March 23, 2017

BREAKING: Canada Passes Blasphemy Motion M103

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Canada's House of Commons has just passed the Liberal blasphemy motion M103.

Here's my immediate reaction to this attack on Canadians' most precious freedom, the freedom of speech.

What does this vote mean? Who voted which way? What are next steps?

And how can you fight back?

WATCH and see!

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commented 2017-03-23 19:18:43 -0400
I now have little or no tolerance whatsoever for Muslims and Islam, and l will make that clear in my expression of freedom as a Canadian citizen.
commented 2017-03-23 19:17:05 -0400
coming to a mosque near u…they have abandoned our county for their fucken pension…cash for life
commented 2017-03-23 19:14:46 -0400
I have now lost ALL respect for the sitting Canadian government.
Time for some REAL action for justice.
Canada is no longer a free country………mainly because of Islamists and Muslims and their sick and evil sympathizers.
commented 2017-03-23 19:14:33 -0400
Submission position for all canadians. …i said never.😎
commented 2017-03-23 19:13:49 -0400
Islam is the religion of hatred and is headed by none other than S A T A N!
Muslims that practice Islam are sick assholes.
Down with Islam!
Deport Muslims that practice Islam!
Now Mohamed bin Trudeau can send his Muslim police to came and get me.
commented 2017-03-23 19:13:19 -0400
@ Robert Sloane
I have given up on Canada and for the past 12 years have gotten out of Canada for as long as I legally can every year. Can you share where you are escaping to? I would love to join you. Thanks.
commented 2017-03-23 19:12:33 -0400
The passing of Bill M-103 is going to finally wake Canadians up and make them hate Islam and Muslim belligerents and, for that matter, Muslims in general, more than ever.
And they will deserve it.
And the hate and absolute intolerance and anger (against all NDP member, Liberals, and fuck-up “Conservatives” like |Michael Chong is completely justified.
Start fighting back now.
A rebellion in Canada by TRUE Canadians……the time is now totally ripe.
commented 2017-03-23 19:06:52 -0400
Charles Moulton Thank you for articulating the gravity and loss we all feel for the disrespect that has been shown to those who fought for our liberty. So hard fought to achieve and so easily and capriciously taken away.
commented 2017-03-23 19:03:57 -0400
Sean Penson Religious freedom is fine but not when peoples rights and freedoms are restricted to accommodate it.
commented 2017-03-23 19:01:55 -0400
What’s next?…trudeauphobia?…wynnephobia?..notleyphobia?…budgetbalancingthemselvesphobia?..globalistsphobia?…Maybe everyone should mail in their Canadian Flags to Ottawa?
commented 2017-03-23 18:59:43 -0400
Now is the time to really start fighting the Muslim and Islamic threat to democracy.
Fight back and fight hard, especially against the likes of Justin Trudeau and all the traitors who voted in favour of Bill M-103.
commented 2017-03-23 18:57:49 -0400
I understood this motion was just to allow a study, and some see it as a foot in the door towards limiting free speech and “Sharia creep” as you say.
commented 2017-03-23 18:56:46 -0400
A sad, sad day for Canada. We are no longer a free and democratic country embracing freedom of speech.
I will continue to criticize Islam…..and Muslims.
Canadians (TRUE Canadians) come out in force and show your disdain for Islamic threats and Sharia law and the evil Muslim religion in general.
Justin Trudeau and every member of Parliament who voted in favour for Bill M-103 is a traitor to Canada.
If Trudeau and every member of Parliament who voted in favour of this evil, fascist Bill were shot graveyard dead, Canada would be a freer country. (I just speak metaphorically Snowflakes.)
Do it and don’t stop.
commented 2017-03-23 18:53:13 -0400
Muta Ween, yes, and I fought for more than 3 decades, to expose the Charter, for what it is…. To no avail… Few cared, because not enough were adversely affected by it… Those of us that were, were expendable. This ,is why people (like me) are leaving Canada, in greater numbers.. I’ll have more freedoms in Costa Rica, then I ever had in Canada. That, and great weather, excellent/better health care, and a cost of living half of what it is in Canada. Guess things worked out, eh?
commented 2017-03-23 18:51:10 -0400
The beginning of christian and athiest genocide
commented 2017-03-23 18:46:27 -0400
Charles, you can move to the US. Me? I’m going to Central or South America… I made that decision more than a decade ago…. Good luck to all of you that attempt to beat this one….
commented 2017-03-23 18:46:01 -0400
A lib said it would pass and so it has. They have a majority (thanks closet Jt voters), and will do as they please. I’m sick at heart and the fight for freedom is about to be lost if we don’t start the battle for our kids and grandkids to live, once again, in a free Canada.
commented 2017-03-23 18:45:26 -0400
@deborah Gaupner…my bet is that “those who advocate on behalf of women” will be the conjoined twin category…which is where I came in back in the Sheila Copps era. That is to say you will do a deuce in the basement of Millhaven if you dare to call a feminist a bitch.

