Boycott Whistler Blackcomb until they reverse their advertising ban!

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Boycott Whistler Blackcomb: Playing politics with ski vacations is bad business

Sleeping Giants is an anonymous, online trolling, U.S.-based hate group. 

They exist on Twitter, where they are too cowardly to use their own names, but weirdly Twitter gives them the official blue check mark that verifies them.

They were built to take down Breitbart, a right-wing website that was set up by a man named Andrew Breitbart. And that is run by a man named Larry Solov. A couple of right-wing Jews, as it happens.

Well, this anonymous troll account, Sleeping Giants, they have a plan, and it’s called Don’t Buy From Jews, or as it was said in its original German: kauft nicht bei juden.

Their plan is to get as many advertisers as possible to stop advertising on Breitbart. They invite people to go to Breitbart, take a screen shot of any ad in question, and then e-mail that or tweet it to the advertiser in question, and bully them into quitting doing business with Breitbart and their CEO Solov.

Now, of course, many companies just ignore that. But some are so risk-averse, they submit to the bully, for fear of being bullied themselves. It’s like a protection racket. If you don’t follow the instructions of the Internet bully, maybe you’ll be next. So you either comply, or you become a target.

Now, I don’t think it’s the Jewish essence of Breitbart and Solov that they hate the most. But how do I know — it’s all anonymous, dark money behind it. We have no idea who the troll is. George Soros? The Saudis? Or, if I were a Democrat, I’d be saying, “The Russians!” All we do know is that they’re extremist, and bullies. 

But now this anonymous troll war has come to Canada. This U.S. extremist group, Sleeping Giant, has set up a Canadian branch too. U.S. dirty tricks coming up here. And, of course, they’re targeting The Rebel.

Last night, I saw this story in the National Post about The Rebel being targeted by Sleeping Giant and one business actually took the bait. 

This is what BC’s Whistler Blackcomb Ski resort’s  PR person said after agreeing to pull their ads from us after being harangued by online losers.

“digital advertising is “not a perfect science” and “sometimes things do slip through the cracks.” 

“Our goal is to advertise on sites that are complementary to our brand, and Rebel Media is not.”

I guess conservatives aren’t complimentary with the brand of Whistler Blackcomb. Who would be so deranged to say something like that? To look at 742,000 potential customers and say “no thanks, you're conservative”?

They want to target us? That’s their right to advertise with whatever company they want. That’s the free market. Now let’s return the favour, free market style.

A boycott for a boycott.

Remember when Earls restaurants decided Canadian farmers were not humane enough and started buying beef from a halal certified, humane certified meat processing plant in the United States? We boycotted Earls to the point that their franchisees in Alberta were begging for a reprieve and facing layoffs. I delivered a petition with thousands of names to Earls head office in Vancouver and Earls apologized and found a way to source Canadian beef once again.

Boycott over. I certainly didn't want to see layoffs. Chalk up a win for Canadian common sense.

The same is going to happen to Whistler Blackcomb. I don’t want to do it, but they're asking for it.

Click below and sign the petition asking them to stop their boycott of the Rebel and make the pledge that you, like me, will not patronize Whistler Blackcomb with your hard earned cash until they stop discriminating against you on the basis of your political beliefs.

No normal person wants their ski vacation with a side of moral preening. Just take our money and shut up about our politics. It’s so simple, but it's just so hard for these people to understand.

This isn’t really even about Whistler Blackcomb. It’s about self-respect for Canadian conservatives. And about making a decision to not be steamrolled and denounced unfairly. It’s about deciding that we won’t turn the other cheek this time. That if a company, with no provocation, wants to boycott conservatives, that they can expect the same in return.

This isn’t just to teach Whistler Blackcomb a lesson. It’s to tell any other virtue-signalling companies that if they want to denounce our 740,000 people as bigots, that’s their right. And it’s our right to return the favour.

Sign the petition!

Whistler Blackcomb must stop their unethical boycott of Rebel Media. 

Will you sign?