August 17, 2017

Blackmail: Setting the record straight

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I’ve had a rough week. No, it’s not what you think. It’s not because the liberal media is criticizing us for being too right wing. That happens all the time. I love that, I get a kick out of it.

Something else happened to me, for the first time in my life. And I don’t really know how to say it, other than to just say it. And I can’t believe it, but here goes.

I’m being blackmailed. I’m being extorted. 

I’ve always known the rule that if you’re ever being blackmailed, don't pay. I mean, even if you think you can pay a blackmailer, they’ll just ask for more a second time. But you’re scared. So you pay. I thought I could make the problem go away, so I actually paid. And then I paid again. But then they threatened again. Last night actually. So I haven’t slept.

So I called my lawyers this morning. And I’ve decided I’m done. I’m going to do what I should have done a few weeks ago, and just pull the trigger on myself, on my own terms. That’s the only thing that takes the power away from an extortionist.

It’s a pretty bad choice, isn’t it?

So I’m going to take the power away from them, and I’m going to tell you what happened, myself.

It happened in the UK. Just a bit of background — as you know, we’ve got this great guy on our team — Tommy Robinson! Smart, brave, tough. He used to be the head of the English Defence League, a rough group of guys, he even went to prison for a bit on a trumped up charge, just so police could take him off the streets. But Tommy actually quit the EDL, the organization that he founded, when it started to become racist. Tommy hates racism — I’ve gotten to know Tommy, and his best friend since childhood, Andre, who just happens to be black, for heaven’s sake.

Tommy has an important story to tell — about how Islam has changed his country; raped young girls, including his own cousin. He’s ringing the alarm — not just about Islam, but about politically correct police and media and politicians.

So we hired Tommy to do little videos for us — they were good, because he’s a natural. But boy were they crummy looking: bad lighting, bad webcam. 

And then one day, a new video came in and looked amazing.

A fellow named Caolan Robertson, just approached Tommy, and attached himself to Tommy — and made Tommy's videos great! We had no idea who he was, but we were grateful. So we offered to pay him a few bucks to work part time to help Tommy.

And then someone else just joined the team — named George Llewelyn-John. He agreed to be the cameraman for Tommy. It was great. Suddenly we went from one guy to a whole team.

And then a terrorist struck Westminster Bridge, and Tommy and our two new guys were there, and taped a raw video, and it went super-viral, seen millions of times.

And the next day, Caolan said he was fired from his full-time job because he appeared in that video with Tommy.

I felt bad for him, and he was being helpful, so I immediately hired him. No background check, no interview — just did it right then and there. And George was unemployed too, so we hired him. Full time, right then and there. George and Caolan are a couple, I soon learned, but I don’t care about stuff like that.

They did good work — like the beautiful video they did for our Justice for Chelsey campaign. That’s great. That’s George — lots of talent. Funny little things though — like panicky calls in the middle of the night, asking for us to immediately send them 150 pounds or 300 pounds by PayPal to cover strange expenses. Like asking for cash to pay for an Uber. Ubers don’t take cash. But no problem — they’re just young lads.

When I met them in London, they showed me their squalid apartment downtown; they said they wanted to move closer to Tommy — I offered to help. Now they’re grown men; I was paying them for full-time work. But maybe they needed some help — so I gave them £1,800 pounds for rent money, for that first month where you need rent and a deposit.

But then Caolan took that money and went on a luxury vacation. I couldn’t believe it. But they literally were homeless. So I gave them another £3,500 pounds — this time for rent, and for furniture, and I gave it through a friend I trusted, so they didn’t steal it again.

We bought them a computer. And we bought them each cell phones. They were always asking for cash, always in a panic. It was incredible. It was nuts. Who knows where the money actually went.

So we got stricter about expenses. But things fell apart. Sometimes there would be quarrels and they wouldn't leave the apartment to go to work — Tommy missed an important interview. They were doing side projects instead of ours. They were moonlighting for a political candidate that we were covering. It was just too crazy. So I sent a trusted friend over there to meet with them face to face, to say goodbye.

Now, they had only worked for us for about three or four months. We were really firing them for cause — you don’t get severance when you’re fired for cause. We had done them so many favours — advanced them so much cash. But no need to argue — give them a few bucks, let them keep that prepaid rent, and move on. No need to be stingy.

But they demanded thousands and thousands of pounds. For severance, after just a few months. That makes no sense. But my old friend told me it was necessary to make some problems go away. I couldn’t believe it. But my friend said it was really, really important. So I grumbled my approval. And then when I got a copy of the signed severance deal sent to me from the UK — it was even more than was agreed to — hand-written additions. And then they phone us up asking for even more.

