August 07, 2017

BOMBSHELL report: Canada's Border Invasion Intensifies!

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Last Monday, an estimated 500 border jumpers walked into Quebec, Canada through one illegal border crossing alone. 

During the next 24 hour period between Tuesday and Wednesday, 300 illegals walked the same path.

Now Quebec officials say the province is averaging 200 illegals per day!

It's been roughly seven months since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed the world to claim refugee status in Canada and now more people than ever are heeding his call.

Today, Canada’s southern border with the U.S. has been turned into a constant, revolving back door.

The Rebel has travelled across the country documenting this manufactured crisis, from Manitoba to Quebec.

This week, I returned to the illegal Roxham Road border crossing, and have an update:

The changes that have taken place in the past four months (since I was there last) are alarming, if not wholly unbelievable.

In the metres leading up to the illegal border crossing, what was once plain pavement has been transformed into a dumping ground.

Everywhere, boarding passes from "refugees" coming from places like West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Salt Lake City.

Dirty diapers just disposed in the street, pieces of broken luggage with airline tags affixed to them, and condoms — both unopened and seemingly used.

As for the border itself:

What was just four months ago an intersection marked by a few police cruisers on the Canadian side and a ditch is now laden with enormous, gazebo-styled tents.

Inside them: At least triple the police presence, a waiting area has been created to handle the long and constant cue of illegals before they are initially processed in the tents further back by additional RCMP officers.

Also among the changes, in addition to many more federal police cruisers— there are now two trucks: one, a shuttle bus which is being run on a 24 hour load-and-go schedule, and a cube van for all the luggage these self-styled refugees have in tow when they cross.

As for the small ditch? Well, the illegals don’t have to worry about getting their sneakers dirty anymore:

Quebec taxpayers have subsidized a new land bridge; a welcome mat of sorts, to assist border jumpers in committing their crime.

And an obvious but necessary word on that:

Every single individual crossing that bridge is indeed committing a crime— it’s a matter of law.

No one leaving the United States is a refugee. There is no persecution to flee in the U.S.— its the safest, freest country in the world. And both the United States and Canada acknowledge that fact in our signed Safe Third Country Agreement, which states that if someone is already in one of our countries, they cannot pretend to be a refugee “fleeing” to the other. And yet, more people than ever are doing just that. A lot more.

When The Rebel was at Roxham Road in April, we spoke to bus drivers, cab drivers, a human trafficker, and saw for ourselves— that roughly 15 to 20 people per day were illegally walking into Canada.

Today, that is the hourly rate.

Roughly 15 people are illegally walking into Canada every hour— throughout the day and night. And that's just along this one road, never mind the other known gateways across the country.

During our time along the border this week, we clocked an average of 17 men for every 25 illegals that entered— placing the women and children ratio at about 30 per cent of the total, with men occupying the lion's share of claims at about 70 per cent.

The flow of illegal entry into Canada is, quite literally, constant.

Whereas in April, the majority of the men we spoke to were from Eritrea, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia (a point confirmed by locals and cab drivers), this time, the majority of the border jumpers that were willing to speak to us said they hailed from Haiti.

Individual stories varied between people who said they were only passing through America to get to Canada’s open border, and others who said they had been living in America for some time, illegally.

Now that these people are here, what is Canada doing with them?

Well, they’re being shipped to Canada’s sanctuary city— Montreal— our Olympic stadium to be precise.

Officials would not let us enter the premises, stating that all media are banned, Canadian or otherwise — beyond a certain line, only migrants can enter. But, even from a bird’s eye view, it’s clear Canada is getting a little taste of Calais.

Canada’s Prime Minister isn’t bothered. Despite calls from various levels of government and police services for more resources, Justin Trudeau says Canada has the capacity to properly process all the illegals currently rushing Canada’s southern border.

It's roughly four months before the snow sets in, in southern Quebec. Considering the extent to which the crisis has mushroomed in the last four months, you have to wonder:

How many thousands more fake refugees must Canada accommodate before the Prime Minister considers closing our back door?

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commented 2017-08-07 13:40:17 -0400
The Lacolle, Que. border crossing has quadrupled in the past two weeks from about 50/day to 200/day. And 200 is probably low-ball as 500 entered one day last week.

So 200 × 365 = 73,000 illegals in one year at this crossing alone.

My guess is illegals/day will increase in the Fall, then next year, then next year, then ….. just like in Europe. Likewise in Manitoba and BC.

This is, or soon will be, a crisis situation for the whole country.

Keep in mind there are, depending who you ask, 11 to 15 MILLION illegals in the USA – Trump’s USA. If only 1% cross into Canada we are in big big trouble.

And then there are the SJW Useful Idiots, who grow like weeds in Montreal, led by that irritating gnat-activist Jaggi Singh…
“‘Thank you, God’: Asylum seekers find warm welcome at Olympic Stadium”

Meanwhile our PrimaDonna PM is on a taxpayer-funded vacation, a different scenic destination every day.

We’re so screwed.
commented 2017-08-07 13:09:47 -0400
It’s time someone bitch slapped that POS PM TruDope along side the head!!!
Funny how these rapefugees have money for jewelry & iPhones – but can’t survive on their own in their own damn country!?
commented 2017-08-07 13:09:28 -0400
How many white South African Farmers are coming? They are being ethnically cleansed right now. How many of the other religious minority’s from the Middle East? Thought so.