February 19, 2017

Brad Trost: “I will not let the Thought Police control what I say”

Rebel Staff

At the Rebel Freedom Rally to protest motion M-103, Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Brad Trost talked about his own experiences with censorship:

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commented 2017-02-19 19:29:04 -0500
John S i will choose secularism if i want, who the hell are you to decide for me? And war comes to us , your BS about it being our fault is nonsense ,Islam was conquering and invading long before we had a country. And sorry but i will speak freely , and seculars are the champion mass murderers , so why should we be forced to be secular?
commented 2017-02-19 19:28:12 -0500
Without proof and you won’t even debate on the issues on a mature level or intellectual level. The fact is independence means we would clearly have a foreign policy with the Canadian Action party where wars would be a thing of the past and we would defend ourselves and we would not have open borders.

Such a policy would mean an end to massive immigration which the Conservatives allowed and massive corporatization by Liberals and Conservatives.

You clearly Liza don’t see the big picture and are foolish in even understanding basic political concepts.

It is obvious because anyone that challenges is seen as an enemy to you.

That is so simple to figure out because we can remove the means to end bigotry in the Canadian Action party by having controlled immigration without being racial. We can have immigration reduction without targeting groups.

Remember it was the West that ramped up the wars after Afghanistan and caused more terrorism because of the alliance with Saudi Arabia that Trump so easily enjoys now!

Basically, in summation, my points clearly illustrate that the war on terror has been a terror creation program and a jobs program for military people that want easy wars, a ramping up of the security state and I thought many Conservatives agreed with libertarianism. They clearly don’t. Why do they support massive security and police state measures like C-51 from the last election?

It is clear that Conservatives want more wars and other people’s children to fight them and more refugees to have to leave their nations which have been destroyed by Western imperialism and wars.
commented 2017-02-19 19:20:26 -0500
We can decide for ourselves alright, that you are on crack, John.
commented 2017-02-19 19:12:17 -0500
In fact, a smart foreign policy is one where we can decide for ourselves and not be tied down by special interests and lobbying organizations.

If we decide, we can even be neutral and never engage in wars and we won’t dictated by globalists bodies like NATO, NORAD and the G7. The fact is the Conservatives support NATO and NORAD and the G7 and bodies where wars are plenty and we are obligated to fight those wars.

In fact, Zionists are for supporting Israel, Saudi Arabia, Israel firsters, Christian fundamentalists and thus it is a bloc of many groups that seek more wars and easiness in fighting wars, which is why peace is so hard to come by these days because of Western interventionism.

In fact, it was Western interventionism in Libya and Iraq that gave the world Al Qaeda and ISIS due to our alliances with the Mossad, the CIA and Saudi Arabia that funds these groups.

Independence is how to be free and how to have an independent foreign policy where we decide for ourselves how we can yes protect our troops, defend our nation and decide what wars we choose to participate in.

Rebel will never support non-interventionism, anti-war and anti-imperialism. They love wars because it is not their children that has to fight in them. They love Muslims dying because they are Zionists.

Remember, Libs, 5 to 10 million Muslims have died since 1990 because of Western started wars.

So much for the West being moral and just!
commented 2017-02-19 19:05:02 -0500
Since this is based on freedom of speech I just proved by Trost and Lemieux are just using this in their campaigns and really will never be for true freedom of speech which means criticism should exist for all parties and ideologies and religions. Small parties should be given a voice at the table with big parties and even power. My ideas prove why we have two tiered justice and two tiered freedom of speech. In fact, Trost and Lemieux are serial liars.
commented 2017-02-19 18:45:52 -0500
John S., you fuckng moron. Go and flush your retarded ideas and your head in the toilet and save us all reading your dribble.

TRUMP Trumps Morons!!!!!
commented 2017-02-19 17:49:30 -0500
The fact is where is the equality for small parties. Trost and Lemieux and the rest of the Conservative candidates are liars. Only mainstream parties have freedom of speech. The same goes when one criticizes Israel and wants to use BDS. They are either sent to jail or silenced. That is why when people say oh criticize Islam they don’t understand that anti-Semitism is used as a card against people all the time and the same with BDS and criticizing Israel’s brutality in the Middle East and calls for war. We know in the minor party movement that Israel gets a blank cheque by Western nations and governments. Small parties never get any air time because we have a rigged system. Just look at what happens in by-elections and parliamentary elections.
commented 2017-02-19 17:46:10 -0500
In Canada, we have permitted speech not freedom of speech because hate laws were debated in previous parliaments and it came to that conclusion that we are a nation where we have limits. This was debated in previous parliaments. The fact is Rebel likes to pretend we have full freedom of speech like the Americans but our Constitution and Charter define speech as free but with limits and all religions should be treated equally. That has always been the case. The fact is Muslims have been here for decades and only after 9/11 did those seeking to divide really want to be able to criticize like in previous times against other groups. The Italians had that sort of treatment when they came over and down the line it went.

