June 27, 2019

Black prof deletes essay on whether to kick “homeless white boy” in face

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

State University of New York professor Nicholas Powers published and then deleted an essay with the perfectly normal title “Seeing poor white people makes me happy.” 

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commented 2019-06-28 16:43:43 -0400
Why is diversity so needed in white majority nations? Look at the treatment of whites in non-white majority countries. If whites acted as the non-whites in those countries the terms racist and racism would truly apply.

Its now acceptable to denigrate whites for simply being white, And ssssh! Don’t mention the coming genocide of whites in South Africa.
commented 2019-06-28 02:24:14 -0400
Sooooo…….could it be said that empathy is an ethnic thing?
Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just asking for a non white friend.
commented 2019-06-27 22:38:32 -0400
If Buck Wheat isn’t happy in NA, send him back to where his relatives came from, at no charge.
commented 2019-06-27 18:36:33 -0400
Nice guy that Nicholas Powers. He must be of the belief that spewing racist hate if you are a black man is not racist. That’s some misplaced revenge right there. Not helpful to anyone least of all his brothers and sisters in melanin. I don’t think he respects Martin Luther King very much to be acting like such a racebaiting prick. Ya, if I were black I wouldn’t even sit in his class.
commented 2019-06-27 14:40:06 -0400
Hey BuckWheat nothing would make me happier than seeing my German Shepard rip into your nut sack,you liberal putz!!!!