Boycott Volvo: Fight the corporate war on conservative speech

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

There is a movement inside corporate America to stifle conservative speech. 

Social justice warriors have now taken over so much of corporate America, that they are politicizing things that have nothing to do with politics. 

The most recent example is Volvo Cars, which has decided to pull their advertising from Sean Hannity's Fox News show. 

It makes no sense that a consumer brand doesn't just stick to what they do. It’s a bizarre business practice for any car company to telegraph that it doesn’t want conservative drivers. And it would be just as bizarre to broadcast that they don’t want liberal drivers.

It's Volvo's right to not want to do business with Sean Hannity, Fox News, or anyone who watches them. But if Volvo doesn’t want our business, then we won’t give it to them. 

So I'm asking you to sign our petition below, pledging that you will boycott Volvo. 

Besides pulling their ads from Hannity, Volvo Cars has other problems too. They have been owned by China since 2010, and they don’t have a single operational factory in America. Perhaps their Chinese masters don’t understand freedom of speech, or America.

But we do. 

Help us remind Volvo Cars that they shouldn't capitulate to social justice warriors. Join me and boycott Volvo. 

Sign the petition!

We the undersigned Americans demand that Chinese-owned Volvo Cars rescind its ad boycott of conservative commentator Sean Hannity. If Volvo Cars doesn’t want money from Americans who hold conservative political views, then we won’t give them any — we’ll buy our cars from a company that doesn’t censor political views.

Will you sign?