April 10, 2016

Lesson from #BlackLivesMatter Toronto: Write a violent, racist tweet -- get a meeting with Premier Wynne

David MenziesMission Specialist

Imagine I tweeted out the following message: “Please God, give me the strength not to kill black folks today.” Would you think I was a hateful racist, maybe even a KKK member?

If so, you’d be justified and I’d likely be fired from this podium with good reason. Such a hateful tweet, suggesting only divine intervention could stop me from killing people of a specific race, is beyond the pale.

Then there’s Yusra Khogali, a.k.a. Yusra Ali, a Toronto Black Lives Matter organizer who back in February tweeted this message:

“PLZ Allah, give me the strength not to cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. plz plz plz.”

Jerry Agar of Toronto’s Newstalk 1010 broke the story. Yusra removed the tweet but not quickly enough. A keen-eyed observer archived it and complained to Toronto Police despite their claim that no one did.

The day before this tweet hit the news, Premier Kathleen Wynne informally met with Yusra’s group outside Queen’s Park promising a formal face-to-face meeting soon.

Let’s take inventory of the fallout of Yusra’s outrageous tweet: First, Yusra hasn’t apologized. Second, another BLM spokeswoman now blames the media for focusing on the wrong message. And third, after dithering for 24 hours, Premier Wynne announced she’ll still meet with the group because Yusra’s vile racist tweet should be ignored due to “systemic racism” or something.

The day this story broke hundreds of Ontario tow truck drivers were at Queen’s Park demanding a meeting with Wynne over new regulations they say will adversely affect their industry. They were completely ignored.

Here’s my free advice for them: Employ a visible minority Muslim spokesman invoking the name of Allah while contemplating killing members of a specific race.

Follow this template next time you stage a protest and trust me, Ontario’s Social Justice Premier will gladly entertain you. You’re welcome.

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commented 2016-04-10 10:17:03 -0400
keeping in mind that the KKK was formed by democrats.
whitey, would you get your F’n freed slaves the F off my land. they really shit the place up and devalue the property. whitey came here and built a life for himself, carved it out with his bare hands and some simple tools. I can respect that. but your freed slaves with their mouths open and hand out playing the perpetual victim are really starting to annoy the F out of me. you brought them here in the bottom of your boats like rats. they don’t belong here nor could they ever build the boat to get them here. send them back from whence they came. don’t we have laws dealing with an invasive species?
keep pushing….