July 29, 2017

BREAKING: Hooligans attack shop during Tommy Robinson appearance

Tommy RobinsonShillman Fellow

Today when I visited Fletcher's shop in Sunderland, there was a line up around the block. Local people, along with ones that had come a fair distance, came out to support this shopkeeper's right to criticize Islam and the funding of terrorism.

Unfortunately, football hooligans connected with the Celtic team threw a flare into the shop, broke windows, and forced us to shut it down.

(Many Celtic supporters have a history of supporting terrorism, first the IRA, and now Muslim terrorism. That's why we were targeted — because I speak out against Islamic violence.)

A sad end to an otherwise good day.

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commented 2017-07-30 16:46:23 -0400
Krispy Larue asked, “ps – How does an Iraqi migrant get his hands on a machine gun?”

Some moques are storing large caches of weapons.
commented 2017-07-30 08:03:19 -0400
“Nightclub shooting in Germany – two dead and three seriously injured as Muslim gunman opens fire”
An eyewitness said : “He opened fired and shot randomly. The nightclub was packed. I guess several hundred people were there.”
The Iraqi national and was known to police.
On Friday, a failed asylum seeker killed one person and injured six others in the northern city of Hamburg.

ps – How does an Iraqi migrant get his hands on a machine gun?
commented 2017-07-29 23:19:34 -0400
Tommy – reconsider carrying that piece of rebar – those betas were an easy take down – they strike and run like bet rats – that means it’s easy o lay a trap out for them.
commented 2017-07-29 22:02:28 -0400
Ah, religion. The great equalizer among ’tards.
commented 2017-07-29 20:25:52 -0400
The police should have been there and arrested those thugs. If the thugs don’t like the shop being opened or selling Tommy’s book, that’s just too damned bad! They need to be in jail.
commented 2017-07-29 18:48:00 -0400
Joanne Thauberger,

Being myself a Freemason for 31 years, following father, grandfather, great grandfather in the Craft, all loyal Canadians serving King and country in their time, I would not mind knowing why you make this gratuitous inclusion in your post. Soon as I saw that gratuitous mention, I knew you were just spouting without intelligence.
commented 2017-07-29 18:30:13 -0400
I meant it with no anger towards the victims . the best way is to keep selling tommys books at the store even if outside and keep going.
commented 2017-07-29 18:30:13 -0400
I meant it with no anger towards the victims . the best way is to keep selling tommys books at the store even if outside and keep going.
commented 2017-07-29 18:28:34 -0400
you guys let them win they closed down the shop what they wanted.
commented 2017-07-29 18:28:34 -0400
you guys let them win they closed down the shop what they wanted.
commented 2017-07-29 18:28:34 -0400
you guys let them win they closed down the shop what they wanted.
commented 2017-07-29 16:51:40 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,779 Attacks, 217,957 Killed, 299,112 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017

R.I.P. logic, common sense and reason; Long live hypocrisy, stupidity and political correctness!
commented 2017-07-29 16:38:05 -0400
when will this all end?…lets dig up Hitler!
commented 2017-07-29 15:46:40 -0400
Steven E.
“We’re cops, we’re not equipped to deal with this kind of violence.”
– Demolition Man [the movie]
commented 2017-07-29 15:29:27 -0400
These terrorist supporters deserve the terrorists tender mercies when the time comes. They have a hard lesson coming.
Stephen E the cops disappeared a long time ago, they are now just progressive security guards. Like you said they tend to show up to arrest Tommy , they will learn that they are to be sacrificed on the PC altar as well, the best part will be that they suddenly realize they have arrested or alienated anyone who might have cared by that time and there will be no one to help them.
commented 2017-07-29 15:29:14 -0400
Stephen E. asks where the police were.

Simple, cowering under a desk.

Remember that police forces are years ahead of the armed forces when it comes to politically correct identity politics. So the police have been long recruiting on P/C criteria such as being a self identified trans indigenous gay person; and not on such silly things like physical and mental capabilities, intellect, ability to fairly apply laws, or on bravery. In Canada just note today’s RCMP officers compared to those of even ten years ago.
commented 2017-07-29 15:23:02 -0400
This is what is going on and if we refuse to recognize it and stop it our world will be doomed. Our government is helping this takeover happen and is committing treason against Canada as a nation.

