August 11, 2016

BREAKING: EXPLOSION kills, wounds many in Thailand resort town

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Reports say that there may have been as many as four explosions today in Thailand’s Hua Hin resort town. Details of fatalities and injuries are not fully in yet. 

RT has this report:

At least one person has been killed and 23 more injured including foreign tourists after two explosions rocked the tourist hotspot of Hua Hin in Thailand, according to local media. Reports suggest that there are British, German, Dutch, Austrian and Italian citizens among the victims.      

Interview with witness interview here.

Updates will be posted here as they become available. 


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commented 2016-08-12 10:32:11 -0400
BBC shows that the five targets are all in the peninsula which neighbours peninsular Malaysia. Also the suspected group is a separatist group informed by the religion of peace, and wants to turn that part of Thailand into a state following the religion of peace. Consequently attacks on Western ex-pat and tourist sites. Also attacks on adherents of that religion of violence, Bhudism.
commented 2016-08-12 00:37:22 -0400
Mongrel and Bravo come now, i am sure Jay will be along to explain why that could not be so. And if it is so then he will explain why it was some coincidence or why it is really our fault.
commented 2016-08-11 22:10:57 -0400
The longer the media goes without identifying the bomber the more certain it is to be islam
commented 2016-08-11 21:07:03 -0400
There are a number of separatist groups in Thailand, but I do not think they would target Western tourists because these groups will still want the Yankee Dollar that comes from tourism.

So my bet is some outside influenced group that targets the west, name begins with ‘i’ and ends with ‘m’.
commented 2016-08-11 20:08:32 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,504 Attacks, 200,157 Killed, 280,852 Injured…. that we know of.