Demand that Bombardier pay back their government handouts!

Rebel Staff

Bombardier is an organization that relies on perpetual corporate welfare. 

They just got a billion dollars from Quebec taxpayers to bail them out of their failing C-Series jet.

That’s Quebec taxpayers, who are giving a billion dollars to a failing jet company, instead of to hospitals or schools or police or road. 

Bombardier is so bad at running their company, that a billion dollars from Quebec just wasn’t enough -- they needed $372 million more from all Canadian taxpayers. 

But in 2016, Bombardier had the temerity to give six members of their board of directors a total of $43 million in salary increases. 

Pierre Beaudoin, Alain Bellemare, John Di Bert, David Coleal, Frederick Cromer et Laurent Troger, are six members of the Board of directors of Bombardier who gave themselves that bonus. 

Bombardier has received billions of dollars in public loans and subsidies from the government.

The Caisse de dépôt et placements du Québec, in 2015, has invested $1.5 billions in Bombardier from Quebecer’s most important pension plan.

And even still 14,500 jobs were eliminated from Bombardier in 2015 and 2016 despite the huge amounts of money invested in Bombardier.

But, it get's even worse. 

Four members of the board, out of the six quoted above, Alain Bellemare, John Di Bert, David Coleal and Frederick Cromer, act as lobbyists with federal and provincial governments.

There's a culture of public investment in private companies in Quebec that favours corruption.

The governing Parti Libéral du Québec and Bombardier have cultivated incestuous links for years.

Daniel Johnson, the former PLQ leader and Quebec’s Premier, has a seat on Bombardier’s Board of directors sin 1999. Johnson has been nominated by current Quebec’s Premier, Philippe Couillard, to help him build up his Council of ministers.

Considering the disrespect of Canada and Quebec taxpayers displayed by both the Quebec government and Bombardier directors, we ask that you sign our petition below to have Bombardier pay the money back. 

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We the undersigned demand the immediate reimbursement of taxpayer money from Bombardier.

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