September 04, 2017

Black Lives Matter issues ten demands to hard-working honkies: Hand over your valuables

David MenziesMission Specialist

Chanelle Helm of Black Lives Matter Louisiana has issued ten demands to hard-working honkies which will help balance the scales of social justice and combat white privilege. 


Watch as I run though some of those demands which essentially come down to this:

Surrender your valuables to black and brown people as soon as possible.

Chanelle’s summer Christmas Wish List shows, yet again, the delusional nature of Black Lives Matter and also shows they’re guilty of cultural appropriation.

After all, she just wants black people and brown people to get all of honky’s stuff, but isn’t the whole land reparations shtick the file that native people dine out on?

Excluding indigenous people from her wealth redistribution masterplan is incredibly insensitive.

Maybe even racist.

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commented 2017-09-04 13:11:04 -0400
BLM – had better stay a log way – a LONG way -away from me & my situation!! Lead pills go a long way!

>Andrew Stephenson – obviously you are 1 of those little white dicked people that that uneducated, thieving, lazy, useless, mooching stinky skank was talking about? Thieving from me or my community will never be a triviality. …and we all look out for each other. Think about that for a trivial second.
commented 2017-09-04 12:29:58 -0400
By the way, the original note does not contain the term “honkie(s)”. That’s the right wing media deliberately misleading you to get you angry.
commented 2017-09-04 12:26:55 -0400
Read up on the background of the list. The Breitbart/Rebel/Alt-right outrage has very little to do with the underlying intent of the message, which wasn’t ever intended to be a “list of demands” at all. BB basically grabbed it and turned it into clickbait for its audience to be outraged over, even if such outrage is over trivialities.
commented 2017-09-04 11:44:17 -0400
On a similar note I noticed a few of the pan handlers in Toronto had become a bit aggressive. Move over shaky lady and make room for Bad Santa who wondered if I had an extra 50 bucks or the guy with jet black hair and a pink leather jacket standing with his hand out and asking if you want a punch in the f’n face.
commented 2017-09-04 11:24:32 -0400
Hand over our valuables that we so-called “honkies” have worked so much to afford? Not a chance in hell.

Oh, and Chanelle thank you for showing just how insensitive you are for demanding occupied Aboriginal land.
commented 2017-09-04 11:20:46 -0400
Apparently, according to some of these sagacious N-people, speaking good English is “rayciss”. You know that BLM is a crock of BS and I know that. But they’re the little darlings of the MSM so they’ll get favorable publicity no matter how ridiculous and retarded their demands and behavior are. Somebody ought to tell them where the bear s*hit in the buckwheat…
commented 2017-09-04 11:07:14 -0400
They have already taken too much of my valuable time which I won’t be getting back.
commented 2017-09-04 10:57:18 -0400
Based on her grammar, the BLM needs to re-brand itself as the BLAM, Black Lives Are Morons.