August 22, 2019

(WATCH) BlazeTV: Did Trump just win the fight against Planned Parenthood?

Rebel Staff

BlazeTV goes over the loss of $60 million in federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

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commented 2019-08-22 23:26:30 -0400
Donald Trump wasn’t able to stop the $500million being paid to PP, but he went in through the back door and got $60million. He’s working on the rest. Smart guy.

The only way to stop abortion is to re-educate the youth. Hey, just like climate change.
More and more young people are pro-life because they have the evidence.
Kids want concrete information because they want the intellectual side of the argument. Pro-life is now proving, through scientific evidence that abortion is not only taking the life of a baby, it is destroying women’s bodies and lives for having had an abortion. That’s because there are now enough years of performing abortions and cases to prove that fact.

Milano is the classic example of a post-abortive woman who is suffering from the psychological effects of an abortion.
She’s telling the world she had an abortion to make herself sound trending and part of the narrative and to keep reinforcing she was right. She has yet to take ownership of what she did.
Women, and men, who have had abortions or been part of an abortion, need to seek help from groups such as Rachel’s Vineyard.
Women’s lives have been destroyed because of abortions and when they realize what they truly did, it is like a tsunami.
Abortion is not the answer, but society no longer supports women and girls who get pregnant and there are no longer shot gun weddings. For that men, men just deny being the biological parent because of today’s highly active sexual lifestyles.