August 20, 2018

Black Democrat Rep Calls Asian Opponent ‘Ching Chong’

Martina MarkotaRebel Contributor

A Michigan Democrat Representative has been forced to apologize after referring to her Asian opponent as a ‘ching chong’.

Don’t ever let people tell you that black people can’t be racist. The idea that racism requires ‘power’ is ludicrous – though even if it were true, how much more power does a legislator need over a regular person?

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commented 2018-08-22 01:34:25 -0400
Flatwater… flatearth, you’re DISGUSTING! That word is NEVER acceptable! Go Slink back under the rock from whence you came!
commented 2018-08-21 15:24:25 -0400
What’s in a hyphen? Well I guess it categorizes and segregates you from the rest of the population .So in this story we have a hyphenated individual making racial slurs towards another hyphenated individual.
Fine to honour and pay tribute to your ancestry. But why not be Americans first. An American of African ancestry and an American of Chinese ancestry.
But in the big scene of things , if a hyphen is important ,then I claim superiority because I have an extra hyphen …..Anglo – Saxon – Canadian And that sums up how stupid this race and ethnic stuff really is .
commented 2018-08-20 22:48:09 -0400
What did Roseanne have to say about this?
Cook Scott should have been forced to resign, not just apologize.
commented 2018-08-20 22:12:30 -0400
Well, I’m sure the fake apology is a small comfort to her opponent!! (sarc)

Cook needs to spend a little more time in the morning drawing her eyebrows, the left one is clearly way off the mark.
commented 2018-08-20 21:28:03 -0400
Sorry about all the typos John but I’m sure you can make out what I was saying.
commented 2018-08-20 20:46:32 -0400
John rob said..
Only that; when you speak words, it says something about yourself.
If you’re not John there’s not very much but you could know about me from posting a couple wines… But feel free to say what’s on your mind so I know that if I’m going in the right direction or not .
commented 2018-08-20 20:43:06 -0400
Don’t hold back John… Tell me how you really feel so I know what you’re saying and then I can respond in kind.!
commented 2018-08-20 19:16:34 -0400
It seems like we are holding back the actual meaning of our words on this page, as to not offend anyone.
However, this year I have received videos from Germany, South Africa and the US where Blacks favor White Genocide and Black Mamas sing “Kill White Babies.”

We are supposed to respect and welcome these enemies and listen to Trudeau say, “Diversity is our strength.”
commented 2018-08-20 19:11:41 -0400
Where have all all the Antifa’s gone? Send her back to the Woodpile.
commented 2018-08-20 18:14:48 -0400
Only that; when you speak words, it says something about yourself.
And that I don’t believe in the modern definition of racist.
Also, that I could argue the fact that racism does not exhist, if you replace it with the word classism, then everyone is guilty, black, white, brown, and green.

You dig?

(Don’t know if you’re a ——-).
commented 2018-08-20 17:52:31 -0400
Just what do you mean John.??
commented 2018-08-20 17:36:25 -0400
Freedom of speech is nice, but so is a little class.
commented 2018-08-20 16:45:29 -0400
Oops!… Caught out in the open…. But with black community leaders like Al Sharpton also letting “loose” quite often, not surprising…
commented 2018-08-20 16:02:46 -0400
Betty Cook Scott doesn’t sound like an African name. I guess that because she took a White Persons name, she can call her opponents anything she wants.
commented 2018-08-20 15:59:34 -0400
“I am more sinned against than sinning”.

King Lear