It’s just so obvious when you see the pattern in everything that Justin says. You can bet that Heddy-up-her-assy Fry will be on the select Heritage Commitee.

Did you know that “Heritage Canada” has a longer McCarthy list of “enemies of the state” than any other government department including the RCMP and CSIS? Don’t believe me? Just might be worth an FOI/ ATIPP request to prove me wrong…but last time one was done I was right.
commented 2017-03-23 18:45:03 -0400
Robert Sloan, I agree 100% regarding our so called Charter. It was and is a joke but it needs to be exposed to an even greater degree. I said on election night that we had lost our Canada and we have. Ontario, Alberta and now the entire shebang. Time to move to some Polynesian Atoll that isn’t infected with this Islamic disease.
commented 2017-03-23 18:44:22 -0400
Uh, yes Billy. That, and more…..
commented 2017-03-23 18:42:32 -0400
This country has completely fallen off its rocker. All of our fallen soldiers are now crying in their graves, they are asking themselves “why did I die to protect the freedoms, only to have political parties destroy those freedoms”?

This is completely out of hand. Way to go Canada, just give up without a bullet fired or even a harsh word.

This is the day, Canada now becomes a Islamic state. WAY TOO GO YOU STUPID CANADIANS THAT VOTED THESE TOOLS IN.

Is there anyone out there that knows how I can become a United States citizen?
commented 2017-03-23 18:38:16 -0400
M103 states:
“collect data to contextualize hate crime reports”
Does this mean Trudeau will create a data-bank of all those who dare blaspheme Islam? If someone says, “Islam is not a religion of peace” or “the hijab is a symbol of subjugating women”, are we going to be put in a data bank like the national sex offender registry? If we dare speak our minds, will we be in a registry where police, human resources departments, foreign embassies and others will learn of our “crime”?
If we’re listed in the national Islamophobia registry, will we be able to get a job? A passport?
If we’re listed in the national Islamophobia registry, will we be interviewed by police? Audited by the CRA? Denied freedom of speech and fined for speaking out? Jailed for daring to criticize Islam?
commented 2017-03-23 18:33:29 -0400
“Blasphemy Law Passed!”

That sounds like a headline from the Saudi Arabia Gazette… oh, I don’t know? Maybe 500 YEARS AGO.
commented 2017-03-23 18:33:28 -0400
292 M/P’s voted out of 338 members, but to be fair there are four vacancies, so out of 334. This means 13.8% of the House, including Baby Doc, was not on the job for a controversial motion. That is truly ‘disgusting’ with all the spittle Baby Doc puts into the word.
commented 2017-03-23 18:33:20 -0400
Truth be told, our “Charter” was never about “equal rights” for all. It was a joke from day 1. Section 15-2…… takes away the Equality Rights of White Males (and their Families)….The Charter, is a joke…., and always will be. This, is why so many of us “older” Canadians are leaving Canada, upon retirement…. I will be leaving soon, as well…… I support the Rebel, but I’ve lived long enough in this messed up Country, to know the Truth!! Section 15-2 people!!!!
commented 2017-03-23 18:30:18 -0400
If our Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not protect us from this gross overreach of parliamentary caprice , then we need a new Charter.
commented 2017-03-23 18:28:11 -0400
REMEMBER THEIR NAMES…..note….the Lemieux on this list is Denis Lemieux the liberal not Pierre who was leadership campaigning and did help initiate the stand five so that we would know their names…