It was nuts — by now they were demanding more than six months severance, for a few months work. Remember, they’re a couple, so really, more than a year’s pay. A year’s severance? Crazy. No way.

So I called up my old friend and he told me what was really going on — it wasn’t for severance. It was to pay them off. To pay them a shakedown. See, they had told my friend, in excruciating detail, what they were going to do, and how they were going to do it, if he didn’t shovel them tens of thousands of pounds.

They were going to launch their own media company — OK, no problem. They were going to do it with a splash — OK. And say they were going to break away from The Rebel, and be truly independent. OK, no problem. But this was the key part of the threat — they were going to claim they left us because we were unethical, not because we fired them.

They were going to publicly allege that we were stealing money from our viewers. That we were stealing money from charities, or from other things we crowdfund. It was a complete lie; everyone knows where the money we raised went — it went to hire a lawyer for Chelsey, to fight against the police who wouldn’t charge her rapists. It went to another lawyer for John Fletcher, the man who had the "don’t support terror, shop at Fletcher’s" sign on his shop. Lots of lawyers — it went to Tommy Robinson’s lawyer to keep him out of jail.

It also went to good things, like the extremely expensive wheelchair we’ve ordered for Gareth Knox. And literally right now, Chelsey Wright, and her parents, and her three kids, are back from a vacation we sent them on to Spain, just to get away from all the B.S. in Sunderland.

That’s where it’s gone. And our terms of service are clear — any surplus money is applied to other similar campaigns, or related expenses. That’s our whole business model.

But Caolan and George threatened to say we were pocketing that money — that we were stealing it. Of course, they had no evidence, nothing to do with our accounting department, which is in Canada. They don’t have any facts. But so what — an accusation by a former employee would be deadly, especially with the liberal media so hungry to smear us these days. So my friend said, Ezra, pay them. But even that wasn’t enough — they started calling our accountant and demanding more money, and sooner. And they refused to hand over our property, like our footage.

I'll show you the contract they signed for their huge severance. As you can see, it was really, a contract for a shakedown. Not so much for severance. Most of the terms were a contract to shut them up. But they immediately broke it. And now they weren't just threatening my friend. They threatened Tommy, too.

They threatened to release footage they claimed to have taken of Tommy Robinson confessing that he punched a guy at Ascot, in self defence. They said they had Tommy Robinson on tape confessing to that, and if we didn’t pay them thousands of pounds, they’d rat out Tommy — whether it was to the police or to a UK tabloid that would just love that video footage.

Well, I got on a plane and flew to London to meet with them — to meet with Tommy, and George, who was speaking on behalf of his boyfriend. And, I’m ashamed to admit it. I signed another contract — one that I had personally written — to buy their silence for Tommy Robinson. Not that Tommy had done anything wrong; I don’t even know if they have that footage they claim they do.

Even the allegation, coming from these two, would be credible enough that every tabloid in the country would say Tommy was a criminal. And if they were threatening to report him for an actual crime — maybe he’d go back to prison.

So it was a double extortion. Extorting me, by threatening to say I’m pocketing money that is supposed to go to charities. And threatening Tommy with extortion, by threatening him with possible jail — again, I have no idea what kind of footage they stole from us.

So I’m sorry, but I paid it again. Here is the contract that I personally took to the UK to pay them off — I put in some money and Tommy put in some money.

Alright. But then today — we learned that they were proceeding with the extortion anyways. They were going to do all the things they said they wouldn’t if we paid them. Or maybe we’d have to pay them again. I called Tommy, he immediately called them, but they were adamant.

In fact, he learned that the two of them had secretly recorded our conversation when I was agreeing to pay them off. Even was they were blackmailing me, they were setting up the next blackmail. I know this sounds so insane, but they did it — they secretly recorded me trying to talk them out of it, trying to reason them out of it, trying to negotiate them out of it — even threatening to sue them if they extorted me. I brought a copy of a lawsuit from Canada that I had filed, and said I’d do it to them. They recorded everything we said, to wring more money out of us.

You know what? Enough. Sorry, enough. It’s not just that we can’t afford it — we are a small company, we rely on donations, and frankly, if you want to talk about ethics, it would be unethical to use our viewers money, that was given to us to build the company, to pay off blackmail.

So what to do? Well, I called up my lawyers in the UK and asked them. Three of them got together. They have given me lots of advice. Some of it is private, that I won’t share with you, like the right way to report extortion to police. Some if it is public, like if you’re being blackmailed, tell on yourself first.