One of the intellectual founding fathers of the European Union, the Austrian diplomat and Freemason Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi outlined his plans for the overall future implications of the EU in his book ‘Practical Idealism’. Looking back at this text many years after it was initially penned by Kalergi it is interesting to note how many of his peculiar and often disturbing plans might be coming to fruition in contemporary Europe.

Kalergi described his dreams for a One World Government with its foundations in the European Union. He hoped that the European project would go on to become the blueprint for a society run entirely by the global elite over a completely powerless population. He wrote that he wished to see the end of national sovereignty and self-determination and he believed that nationalism, and indeed the very concept of nations, could be demolished through multiculturalism. He wrote that a society that was racially and ethnically diverse was one which was easily controllable by the political elite.

According to Kalergi, a diverse and multi-cultural people were easy to control as they had no common identity to rally behind in the event of a political crisis. In addition to that, a diverse population would be easy to conquer by the means of divide and rule. The newly arrived immigrants would be pitted against the native people with both sides believing that they were a persecuted minority languishing under a system of law that was rigged against their favour. Since the last world war, the European Union has gradually eroded aspects of national sovereignty for nation states, often making national law subordinate to that decided by unelected figures at the head of the international organization. There has also been a concerted attempt to chip away at nationalist sentiments and nation-orientated social projects by such policy decisions as freedom of movement as part of the European integration and Angela Merkel’s open door policy towards Syrian refugees.

While Kalergi’s text might seem to be a relic of a more authoritarian and intellectually warped era for the people of Europe, it is notable that he is still celebrated and honoured among key members of the European Union today. The Kalergi prize, otherwise known as the Charlemagne Prize, was created in his honour to be awarded to European figures who have helped to promote his plan. Among those awarded this prize in recent years are Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy (the former Prime Minister of Belgium and first President of the European Council) and Pope Francis. The fact that Kalergi is still apparently alive in the minds of many prominent Europeans has led to the suggestion that this is what lies at the obvious antipathy towards the president-elect Donald Trump by European leaders. Kalergi hoped that the United States would be the next region to fall under the One World Government he envisaged and perhaps many people still nourished that dream until his shock election last year. Trump has proven himself to be openly hostile to the idea of multiculturalism and further immigration to the United States, in stark contrast to any of his recent predecessors. He has also preached an isolationist foreign policy and appears to be drawing the lines of the classic nation state in much darker shades than previous presidents. Perhaps it is the case that he is seen as a potential fly in the ointment when it comes to pursuing Kalergi’s bizarre plan for world domination.

READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/news/the_kalergi_plan_and_why_world_leaders_are_rattled_by_donald_trump/131637
commented 2017-07-29 15:08:08 -0400
Big, big question: where were the police?

The police can show up when Tommy and his family, with friends, are having a meal at a restaurant and bully him out, but when there is the slightest chance that he can be attacked, suddenly they are off whistling in the dark, oblivious to what is going on.

If there is a crowd going around a block to get into a shop, the police would normally dispatch an officer or two to make certain things remain orderly. Well, not this time. I wonder why? Oh, we know… it would not be PC to stop the thugs, and besides, the police are still stewing that “don’t fund terrorism” is still on the shop’s sign.

Less and less I have respect for the UK government. So politically correct that it plans to follow idiotic France in banning gas and diesel vehicles by 2040. I wonder if the electric cars will be Halal? Then again, Chaudry may be the PM and the king of Saudi Arabia may be the head of state of the UK Caliphate by then.
commented 2017-07-29 15:03:32 -0400
So sad and no concern by these hooligans that women and children are present, just like ISIS.
commented 2017-07-29 13:22:52 -0400
The Celktic Forum

The largest Celtic FC Forum on the net,


An interesting site – shows how evil even the soccer players and fans are.

I could not stand to have one of those folks on my property.

Disgusting, spoiled, arrogant, smug and I would advise all to stay away.
commented 2017-07-29 13:07:09 -0400
Truly shocking.
commented 2017-07-29 12:44:26 -0400
I’m surprised the Celtic fans don’t wear the ISIS insignia, since they’re pro-terrorist. It’s a sad day when a FC aligns with ISIS.