November 21, 2017

Breakfast at Tommy’s: Is This the End for Merkel?

Tommy RobinsonShillman Fellow

Did you hear about Angela Merkel? She’s failed to form a coalition government! This means that within a matter of two months, Merkel could be gone! They will likely have to hold a snap election, and the polls are showing that Alternative for Deutschland is going to increase its vote share.

The patriotic party could gain 40 or more seats – potentially making them the second largest party in Germany. Imagine that! Bring on the next election!

Some less positive news, however, is that Theresa May is looking to increase the Brexit bill to £40 billion. That’s way too much. 40 billion too much.

And of course, the news about Allahu Akbar-proof barriers being installed around the Christmas markets is out again. Yet another merry, anti-terrorist Christmas in London, Manchester, and Liverpool! Imagine how tight the security is going to be in a few years time…

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commented 2017-11-22 00:45:30 -0500
Great show as usual Tommy. A regular clarion call for the west.
commented 2017-11-21 23:14:50 -0500
Everyone needs to cancel their cable, like Tommy and me. Hit the MSM where it counts, in the pocket. Why pay for a bunch of rubbish to be piped into your house?
Merkel should’ve been gone a long time ago. But like some wise man said: The Germans always vote for the fuhrer.
commented 2017-11-21 19:01:48 -0500
- I rarely ever watch TV either. Merkel should have been gone long ago. Disgusting that she’s still around. Globalists are using Islam to destroy Christianity & Western Civilization with it. This is why they’re allied with the socialists – they have common cause. I have a Twitter account & have used it once. I prefer I also like Lots of alternative social media sites out there. Some of them are going to become the next big things.
commented 2017-11-21 17:50:12 -0500
Merkel has to go….without delay! Same needs said about Jihadi Justin!
commented 2017-11-21 16:02:28 -0500
Feel better soon Tommy!

Merkel is a childless hag who has sold out to globalists and dragged Germany into cultural suicide.
I hope they toss her out on her head in a snap election!

Iain Foulds, Rebel expanded to Britain and Australia. If you don’t wish to see reports from Tommy, use the Rebel Canada tab, this will filter your content,
I myself like Tommy’s Show. I do think your complaint about promoting the book so much – Rebels on Twitter is warranted.

Roman Pietrzak, between the “newly arrived” and electoral fraud, Trudeau will see a second term.
I hope he has a catastrophic aneurysm in the meantime.
commented 2017-11-21 14:19:06 -0500
Iain Fouls I don’t mean to sound like a pessimist but Trudeau will not be gone anytime soon.

All those invaders he has invited into Canada will vote for him swinging the vote to the Trudeau/Communist party of Canada. And another 4 years of Trudeau.
commented 2017-11-21 13:38:02 -0500
… Too much Robinson on Rebel. No more posting ads for his book every hour on Rebel Twitter.
… Rebel should be about Canada.
commented 2017-11-21 12:14:08 -0500
… Sam: Thanks for the Goldy link. Awesome person, and has matured for her time away.
… She has to get over her “relationship issues” with Ezra, and get back to Rebel. It’s win/win.
commented 2017-11-21 11:49:01 -0500
… It is the end of Merkel. And Macron, May, and then the disgusting and pathetic PM Trudeau.
… It is a new day that demands courageous, strong leaders. Ones who will protect their countries and defend their borders with whatever force is necessary.
commented 2017-11-21 11:13:16 -0500
I agree, whatever the amount of money Theresa May pays to the EU, it is to much. One thing is certain, no money should change hands until satisfactory trade agreements have been negotiated. If May gives them the money first, then she will get the worst possible trade deal imaginable.

Agree on the amount of the cash settlement, have the trade talks, then pay the cash.