October 03, 2017

BLM & Democrats ignore FBI stats on black-on-black crime epidemic

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

Groups like Black Lives Matter and progressive politicians want you to believe that the police are indiscriminately murdering unarmed people of color, but the facts tell a different story. We’re going to dig into the most recent FBI data and tell you the uncomfortable truth about black on black crime.

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commented 2017-10-04 02:06:34 -0400
“Ignore”?… Indeed… You would have to be an absolute cretin to ignore who’s been killing who in Southside Chicago for the past decades… The “critical” denial of reality lies with so-called black community leaders, politicians, and religious leaders who continue to play the ages old “victim” card every time they are interviewed on national TV… Until that changes, nothing will change…
commented 2017-10-03 23:45:47 -0400
They don’t want to solve it, the same way our Canadian socialist government does not want to solve the murder, violence, suicide, missing women, and drug abuse problem in Canada’s first Nations population. They are more useful to the government when kept down. It is the most racist concept imaginable, and the left Liberal/Democrats have the chutzpah to brand the rest of us when they are the ones committing active and daily racism. The solutions lie within those respective communities not with the nanny state.
commented 2017-10-03 21:06:22 -0400
- BLM & the left will ignore all this. If it doesn’t fit the narrative they ignore it & if they can’t find things to fit their narrative they’ll lie & twist reality to manufacture it – “hands up, don’t shoot” was exposed as a lie so they double down on that lie. They created the White-Hispanic race when they needed it & showed picture of Travon Martin when he was about 12 years old because they wanted to avoid the image of the thug he had become. And on & on they go.
commented 2017-10-03 20:53:23 -0400
If anyone on the left doubts this , they need to go to predominantly Black nations in Africa to see reality.
commented 2017-10-03 19:37:15 -0400
Yup! John Cardillo, you are an excellent addition to The Rebel. You speak plain facts and truth to the political correctness BS.

Welcome aboard!
commented 2017-10-03 19:27:03 -0400
Will some body please tell us what’s going on about the mosque shooting investigation in Quebec
The one that FAITH GOLDY was reporting on

commented 2017-10-03 19:05:51 -0400
That was not a negative comment about Mr. Cardillo. Learned from the video.
commented 2017-10-03 18:59:00 -0400
Excellent commentary John Cardillo.
Leftist regressives will totally ignore these crime statistics and vehemently redirect attention to the false narrative.
commented 2017-10-03 18:57:30 -0400
Well, the big stat to me right now is the white on white crime that happened in Vegas. Don’t know where I am going with that thought as yet. But just thinking it was greater than any white on black or vice versa crime.
commented 2017-10-03 18:18:46 -0400
Hit the left with stats until they are punch drunk. Looking forward to more great shows and welcome to the Rebel.