November 20, 2017

Border Patrol Agents: TX Catch-and-Release of Illegal Aliens Resumes

Rebel Staff

During his presidential campaign last year, Donald Trump promised that he would crack down on illegal immigration. Unfortunately, one year later, very little immigration reform has actually taken place. Now, border patrol agents have revealed that the controversial catch-and-release immigration policy has been reinstated in Texas. 

The Trump administration reinstated a de facto catch-and-release policy for illegal immigrants nabbed crossing the border in Texas, with Border Patrol agents being told Wednesday not to even bother turning them over for speedy deportation because there was no bed space, a top agent said.

The problem, said Brandon Judd, an agent and president of the National Border Patrol Council, is that illegal immigration has surged once again after dipping during the early months of President Trump’s tenure.

That has left the deportation agency, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, struggling to find beds to hold the illegal immigrants. As a result, Border Patrol agents who bring apprehended people to ICE are turned away.

“We’re going to have to release them out our front door,” Mr. Judd said. “Even if we try to turn them over to them, they’re just not going to take them.”

He said ICE’s San Antonio office, which handles most of the traffic from the Texas border, said it would have to refuse to take any family units the Border Patrol tries to turn over and will soon reject even non-family migrants.

[...] Mr. Judd said the rhetoric from the president is good and had an immediate effect earlier this year in persuading migrants not to bother making the journey north. The Border Patrol set a modern-day record low of slightly more than 11,100 illegal immigrants nabbed in April.

 But as catch-and-release continued, word seeped back to home countries and the effects of Mr. Trump’s rhetoric waned. More than 26,000 illegal immigrants were arrested at the border last month, Mr. Judd said.

“The word got back to all of these countries that hey, the catch-and-release hasn’t ended,” he said. “The people that are supposed to be enforcing President Trump’s policy, they’re just not. They’re not following through on the promises he made.”

What is the point of even having laws if they aren't going to be enforced? No wonder so many illegal aliens are willing to risk crossing the border: if they end up getting caught, they know they'll simply be released and have the chance to try again. 

The catch-and-release policy played a huge role in the 2014 border surge, which saw almost 70,000 unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border.

The border policies are so relaxed that tens of thousands of parents from destitute countries were willing to send their children across the border alone, knowing that they would either make it to the U.S. and find a better life, or would just be sent back and not be any worse off than they were before. 

In addition, this policy lowers the incentive of trying to come to the United States legally. Why would an immigrant waste time applying for citizenship when they could just try sneaking across the border with no risk of jail time? 

Furthermore, this policy makes it easier for potential terrorists to come into the U.S. 

In the end, it is crucial that the U.S. abandon the catch-and-release policy if we ever want to stop immigrants from being able to enter the U.S. illegally so easily. 

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commented 2017-11-20 19:52:47 -0500
Catch and release is only a good policy when you are out on the lake and catch a small fish; return him from whence he came!
commented 2017-11-20 14:07:05 -0500
How about this novel idea: Put them in a truck, paddy wagon, van, Uncle Harry’s School bus or bus and drive them to a border crossing. Hand them over to the Mexican border guards.

If they are Mexican, well, a wrist slapping will happen. If they are in Mexico illegally, all hell will rain down upon them as Mexico’s immigration laws are a lot stiffer and a lot more punitive than those of the US. Sort of a kinder, softer North Korea.

I really wish Baby Doc, our sexually confused Leader and Big Chief, would start applying Canadian law to illegal border crossers. Instead, he wants to keep them and give them a warm and cosy place (and AC in the summer) at everyone else’s dollar so he can virtue signal.

Remember, Baby Doc said the following:
“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them.”
- Justin Trudeau when asked to comment on his Open Borders immigration strategy.

Ergo, Baby Doc finds 73% to 78% of Canadians offensive simply because of their ancestry and skin colour. Now, who is the bigot? I would say that its this culturally fluid, gender fluid old stock pure wool French Canadian, with some British ancestry in there, putz of a PM.

Why hasn’t ANY press picked up on this? Good reason for him to leave office. Period.
commented 2017-11-20 13:01:50 -0500
Is there anything we can do to get the word out to all the illegal immigrants that came into Canada from the United States that it’s okay now to return?
commented 2017-11-20 13:00:40 -0500
The entire effort collapsed when General John Kelly accepted the Chief of Staff position in the Administration. Trump was desperate to establish discipline and accountability ,but Kelly’s replacement is an Obama holdover that has reversed the gains.
No border control ,no country.
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