The fact is the reason why the right despises Islam on the interventionist right is because they are being brainwashed and it conforms with their ideology and they simply want to copy movements and find ways to win without improving capitalism.

Capitalism can be successful with a civic nationalist program of targeted immigration without bigotry and full employment. Of course they want to go down that failed tax cut route like Trump is now doing and even Harper’s corporate tax cuts never helped Southern Ontario.

The other reason why many on the right are probably angry is because of all the war losses since 9/11. There have been about 7 to 11 wars launched since 9/11 with no clear victories. It clearly shows a downward trend and a trend of decline for Western nations, and rightfully so. Remember invading Libya was done by NATO forces which led to ISIS forming which all parties in Canada’s parliament with seats supported. That cannot be ignored.
commented 2017-02-19 17:40:11 -0500
I agree with Brad Trost but I would point out one thing.


They should understand the difference between Archaic Tribalism and Civilization.
commented 2017-02-19 17:38:14 -0500
I would like to pick up on Brad Trost saying “your work is not done.”
This newsletter from ACT! for Canada contains a lot of helpful information related to M-103:
As well, it contains reports from two citizens who attended the debates in Parliament related to M-103 that took place on February 15th (evening) and February 16th (through the day). One of the reports was by Major (Ret’d) Russ Cooper, a retired veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force, who has initiated a petition opposing M-103. Because, as indicated in their reports, the Conservatives introduced an amendment, which was debated on Thursday, there was no vote on M-103. Russ Cooper notes that “Proceedings closed with an announcement that the opposition motion will be voted on at the end of the day on Tuesday and the original motion, if still active, would go to the bottom of the order paper. This being the case, the original motion will likely resurface in early April”. While he noted that “the country dodge(d) a bullet”, it is only a reprieve as M-103 will likely come up again in early April. Back to Trost saying “your work is not done”. During this month-long hiatus, the opposition through letter writing, contacting MPs, etc. must continue unabated. At least three petitions have been launched in opposition to M-103:
Originated by Major (Ret’d) Russ Cooper. Currently has 22,404 signatures and a goal of 100,000.
Initiated by Faith Goldy. Number of signatures unknown.
Currently has 66,638 signatures and aiming for 100,000. With this petition, every signature sends an email to Parliament.
Need to continue signing and sharing these petitions to rally and build up the opposition to this assault on our fundamental freedom of speech.
commented 2017-02-19 17:36:35 -0500
Canada should not have special groups and should demand secularism and we have limits to free speech. It is called no media supporting small parties. It is called no media wanting people to use BDS or criticize Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and criticism of Israel’s government and how they act. So, I would state that yes these provisions show that the Judaism faith already has the anti-Semitism card, BDS used to jail and Israel being a sacred cow. What Canada needs is no intimidation but protesting being allowed and free speech for all groups as long as it doesn’t involve threats and calls for death. There are many blogs like Blazingcatfur which all for deaths of Muslims. The truth is Canada needs to embrace civic nationalism so that we can focus on using the Bank of Canada to end debts instead of being distracted by US wars of aggression and immigration which can be solved quite easily with a civic nationalist program of immigration reduction and targeted immigration.
commented 2017-02-19 17:36:25 -0500
So the fact is those that want more wars on here are in fact supporting Trump who supports Saudi Arabia and that in fact means supporting the proxy wars involving Saudi Arabia versus Iran. Thus, we are supporting ISIS on both the Conservative side and the Liberal side. To end the madness, support peaceful ways to control our immigration and not racism and reducing our debt by supporting the Bank of Canada. The Canadian Action party is the main party calling for a self-sustaining nation and Canada having full employment. Islam is merely a distraction because it was even stated before Iraq in 2003 by notable British peacemakers and people of Stop the War Coalition that the war in Iraq would result in more terrorism. Remember Saudi Arabia funds the terrorist groups and yet we are allies with them. Only a fool would believe the Rebel propaganda.
commented 2017-02-19 17:20:10 -0500
I’ll be telling my entire family about Brad Trost. He would get my vote for sure.
commented 2017-02-19 17:05:04 -0500
Absolutely, Don Allen.
commented 2017-02-19 16:46:59 -0500
Brad Trost is truly a real Conservative. He has my vote. The thought police should not be allowed to control what anyone says. This is Canada, not a communist country or a country that is under Sharia Law. I have friends who live here in Canada who are from Iran. They could not even go to their homeland for their mother’s funeral because they might not get out again. They became Christian and the penalty for leaving the Islamic religion in Iran is death. We don’t need to live in fear here in Canada of what we say or of speaking the truth. People need to hear the truth.
commented 2017-02-19 16:39:03 -0500
Don Allen has pointed out the strategy we must follow to get the normies to wake up. The logical and moral inconsistencies of the Liberal left’s positions on Islam/immigration/gay “rights”/freedom of speech/open borders etc etc need to be exposed, defied, and mocked 24/7. We need to point out their hypocrisy at every turn, without mercy. We also need to point out that their actions are for only one purpose – self-serving, eternal political power.