They say they have Tommy on tape, saying he acted in self defence — I spoke to Tommy, and he said he’s fine with me revealing what they have on him. He agrees with me.

They have other rough language by Tommy on tape — they tape a lot of people secretly — just a warning if you’re ever near them. They taped me threatening them with a civil lawsuit if they extort me. They taped me agreeing to pay them cash.

That’s the facts. I’m embarrassed. But you know what? There’s no more bullets left in that gun.

No more money for you Caolan Robertson and George Llewelyn John.


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commented 2017-08-17 18:44:34 -0400
“how Islam has changed his country; raped young girls, including his own cousin.”

The top 10 Canadian cities for sexual assault (including rape) crimes (Rates, in brackets, are incidents per 100,000 population):

1. Saint John, N.B. ( 123.9 )
2. Victoria ( 113.6 )
3. Fredericton ( 109.8 )
4. Peterborough-Lakefield, Ont. ( 107.4 )
5. North Bay, Ont. ( 106.8 )
6. Medicine Hat, Alta. ( 98.1 )
7. Edmonton ( 92.2 )
8. Shawinigan Region, Que. ( 91.5 )
9. Winnipeg ( 88.5 )
10. Thunder Bay, Ont. ( 84.3 )

Canadian average ( 59.58 )

They all have one thing in common – they are predominantly White, Christian cities.

Grande Prairie in Alberta is Canada’s most dangerous city.

Muslims account for less than 1% of Grande Prairie residents (search “NHS Profile, Grande Prairie, CY, Alberta, 2011”).

I wonder why we are not talking about White Christians (the majority of Grande Prairie residents) committing crimes in Canada?

“The British Columbia city of Kelowna had the highest crime rate last year while Toronto had the lowest for the sixth year in a row. "

According to Statcan:

Toronto: 50% White, 6% Muslim
Kelowna: 90% White, 0.2% Muslim

Ethnically diverse cities like Toronto and Vancouver are considerably safer than predominantly White cities like Grande Prairie and Red Deer.

According to Statcan:

Grande Prairie: 86% White
Red Deer: 88% White
Toronto: 50% White
Vancouver: 46% White

Canada is a much safer country today than it was in the 70’s when Canada’s population was overwhelmingly White.

Is political correctness preventing us from discussing how we can address rampant crime in predominantly White, Christian cities like Grande Prairie and keep Canadians safe?
commented 2017-08-17 18:40:14 -0400
If there’s one thing the centre has learned from the left these last few years is that “willfully blind” is an effective way to frustrate enemies you are forced to share space with. Looks like more than one kind of person can play this game! ; )
commented 2017-08-17 18:37:11 -0400
Canadaland is LiberalLand. Again it never tells the whole truth and avoids the facts.
commented 2017-08-17 18:36:18 -0400
Hang in there buddy..
commented 2017-08-17 18:35:35 -0400
Sarah commented 2 mins ago, “It’s hilarious that the people defending The Rebel and who contributed in the tweets above were barely here long enough to notice anything. I am been here since the beginning and no recognize those people at all contributing here.”

Sarah, let me draw a parallel. You know when Islamists make an attack against people in the UK or Europe or the USA or even Canada, and the Left never acknowledges it and the MSM tries not to mention it. That’s because you value cultural relativism above all else.

Well, I value freedom of speech above all else. So, unless Ezra is convicted of being a felon, I will support what he represents: free speech which is the cornerstone of our democracy. So, save your breath with me, digging up the latest dirt on Ezra. When we dig up dirt on Islamists, you behave no differently.
commented 2017-08-17 18:31:24 -0400
Sarah: Here’s the funny thing about Canadaland….they’re liars!
They and Hate not Dope, sorry, Hope not Hate keep referring to Canadian Conservatives as Neo-Nazis, alt-right, and they’ll come up with some other way of describing Canadians Conservatives as time goes on.
The MSM are, very infrequently, using your job title “antifa” and of course are mispronouncing it, explaining that ‘however you want to pronounce’ the word, trying to give the audience/viewers the impression these journalist don’t even know how to properly pronounce the word because they are simply so unfamiliar with this terminology.
You’re turn Sarah.
commented 2017-08-17 18:30:17 -0400
More behind this than those two weasels.
commented 2017-08-17 18:27:33 -0400
Has any one actually seen the rubbish this little scumbag blackmailing twat has posted? I watched about two minutes of it while reading the comments. It’s an anti Semitic snake pit. Full of vitriolic hate and slander. Nothing like a bit of good old fashioned Jew hating. Well if you want to judge the value of his stuff you can see it full of rubbish but there’s an old saying here, you fly with the crows you get shot with the crows and one look at the quality, I use that word in its loosest sense, of the people who support this YT clip and you know it stinks. It’s incredible one hint that a Jewish person is linked to any accusation and poof it’s a Zionist conspiracy, it’s those evil Jews trying to take over the world.
What a bunch of @-#£+&£+=&. I’m sorry but this is just aggravating. I’d trust a Jew well before some inbred redneck numbskull.
commented 2017-08-17 18:26:20 -0400
It’s hilarious that the people defending The Rebel and who contributed in the tweets above were barely here long enough to notice anything. I am been here since the beginning and no recognize those people at all contributing here.
commented 2017-08-17 18:22:14 -0400
We’ll agree to disagree. The least you can do is help Caolin. He seems to now need some help financially by the looks of things.
commented 2017-08-17 18:21:01 -0400
Not to deny responsibility where it likely applies, but… I would like to see audits for other ‘news’ organizations. For example, when Peter Mansbridge attended a Bilderberg Group meeting, he (a journalist) refused to report on it, and refused to answer any questions by independent media about it. I wonder, who paid for this, and why did Peter Mansbridge refuse answering any questions related to it. What else are we not told? For example, what did Justin Trudeau discuss with the Nazi collaborator George Soros? Anything the people of Canada might be interested in?

