Boycott Porter Airlines

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Porter Airlines — a regional airline based in Toronto — suddenly announced, via Twitter, that it's blacklisting The Rebel.


It feels weird to be blacklisted. It’s even weirder for someone to brag about blacklisting you. Normally that sort of thing is done secretly. But the bigots at Porter are out in the open.

I’ve heard of BDS before: “boycott, divestment and sanctions”. But that usually just targets Jews in Israel.

Now Porter Airlines is targeting Jewish businesses in Canada. 

I tell you one thing — I’m not going to fly Porter anymore.

To be candid, it’s become sort of a crappy airline. Their planes are getting old, and a bit dirty — they need to be reupholstered and steam cleaned, I think. Maybe add some in-flight TV screens while they’re at it. The departure lounge is extremely crowded, everyone packed into one big sweaty room. But mainly, they’re always late. I’ve never flown on a Porter flight that left on time.

But look, I’m not grumbling about poor service. Every airline has their challenges. I’d never tell you not to fly Porter just because it’s become a bit shabby.

Maybe it’s because of our political point of view — that we’re conservative. If they want to be an airline just for left-wingers, that's fine by me. Normally it takes two wings to fly — or at least to keep an airline profitable.

I’ll fly on Air Canada from now on. Not because they’re a conservative airline. They’re not. They’re just not into attacking half their own customers. And we have nearly 800,000 YouTube subscribers. All of them, blackballed.

I just spent thousands of dollars on Porter. I regret giving that money to those left-wing anti-Semites. I can’t get my money back — but I can sure guarantee they won’t get a dollar from me again.

If you’re sick of these smears and blacklists, join me, and sign the petition below. 

They don’t want my Jewish money, or my conservative money — no problem. They won’t get it.

Sign the petition!

Porter Airlines must end their illegal blacklist of Jewish companies.

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