Tator Tot is like a the leader of a tour group trapped in a cage with an alligator – he thinks that if he throws everyone else into its jaws, it will be satiated and he will escape – in reality, he simply will be eaten last…
commented 2017-02-19 16:27:35 -0500
Perhaps it’s time for Iqra Khalid (and/or whoever else is behind it) who started the M103 islamaphobic, death to free speech motion, to be investigated.
commented 2017-02-19 16:12:16 -0500
First off they will say, ‘why should we have to ,no other ’religion’ is singled out this way ’ and refuse to answer,when they are the ones shining a light on themselves by making arrogant, unreasonable demands on their adopted (not born into) country. They play the victim card at every turn when they don’t want to answer an honest question.
commented 2017-02-19 15:45:59 -0500
NDP Sucks has a great point. The onus has been placed on all Canadians to defend themselves against an ethereal , undefined and statistically unsupported claim of hatred and the contrived notion of Islamophobia.
Why not reverse the onus. Challenge them to actually go on record and defend their positions , defend their political movement, defend the offenses against humanity that Islam supports.
Iqra Khalid wants to implement the suppression of speech and restrict the open discussion of such things as FGM , subjugation of woman, the cruel punishment up to including death for homosexuals. Iqra wants us to live in fear of Islam. Just like home in Islamabad.
Ask Isra Khalid if she will go to Islamabad and simply articulate the Liberal Parties positions on Gays, gay marriage, rights for women , feminists , abortion . If her religion is so honorable and virtuous then it should need no Parliamentary protections. Should it?
commented 2017-02-19 15:08:44 -0500
I support a true conservative – Brad Trost.
commented 2017-02-19 14:44:11 -0500
Brad Trost is a true Conservative. My support is with him.
commented 2017-02-19 14:42:00 -0500
@ Calamity Marcy

Agreed, but how?
commented 2017-02-19 14:12:32 -0500
Brad should be more careful waving those arms.
commented 2017-02-19 14:08:43 -0500
commented 2017-02-19 14:00:17 -0500
“If he is in favour of a moratorium on immigration and refugees along with everything above, I know where my vote is going.”
ditto that Dave
commented 2017-02-19 13:57:19 -0500
That is the best I have seen Brad Trost yet. He seemed relaxed and said what needs to be said, He gives me confidence and is on the top of my list, with Lemeiux and Scheer. I didn’t think he could do it but maybe I am wrong.
commented 2017-02-19 13:42:05 -0500
I like what Brad Trost had to say.
commented 2017-02-19 13:41:24 -0500
I like this guy!
commented 2017-02-19 13:37:30 -0500
Perhaps the conservative caucus could generate a discussion about female genital mutilation, honour killing, raping of women, status of women, all under the context of islam and sharia law. Is there grounds to fear or have a phobia about islam? Perhaps the honourable member from Afghanistan Iran Maryam Monsef, the islamist Iqra Khalid, or the big boy Omar Alghabra, could stand up in the house of commons and explain why people should not be fearful of islam.
commented 2017-02-19 13:37:16 -0500
The more I see of this guy, the more I like.

Wants lower taxes? Yup. Refuses to knuckle under to the “LBGTQalphabetsoup”? Check. Thinks “climate change” is a crock? Yes. For smaller, accountable government? Yup. Won’t sell out our freedom of speech or bow to Islamic supremacists? Check.

If he is in favour of a moratorium on immigration and refugees along with everything above, I know where my vote is going…