Let us not forget – we all have our faults. There are a lot of corruption, deliberate obfuscation and omission of truth, and sheer propaganda in our state media, paid for by all of us. The propaganda is not applied to serve us better, it is applied to lie to us. Would they resort to lying, if things they lie about were good for us?
commented 2017-08-17 18:19:54 -0400
Not sure if I’ve a right to comment here … simply for the reason that I’ve never contributed $ to TheREBEL while at the same time consuming their coverage. I’ve never liked it when an email pops up asking me for cash. To be fair, nowadays anytime ANYONE asks me for resources red flags go up and I shut it down immediately. A lot of conservative celebs have a gig and ask for bucks. I prefer to buy a book rather than crowd fund anything. To regain viewers’ trust, I suggest only asking for money in return for a product/merchandise.

The Rebel has enemies; many of them keyboard warriors. Only opportunists/parasites kick a person when they’re down. I was taught not to gloat. The Rebel will evolve from this experience.
commented 2017-08-17 18:16:43 -0400
James Scott,

You should care that conservatives are jumping ship from here and many conservatives don’t want to have anything to do with this place any longer.

Ezra has made his bed and now he is going to lie in it, which will mostly be the death of The Rebel by his own hand.

This has NOTHING to do with liberals or the MSM. This has all been conservative backlash against Ezra and The Rebel. The MSM is simply reporting on it, because it’s media news.

Maybe you should watch Caolin’s video and consider that you are backing the wrong horse.
commented 2017-08-17 18:16:13 -0400
Sarah: Hey, thanks for all those findings you’re posting. Interviews, tweets, etc.
Where are you getting all this stuff?
You’re doing all the work for us, so thanks, eh.
commented 2017-08-17 18:15:49 -0400
Meh… You get that on the big jobs. Keep moving, keep thinking, keep up the good work.
commented 2017-08-17 18:12:04 -0400
Ezra I’m behind you Tommy and the Rebel all the way.
Veritas liberabit vos!
Keep up the good work.
commented 2017-08-17 18:11:39 -0400
Just watched a fascinating interview last night on EWTN with the [biographer] for Dietrich Von Hildebrand. Hildebrand stood up against Hitler and was one of Hitler’s biggest threats. I have seen his wife, Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand (now 94 and still writing and giving interviews) interviewed many times. She is devoted to her husband’s teachings.
I cannot believe he is not better known, but with many books be prepared on him now, he will be. In fact, there should be a major movie made about him. His life is an amazing story.
You would do well to take a minute and read this summary about him. Much will sound familiar to today’s world. Ezra and the staff should also read this.
commented 2017-08-17 18:10:41 -0400

I rarely get into debates in the comment section, but now I feel compelled.

Some examples:
If your MSM friends are so trusting and open, then maybe your left wing media friends will begin posting the video where the Counter Protester (name unknown), began beating on the car James Alex Fields Jr before it sped backwards killing Heather.
Or maybe your left wing media friends can show the rest of Canada the large tents that have been set up by the RCMP at Canada’s border crossing, while they carry the bags of the illegal immigrants across the border. Apparently, CBC forgot to add that to the story when they reported it. How disrespectful to Canada’s law and order, to say nothing about the thousands of legal immigrant applicants waiting in the queue.
Or possibly your left wing friends on the CNN can tell you about how they were caught orchestrating a protest held by a group of Muslims, after the London attack.