Division No./ Vote no : 237
Subject/Objet: M-103, Systemic racism and religious discrimination / M-103, Racisme et discrimination religieuse systémiques

nay/ Aboultaif
nay/ Albas
nay/ Albrecht
yea/ Aldag
yea/ Alleslev
nay/ Allison
nay/ Ambrose
yea/ Amos
paired/pairé Anandasangaree
nay/ Anderson
nay/ Arnold
yea/ Arseneault
yea/ Arya
yea/ Ashton
yea/ Ayoub
yea/ Bagnell
nay/ Barlow
nay/ Barsalou-Duval
yea/ Baylis
nay/ Beaulieu
yea/ Beech
yea/ Bennett
yea/ Benson
nay/ Bergen
nay/ Bernier
nay/ Berthold
nay/ Bezan
yea/ Bibeau
yea/ Bittle
yea/ Blaikie
yea/ Blair
nay/ Blaney (Bellechasse—Les Etchemins—Lévis)
yea/ Blaney (North Island—Powell River)
nay/ Block
yea/ Boissonnault
yea/ Bossio
nay/ Boucher
yea/ Boutin-Sweet
nay/ Brassard
yea/ Bratina
yea/ Breton
yea/ Brison
yea/ Brosseau
yea/ Caesar-Chavannes
nay/ Calkins
yea/ Cannings
yea/ Caron
yea/ Carr
nay/ Carrie
yea/ Casey (Charlottetown)
yea/ Casey (Cumberland—Colchester)
yea/ Chagger
yea/ Champagne
yea/ Chan
yea/ Chen
yea/ Chong
yea/ Choquette
yea/ Christopherson
nay/ Clarke
nay/ Clement
nay/ Cooper
yea/ Cormier
yea/ Cullen
yea/ Cuzner
yea/ Dabrusin
yea/ Damoff
yea/ Davies
yea/ DeCourcey
nay/ Deltell
yea/ Dhaliwal
yea/ Dhillon
yea/ Di Iorio
nay/ Diotte
nay/ Doherty
yea/ Donnelly
nay/ Dreeshen
yea/ Drouin
yea/ Dubourg
yea/ Duguid
yea/ Duncan (Edmonton Strathcona)
yea/ Duncan (Etobicoke North)
yea/ Dusseault
yea/ Duvall
yea/ Dzerowicz
yea/ Easter
nay/ Eglinski
yea/ Ehsassi
yea/ El-Khoury
yea/ Ellis
yea/ Erskine-Smith
yea/ Eyking
yea/ Eyolfson
nay/ Falk
nay/ Fast
yea/ Fergus
yea/ Fillmore
nay/ Finley
yea/ Finnigan
yea/ Fisher
yea/ Fonseca
yea/ Fragiskatos
yea/ Fraser (Central Nova)
yea/ Fraser (West Nova)
yea/ Freeland
yea/ Fry
yea/ Fuhr
nay/ Gallant
yea/ Garrison
nay/ Généreux
yea/ Gerretsen
nay/ Gill
nay/ Gladu
nay/ Godin
yea/ Goldsmith-Jones
yea/ Goodale
yea/ Gould
nay/ Gourde
yea/ Graham
yea/ Grewal
nay/ Harder
yea/ Hardie
yea/ Harvey
yea/ Hehr
nay/ Hoback
yea/ Holland
yea/ Housefather
yea/ Hughes
yea/ Hussen
yea/ Hutchings
yea/ Iacono
nay/ Jeneroux
yea/ Johns
yea/ Joly
yea/ Jones
yea/ Jordan
yea/ Jowhari
yea/ Julian
yea/ Kang
nay/ Kelly
nay/ Kent
yea/ Khalid
yea/ Khera
nay/ Kitchen
nay/ Kmiec
yea/ Kwan
nay/ Lake
yea/ Lametti
yea/ Lamoureux
yea/ Lapointe
yea/ Lauzon (Argenteuil—La Petite-Nation)
nay/ Lauzon (Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry)
nay/ Lebel
yea/ LeBlanc
yea/ Lebouthillier
yea/ Lefebvre
nay/ Leitch
yea/ Lemieux
yea/ Leslie
yea/ Levitt
nay/ Liepert
