April 17, 2015

Brad Wall tells women to keep their clothes on. Saskatchewan re-bans strip clubs, but will allow stripping for charity

Rebel Staff Michael Gwilliam

Sorry guys and potential strippers,  Saskatchewan has re-banned strip clubs.

Now only venues such as theatres, concert halls, casinos and exhibition facilities can hold stripping events. But only if they partner with charity. In addition, only one event can be held per year.

Premier Brad Wall said it was a mistake to change provincial liquor laws to allow partial stripping in bars.

The Minister responsible for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) Don McMorris said “We know in the past that there have been some performances that have served as fundraising events for very worthy causes. In drafting these regulations, we wanted to take a common sense approach that would allow these types of events to continue to occur, but on a very limited basis and not as the main focus of a business.”

Jasmin Bieber, owner of Bare Essentials (a company that promotes strip shows) spoke to the National Post about the laws.

“They’re taking away from small businesses; they’re taking away from bigger businesses; they’re taking away from a lot of businesses just because they don’t like that industry,” said Bieber.

The decision comes after concerns about human trafficking and sexual exploitation were raised.

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commented 2015-04-21 20:07:51 -0400
Way to go Saskatchewan!! but no, no No stripping for charity until I see men baring their balls with an erected penis for prostate cancer!
Stripping is the other side of the coin of the hijab, both have a mindset whereby women are first and foremost a sexual object! one claiming she available to tease, the other claiming she isn’t available to tease unless you are her husband, then if you are it is her duty; there are no sexual consent in Islam!
commented 2015-04-19 17:29:37 -0400
John is right about who profits. But it is an urban myth that lots of women pay for their education by stripping. A few, sure, and also via the sugar daddy industry. But women who do that own it for life. When she runs for office, we hear about it. When she qualifies to become a judge, it is considered. Like it or not, the work comes with a stigma that can be as damaging as a convict or mental illness label. Be ready to pay off blackmailers if you need a squeaky reputation, whether or not you ever exploited the fetishes of the men you teased for top dollar with more than a lap dance.
commented 2015-04-19 02:58:50 -0400
there’s that notwithstanding clause again. notwithstanding the fact that we the Gov are regulators, we’re also the pimps. so don’t you dare open a strip club or we’ll fix you a$$. WEEEEEEE control the drugs, gambling, sex and all things. give it a year or two and licenced owners will be back and dealing with a Gov controled enviroment with new and imroved laws. this “time out” was created to let the Gov reconstuct rules and regs in favor of greater revenue. the province is booming eh. boom boom… boom boom… LOL can you call out boom boom? have you seen boom boom? :-)
commented 2015-04-18 11:21:28 -0400
I agree with Liza. This is no different than any other job. Some people will sleep their way to the top if they can. Others pay for school with the money they can make. Or buy groceries and clothing for their kids. Foolish to believe you can stop women from using their sex to make money or further themselves. Been going on a little too long to be that naive so I believe you’re catering to some Liberal whim.

Next thing you know you’ll have women wearing burquas…Today we are a free people, don’t give it away so easy as there are more than enough people who are already attempting to take it.
commented 2015-04-18 02:46:23 -0400
I love Brad Wall, but this strippers for charity thing seems a bit hypocritical to me. But its his neighbourhood so I respect the consensus there.
commented 2015-04-18 01:21:51 -0400
I don’t think there is any volunteering Mark. Cash is involved as with any other job. It is totally valid to not want strippers in your neighbourhood. I only doubt that all strippers are exploited. And point out that a dancer who strips does not a prostitute make.
commented 2015-04-18 01:04:31 -0400
Liza — the dancers themselves may not be exploited, but as women, they are. Would YOU volunteer to disrobe in public? Even for cash? This is exploitation at its most basic (and it goes downhill from here…)
commented 2015-04-17 21:24:33 -0400
This promises to boost charity donations.
commented 2015-04-17 21:03:28 -0400
There is a difference between a whore house and a bar with dancers though.
commented 2015-04-17 20:41:55 -0400
Show me a neighborhood that has both family values c/w raising children and a whore house next door and they always get along just fine.
There is a place for both but not on the same street. Maybe not in the same town or city. There is a reason Las Vegas came to be way out in the desert. There is a reason there are many flights to and from Las Vegas.
You can drive there in a $50.000 auto and come back home in a $100,000 Greyhound and face a spouse for everything left in the bank.
A lot of us make mistakes but some of us just keep on making the same mistake till the end. Errol Flynn comes to mind. Robin Hood hits the ditch.
Debauchery is not entertainment.
commented 2015-04-17 19:57:34 -0400
I don’t believe all dancers are exploited.
commented 2015-04-17 19:44:33 -0400
“Jasmin Bieber, owner of Bare Essentials (a company that promotes strip shows) spoke to the National Post about the laws.
“They’re taking away from small businesses; they’re taking away from bigger businesses; they’re taking away from a lot of businesses just because they don’t like that industry,” said Bieber. "

Nice talk. What you’re really saying, “lady”, is that you’re no longer allowed to degrade and traffic in women. The reality is, if you run such a business, you’re a pimp, whether or not there’s actual prostitution. Be proud… NOT.
commented 2015-04-17 19:33:16 -0400
No one is touching this one with a ten foot, er pole!