March 30, 2016

“My old Harvard classmate Bill Kristol is disastrously wrong about Trump”

Mitch WolfeRebel Blogger

Ever since Donald Trump started winning Republican primaries, Bill Kristol and his fellow travelers on The Weekly Standard have written numerous anti-Trump tirades. But the more they fulminate against Trump, the more Trump keeps winning.

It's been enormously amusing to watch these GOP fat cat pundits humiliate themselves day after day, week after week.

They don’t get Trump. They don’t understand his populist appeal. They don’t know or understand the millions of average working class Americans who are supporting Trump.

They also don’t realize that their time has passed.

Within a decade they've gone from being powerful Bush advisers and neo-confidantes to political dinosaurs.

Instead of focusing his efforts on defeating the scandal-riddled, mendacious Hillary Clinton, Kristol and his right wing lunatic lackeys are trying to devise anti-democratic schemes to wrest the nomination from Trump in a brokered GOP convention.
And if that ridiculous effort fails (ya think?) Kristol says he wants wants to engineer the creation of an independent third-party candidate specifically to hurt Trump’s chances of winning the presidency.

Bill, as your former Harvard classmate, I must confess that I did admire, on occasion, your political courage as a young Republican in a predominantly liberal/democratic Ivy League school. And since then, you have certainly made a name for yourself an influential conservative pundit and commentator.

But Bill, are you friggin' nuts?

There is no way in hell that Trump delegates at the GOP convention will leave their man behind after the first ballot and vote for some Washington-based GOP establishment political hack like Paul Ryan or a clueless, politically tone-deaf Mitt Romney parachuted in to supposedly save the day.

Trump’s populist support is rock-solid, primal, visceral and emotional. This support is reminiscent of the rock-solid and immovable support that Rob Ford enjoyed, despite (because of?) the over the top, often irrational media opposition, both nation-wide and world-wide.

Now Kristol has floated the ridiculous trial balloon of encouraging some idiot to run as a independent third party candidate, a la Ross Perot. He approached the clueless former Texas governor Rick Perry, who to his credit turned Kristol down.

Trump has gone on Sunday talk shows and criticized this move as a recipe for GOP disaster and a scheme that will guarantee the election of the hated Hillary.

Fortunately, the Republican National Committee, seeing the writing on the wall, has condemned Kristol’s third party scheme as one that would just help Hillary.

Perhaps Trump supporters should take some comfort that Kristol has had a horrible track record of making disastrous predictions. In 2006, he predicted Barack Obama would lose every primary to Hillary Clinton. In October 2015, he predicted Vice President Biden would jump into the presidential race. Kristol was also convinced
in February, 2016, that Rubio would win the New Hampshire.

Kristol also has wrongly predicted on eleven different occasions that Trump had peaked! Yet the Republican establishment in Washington still takes Kristol seriously.

As an anti-establishment shite disturber at heart, I love the sight of puffed up, over-rated, conservative and liberal pundits, being hoist on their own petards.

I predict Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee and he will destroy Hillary in the general election. He will drive a stake into that cold, heartless, conniving, manipulative, untrustworthy woman, once and for all.

Trump more years.

(PHOTO: Gage Skidmore)


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commented 2016-04-03 15:56:01 -0400
Trump is many things but he has never been racist. That was the media’s doing.
People are so fed up with the status quo that they are willing to take a chance on Trump. With the right people around him it could work. Trump represents getting behind the controls of the country again. Hillary is going to jail, its just a matter of time.
commented 2016-04-01 00:06:47 -0400
It’s so amazing that no one can find a smoking gun on Hillary for anything, but yet she’s guilty of everything. NOTHING has been proven.

Trump’s recent abortion comments have ensured that he will never be President. I mean Hillary was going to win anyway, but Trump really fucked up this time.
commented 2016-03-31 05:12:49 -0400
Trump attacking wymyn for exercising their right to choose, his attacking the wives of his opponents, and his making fun of the size of the genitals of his opponents make him a fine candidate for President?

What’s his policy for anything? NATO? Race relations? Overall foreign policy? Taxation and the economy? Immigration?

Trump represents the anger and hatred that the tea party republicans exude. Totally politically incorrect, and totally bombast.

His racism and xenophobia may have started legitimately, but it goes far beyond that.

Trump represents the final death cries of the American far right, as it continues to refuse to accept the fact that it is a dead ideology.

Hillary will be a successful two term President!
commented 2016-03-31 01:17:14 -0400
Peter that is also what gets to me as well, these bigots and censors and elitists think they do not need spray in the bathroom since their bowel movements smell like fresh strawberries.
commented 2016-03-30 19:52:06 -0400
And the most frightening part is that most of these lefties/socialists seem to believe that they are the high moral fabric of humankind. How self-deluded can people get?
commented 2016-03-30 19:46:17 -0400
It blows my mind that so many people support Hillary, the one who has blatantly lied over and over in front of the entire nation, the one who at least is culpable in the murder of American citizens in Benghazi, and more, much much more!

It says a lot about the level of moral judgement the supporters of Hillary Clinton have that they should support her.

But then we have political criminals on the left in Canada too, such as Wynne, that people sill love and support.

What is wrong with the people that whole heartedly support criminal politicians and cut down those politicians that are not.

What a sick world run by the left/socialists we live in.
commented 2016-03-30 18:28:01 -0400
«Kristol says he wants wants to engineer the creation of an independent third-party candidate specifically to hurt Trump’s chances of winning the presidency.»

Similarly, Trump can end all of this infighting with one announcement. He can say that if he goes into the convention with the most delegates but doesn’t win the nomination, then he will run as an independent candidate and sink the Republican Party that cheated him.