yea/ Lightbound
nay/ Lobb
yea/ Lockhart
yea/ Longfield
yea/ Ludwig
nay/ Lukiwski
yea/ MacAulay (Cardigan)
yea/ MacGregor
nay/ MacKenzie
yea/ MacKinnon (Gatineau)
nay/ Maguire
yea/ Malcolmson
yea/ Maloney
yea/ Massé (Avignon—La Mitis—Matane—Matapédia)
yea/ Masse (Windsor West)
yea/ Mathyssen
yea/ May (Cambridge)
yea/ May (Saanich—Gulf Islands)
nay/ McCauley (Edmonton West)
yea/ McCrimmon
yea/ McDonald
yea/ McGuinty
yea/ McKay
yea/ McKenna
yea/ McKinnon (Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam)
nay/ McLeod (Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo)
yea/ McLeod (Northwest Territories)
yea/ Mendès
yea/ Mendicino
yea/ Miller (Ville-Marie—Le Sud-Ouest—Île-des-Soeurs)
yea/ Monsef
paired/pairé Moore
yea/ Morrissey
nay/ Motz
yea/ Mulcair
yea/ Murray
yea/ Nantel
yea/ Nassif
nay/ Nater
yea/ Nault
nay/ Nicholson
yea/ O’Connell
yea/ Oliphant
yea/ Oliver
yea/ O’Regan
nay/ O’Toole
yea/ Ouellette
yea/ Paradis
nay/ Paul-Hus
nay/ Pauzé
yea/ Peschisolido
yea/ Peterson
yea/ Petitpas Taylor
yea/ Philpott
yea/ Picard
nay/ Poilievre
yea/ Poissant
yea/ Quach
yea/ Qualtrough
yea/ Rankin
yea/ Ratansi
nay/ Reid
nay/ Rempel
nay/ Richards
yea/ Rioux
nay/ Ritz
yea/ Robillard
yea/ Rodriguez
yea/ Romanado
yea/ Rota
yea/ Rudd
yea/ Ruimy
yea/ Rusnak
yea/ Sahota
yea/ Saini
yea/ Sajjan
yea/ Sangha
yea/ Sansoucy
yea/ Sarai
nay/ Saroya
yea/ Scarpaleggia
nay/ Scheer
yea/ Schiefke
nay/ Schmale
yea/ Schulte
yea/ Serré
yea/ Sgro
yea/ Sheehan
nay/ Shields
nay/ Shipley
yea/ Sidhu (Brampton South)
yea/ Sidhu (Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon)
yea/ Simms
nay/ Sopuck
yea/ Sorbara
nay/ Sorenson
yea/ Spengemann
yea/ Stanton
nay/ Ste-Marie
yea/ Stetski
yea/ Stewart
nay/ Strahl
nay/ Stubbs
nay/ Sweet
yea/ Tabbara
yea/ Tan
yea/ Tassi
nay/ Tilson
yea/ Tootoo
nay/ Trost
yea/ Trudel
nay/ Van Kesteren
nay/ Van Loan
yea/ Vandal
yea/ Vandenbeld
yea/ Vaughan
nay/ Vecchio
nay/ Viersen
yea/ Virani
nay/ Wagantall
nay/ Warawa
nay/ Warkentin
nay/ Waugh
nay/ Webber
yea/ Weir
yea/ Whalen
yea/ Wilkinson
yea/ Wilson-Raybould
nay/ Wong
yea/ Wrzesnewskyj
yea/ Young
nay/ Yurdiga
yea/ Zahid
nay/ Zimmer
commented 2017-03-23 18:25:03 -0400
This make it official, our evil dictators have declared war against Canadians and now we must prepare to take parliament by force!
commented 2017-03-23 18:20:22 -0400
The next motion will be that we won’t be able to say anything against the dictator himself.
commented 2017-03-23 18:19:45 -0400
Tyranny of the majority.