So I really don’t care about four conservatives (it is four? I’ll take your word.) withdrawing support. If they disagree with the direction of the Rebel, that’s their issue. As for Scheer, apparently he now sees himself as a feminist. Although he certainly had difficulty explaining himself to Chatelaine. I say we have had enough Trudeaus for one’s lifetime, don’t you think?

Possibly the reason why the Rebel news seems ‘so far out there’ for you is because no one else has the balls to report the truth. They pussy foot around the facts and the truth, while playing politics. Fortunately Faith was on the scene in Charlottesville. Her film footage will be useful in determining the facts to the case. We still don’t know whether James Fields hit the gas accidentally, was in fear for his life or if he rammed the group intentionally and maliciously. Come to think of it. Are you going to next tell me that the CBC was not at the Charlottesville protest? Really? Assuming they were and they are just staying quiet, they must have been with the Neo Nazi White Supremacist gang too? I mean why else would they be there??

In certain cases, the MSM media are quite willing to jump to conclusions. In others, they seem to need an inordinate amount of time to detect motives.

And to clear things up further, I don’t have a problem with the MSM reporting what is going on, when they tell the truth, or at least tell the entire story.

In conclusion, unlike you, I’ll be supporting Ezra while the rest are jumping ship, cause my pay cheque doesn’t depend on being politically correct, reporting soft comfortable news or advertising dollars.
commented 2017-08-17 18:10:20 -0400
Us true REBELS will always back you , I know you won’t give up , our enemies are feeling emboldened , we will take note of them
The REBEL is learning , to thoroughly check out every possible angle
commented 2017-08-17 18:03:30 -0400
Joey Goguen,

Ya, it’s not good. It will be interesting to see the results of the audit. I bet Ezra was never expecting this day to come.
commented 2017-08-17 18:01:39 -0400
Caolan Robertson‏Verified account

Caolan Robertson Retweeted Tommy Robinson 🇬🇧

Good response, as I said, Tommy and his campaigns were not involved with this.
commented 2017-08-17 18:00:44 -0400
extortion?like taxation monies extracted under force of law being given to convicted terrorists(10.5 million) and another twenty million given to the Clinton crime family? as awful as this is , it is nothing compared to what our idiot prime minister doers when he is not prancing and pronking in gay parades or kissing muslims ass.
commented 2017-08-17 17:57:38 -0400
I see Caolin the Kinky has his hands out now that Ezra told him no more. Maybe the trolls will support his new venture.
commented 2017-08-17 17:57:00 -0400
The Rebel has fearless reporters getting to the truth. As long as you keep that up then pretty much anything said or done in private can be forgiven. Hats off for having Tommy’s back, the man deserves to have someone watching out for him.
commented 2017-08-17 17:51:08 -0400
If there is a threat that a ship might sink, do you know what happens – all the RATS jump ship.
Instead of trying to find out if the ship is really sinking, or what they might do to stop the sinking – they jump off! They leave . Why? because they are disloyal to the captain and the crew and have no willingness to try and save a viable vessel.
I would like to also add – SARAH shut the hell up! you have tried long and hard to get every loyal Rebel to agree and side with you and they have NOT. So shut the hell up and go away. You can gloat down in your basement or come back much later and say “I told you so”, but for now SHUT THE HELL UP!
That goes for a UVAM ACERBAM and everyone else that has nothing but negative things to say about Ezra Levant and the Rebel.
I personally believe that there are factors involved that have not been revealed. Factors that are dedicated to destroying any truly conservative organization and or person, with lies and derogatory statements engineered to discredit any and all conservatism.
Just watch and read and hear all of the efforts being brought about to try and unseat and discredit President Trump. The amount of dung and filthy lies being thrown at POTUS is simply amazing, and who is behind all of it? Democrats who are liberals, idiotic Hollywood types who are liberals that call themselves Democrats, main stream media who are Democrats that are liberals. George Soros who is the devil incarnate, Barack Obama who is Soros’s right hand man and the most evil woman on the face of the earth – none other that Hillary the witch Clinton.
commented 2017-08-17 17:50:11 -0400
Yes, enough.
I will only stress that communism (Trudeau’s love for Mao and his cultural revolution didn’t get lost on the offspring) killed many millions more than fascism.
An ideology of enforced equality (equal outcomes for all is a really stupid idea, running against human nature, and proven by the ideologues themselves, the self-proclaimed elites, a smoke screen for their will to power and riches) is as deadly or more deadly than ideas of racial superiority.