an acquired animosity and homicidal hatred for the police and law enforcement….

In light of the workplace hazard of being sued after the fact….perhaps it is easier to pre-emptively ban the gun….please don’t shoot me for saying that……………..:-)
commented 2015-06-25 21:03:33 -0400
I am a gun aficionado…..but I must say that Mossburg seems to take pride in making it’s products look sinister.

Some pink"muddy girl" cammo and a 100 shot drum clip would not have raised any eyebrows…..but something that could be used as a bluff that you are holding an AK-47 does.

This gun is a pea shooter compared to the “hunting rifle” our homeless not-a-terrorist was wielding in parliament.

I can sympathize with the RCMP wanting to keep Canadians safe AND with them not wanting to be out gunned when they are called on to do their duty…but if anyone was foolish enough to brandish this as an AK-47 bluff and got his head blown off by an RCMP sharpshooter with a .308 or .338 Lapua as a result I would have no sympathy for the fool.
commented 2015-06-25 20:28:15 -0400
Decades of liberal mess does not get cleaned up over night.

liberal land mines are everywhere – hopefully Harper starts with the constitution after his re-election in October.