Boycott Tims

Rebel Staff

Tim Hortons has declared war on Canada’s energy industry.

A U.S.-based lobby group called ForestEthics pressured Tim Hortons to rip up an advertising contract they had with a Canadian pipeline company. And Tim Hortons agreed.

Tim Hortons has no problem doing business in OPEC dictatorships. They have stores in Kuwait. In the United Arab Emirates. In Qatar. In Oman. Those are all dictatorships. Tim Hortons happily takes their money.

But they think Canadian oil and gas workers are too unethical.

Fine. If Tim Hortons doesn’t want Canadian oil money, let’s not give it to them. Boycott Tims.

Please sign our petition, demanding that they reverse their anti-Canadian decision.

And if you’re as mad as me, please chip in to help pay for radio ads. You can hear the ads right here.

This is about self-respect. How can we shop at a store that doesn’t respect us?

And if Tim Hortons does this today — and gets away with it — who will do it to us tomorrow?

P.S. Here’s the moment that Nikki Skuce, an employee of a U.S. lobby group, pressured Tim Hortons. And the moment they caved in:

Sign the petition!

We the undersigned Canadians demand that Tim Hortons rescind its anti-oilsands boycott. If Tim Hortons doesn’t want money from Canadians who work in our safe and responsible energy industry, then we won’t give them any — we’ll buy our coffee and donuts somewhere else.

Will you sign?